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    Stream Team News #8: Streamer Showcase!


    My apologies for not getting this up on Monday like I had planned; I’ve been having trouble with my internet. But never fear! This is the second of the AJSA Stream Team Streamer Showcases, and the featured streamer for the month of August is Grimno! Catch him on http://www.twitch.tv/grimno and Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/grimno!

    • How long have you been streaming?: I’m honestly not sure. I know I only really started taking it “seriously” in the last two years but I had my Twitch account active beforehand.


    • How did you find the AJSA?: So long ago I wanted to, and I kid you not, buy the game Mindjack for the Xbox 360. The way the PVP was mentioned made me think “Hey! In a way, this could be like Dark Souls!” Yes, you can laugh now. However, I was on the fence about it and started Youtube searching videos about it to get an idea of how it worked and I ended up coming across Joe’s review of it, and after seeing how bad it was I completely 180’d on buying it. To this day, if I ever have the chance to speak to Joe, I would thank him for saving me the money from buying that game.


    • How did you become a member of the AJSA Stream Team? I applied! I saw there were streamers and I thought “I can do that!” And voila.


    • What’s your style of streaming? What types of games do you typically like to play/stream?: I would say my style is more improv but I can’t take things seriously. Like, I always want to joke, crack puns, think of what the guy I just shot was thinking, tell stories and such. I could never see a sad moment and really be sad, I’m always thinking of some dumb joke based on the situation or I’m very sarcastic. As for the games I play? Anything my PC can run honestly. MMO’s, FPS, RPGs, Platformers, Puzzles. I’ve never been a fan of racing games ever since Burnout sorta fell off the map, and I don’t really play sports games. I tend to follow the belief “Did you play one football game? Then you have played every football game that came before and will come after. It’s football. It doesn’t exactly change. I’m not going to pop in Madden 19 and be all like, Oh snap it’s football but it’s also at the D-Day Invasion?!? Allied invasion advancing 3rd and 9th!”


    • What is your favorite game, the game that you always end up going back to--and why?: My favorite game is Dead Space. I loved the attention to detail, I loved the setting, the creatures the gameplay. I loved Dead Space 1, 2 and yes I even liked 3. People complain it wasn’t scary but come on! Isaac beat the Necromorphs TWICE now, what does he have to be scared about?! He is Bruce Willis now. Though the game I keep going back to is Warframe. It just keeps getting better! Like, for a free-to-play game it has honestly gone above and beyond what you’d expect. And now they got that open world area coming out like something out of Destiny! What the heck man! What the heck!


    • What clip, or highlight, best sums you up as a streamer?: I’ve set my setup a bit better since then but I feel this clip does sum it up a bit.


    • Any parting words?: So get this, Beanees and Weenies only come in 7.5 ounce cans. No brand has a regular soup sized 15.5 Oz can of it for sell. VanCamps apparently did, but if you check Wal-Mart, the only site that hints it existed it says “This Item is No Longer Available”. But there are no reviews of the product, no customer recommendations, no real info hinting at when it was even available. However, the brother product (Think Mustard to its Ketchup), Pork and Beans don’t come in 7.5 ounce cans. Instead, they have the regular sized 15.5 ounce cans, but also go all the way up to, I kid you not, 7 Pound 2 Ounce cans. That is 114 Ounces of Pork and Beans. Why?! Why do Beenie and Weenies not come in regular sized cans at the minimum when Pork and Beans over there can feed an entire football team?!? AT D-DAY!!


    Edited by Brandykins1982

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