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    Introducing PC Special Operations!


    We're introducing a new type of event for PC Members starting next weekend!  PS4 and Xbox One have their weekly events and Game Nights, and the PC Expeditionary Force has it's Monthly Game, but what about one-off, non-regular events for PC to try a rotating list of popular current and classic games?  


    That's why we're starting up PC SPECIAL OPERATIONS, events hosted by staff and members to showcase a wider range of games that we might otherwise miss!  Do you want to host a PC Special Operation?  Reply in the comments if you want to take responsibility for hosting a one-off PC Special Operation, and we'll be in touch!


    It seems only fitting that our first Special Operation is PLANETSIDE 2, hosted by none other than retired PS2 Officer and Veteran DARKTEMPLAR! The success of this operation could see more PS2 Special Operations in the future, or perhaps the start of a dedicated Planetside 2 Campaign once again?!   


    Details below:


    When: Saturday, March 11th, 2017, Operation will commence at 6PM EST/3pm PST (Saturday, 11pm GMT for EU)

    Where: EMERALD Server, AJSA Discord

    Faction: Terran Republic

    How: Platoon and Squad Leaders will create specific Squad Channels in the Discord however it’s more likely we will all stay lumped together in the same channel. Join the Discord, so you can hear your Platoon/Squad Leader!

    What: 2 years ago the AJSA left Planetside 2 for greater prospects, March 11th we will return to surface of Auraxis, ready for a fight, and back with a vengeance!

    Event Outline:
    Kick-off Phase:  Extended operation
    This is an Extended op, meaning it will last as long as players wish to continue playing, as such, a large kick off phase won’t happen but a few smaller ones will across the operation, what will happen and when is to be determined during the operation.

    Combat Phase:
    We will break off to our platoon and squad assignments. If an Alert has started, we will play the objectives of the alert, otherwise, we will go to hot spots or where we are needed (changing continents if called for).

    Edited by DoctorEvil

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    User Feedback

    4 hours ago, BlackOpsElf said:

    Don't forget to be late, Dark. It won't be the same if you're not...and sheesh has it been 2 years?

    yeah, time flies, and im never late, i arrive exactly when i mean to!

    BlackOpsElf likes this

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