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  • Stream Team News #9: Streamer Showcase!


    Well howdy there. 

    Brandykins, Stream Team Captain and what not. 

    It's time for another Streamer Showcase! And for the month of September, meet Flyprdu, located at http://www.twitch.tv/flyprdu!


    • How long have you been streaming?:   Since March 2015


    • How did you find the AJSA?:  After the Mass Effect 3 ending, I was heartbroken and upset and looking for answers.  The Angry Joe Show was a key to my online support group.  Fast forward 4 years later, I was flying a trip from Austin, TX when I recognized two passengers on my plane -- Angry Joe and Other Joe!  I’ve had A-list celebrities onboard before, but never gamers and YouTubers that I could relate to.  I lost it.  I ran to baggage claim to introduce myself and the rest is history. Shortly after that encounter, I began to get involved with the local Twitch San Francisco meetup (now Bay Area Live.)  AJSA Commander, Tons0fun, was the coordinator of the event and the community.  So between those two connections I was welcomed into the AJSA.  It really is a small world.


    • How did you become a member of the AJSA Stream Team?:  Twitch is all about community.  It’s a tight-knit group that most people in the world have never heard of.  But for those who do know about Twitch, it’s a big part of their lives.  And that’s how it was for me.  I began to visit other members of the stream team.  Watched their shows, encouraged them in chat.  I built connections with the streamers.  The AJSA Stream Team is a really diverse team.  We have people from all over the world and all walks of life.  It was a fun time getting to know everyone. I also worked on improving my own stream.  I took the lessons I learned from watching streamers like Brandykins1982 and Angerbeard and applied them to my own shows.  And after several months, I was invited by Dr_Evil_2 and Tons0fun to join the stream team.


    • What’s your style of streaming? What types of games do you typically like to play/stream?:  Streaming for me is all about chat interaction and community.  I’ve always appreciated streamers who were good multi-taskers, who can keep up and interact with chat while playing a game.  So I’ve tried to model my show in that style.I’m primarily a Flight Simulator streamer.  It’s a niche community in the world of Twitch.  It’s medium-sized, but the viewers there are committed and obsessed with the game.  Flight sim is a game where you could invest hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars in DLC and still have only scratched the surface. It takes a special kind of gamer to be a flight simmer. Why flight sim?  Two reasons:  I love flying.  I’ve always had a passion for it since I was a kid.  And the other reason is that I’m an airline pilot in real life.  The hook for my channel that is that I’m a “real airline pilot performing real procedures”  It seems to attract a crowd.



    • What is your favorite game, the game that you always end up going back to?:  The game that I consider my ultimate favorite is Mass Effect 2. Why? It’s a masterpiece.  It’s one of the few games I can settle in and escape and explore.  Unfortunately, I don’t go back to it often because it brings up the sadness of Mass Effect 3.  But my memories of experiencing that game for the first time will be something that I’ll treasure forever.


    • What clip, or highlight, best sums you up as a streamer?:


    It’s always a party on my channel.


    Flight simulators can be fun! -- https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingDepressedNuggetsPeanutButterJellyTime

    I try to capture fun IRL stuff too -- https://clips.twitch.tv/BoredAmazonianCurryFailFish

    And then there’s this -- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/56209674


    • Whereabouts can people find you on Twitter, Youtube, etc.?:
    1. Twitter -     www.twitter.com/flyprdu
    2. Discord-      My Server -         https://discord.gg/DfCsKvc
    3. My Flight Sim Group -    https://discord.gg/5pftq3w


    • Any parting words?:  The last 2 years have changed my life in very real and unexpected ways.  These communities, the AJSA and Twitch, have welcomed me into a world filled with people from all walks of life, but who still come together as friends with common interests. I’m really thankful to be part of this community and it’s been a pleasure growing my channel, meeting new faces, and having new adventures.  The Angry Joe Show Army has been such a positive experience in my life, and you guys will always have my gratitude. Also, if you’re going to TwitchCon in October or PAX South in January 2018, look me up!  We’ll hang out!


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