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  • The New Angry Army Launches!

    Angry Joe

    Fellow Gamers,

    During the 4 years of running the Angry Joe Show I attempted to start individual AJS Guilds for games that I was incredibly excited about, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, etc. Each time we did so our numbers swelled to massive levels, thousands of members in a matter of hours, even more within days. But each time its been difficult for me with all my other responsibilities as a one-man show to run the day to day operations of these Guilds. I watched them grow to influential and powerful levels for the short times they were active, then over time when I've had to move on to reviewing the next game for the Angry Joe Show they slowly dissipated into the annuals of that games history. Without my presence, without my continued support, without me helping run the day to day operations they would eventually fade away. That fact has pained me each time.

    So, this time I've decided to go full-in and spare no expense to create what I've always intended for the Angry Army. A real permanent long term GAMING COMMUNITY, with all the important infrastructure a multi-game community needs. Where fans and like-minded gamers of all types can play together under a single banner. Where I can remain involved with weekly streaming events even after I move on to new Game Reviews. Angry Army Servers for us to play on. Periodic Community Tournaments and Prizes. A talent search for the best most skilled players to form competitive Angry Army teams that can be sent to complete in E-Sport Events. And with hopefully some luck and success eventually, an annual community meet-up in real life!


    Today marks that day, the Launch of the brand New Angry Army, otherwise known as the AJSA!

    Over the next few days, i'll put out a call to all able-bodied soldiers to take up arms, to fight as one on the fields of battle, for Honor and for Glory - separate we are powerful but together we are UNSTOPPABLE. We will storm the beaches, darken the sky with arrows, and cut down anything that stands in our way under a hail of gunfire. Imagine our might, as we fight for the integrity of the games we play, if we work to enhance them, to right their wrongs to help fix their deficiencies along with the community managers of each game. Using Amy contacts i've developed in the industry and having our AJSA actively participate in that games community, hopefully game developers will take notice of our specific wants and needs. From our combined feedback we can work to not only participate actively in these various game communities but to improve them!

    Over the past month I have poured myself into creating this new site and making sure it has all the awesome features people have come to expect from the best most premier gaming communities! I have surrounded myself with passionate and determined officers who will be able to run the gaming communities day to day needs, where in I can oversee and make major decisions and participate in our regular events! Some of these people you know from the early days of my show like Tons0Fun or Oda Nobunaga, others are new faces who have helped me build this new community to the level it is today like Sgt.Ross, Delrith, and Mortraven. And of course all my current Commanders and Officers who have been carried over from previous individual incarnations of the Angry Army!

    Together along with myself these people will form The Council. Who will govern and oversee the communities needs and health. They will then be on the search to find natural born leaders for Commander and Officer positions who can organize game events, moderate the forums, and manage the Angry Army day to day!

    I hope you will consider Joining Us! Take a moment to review our Rules & Policies and if everything sounds good to you, sign up as soon as you can! See you there!

    - Angry Joe

    User Feedback

    Woow, this site looks....... divine. it's like walking in on Charlie's chocolate factory. I'm ready to contribute to the Army! Once again!

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    Hell to the Yeah! So Happy to see you guys are liking it so far.

    There's a few issues right now, growing pains, that i'm working on right now.

    If you guys see anything that needs fixing hit me up with a PM or make a forum post.

    Cant wait to start playing!

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    To the Lord Commander, Tons0Fun, Nobunaga, commanders, Officers and All who made this place possible. This is F**KING GREAT!! and I'm Proud and excited to be a part. And to everyone else down to the last recruit, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

    I. AM. HOME.

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