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  • Xbox Community Report - Week of April 22nd - Avengers Assemble Spotlight, MK11 & More


    Hello and welcome to our Xbox community article for this week. I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend. This article series is our way to report and share with you on what is going on with the AJSA in the Xbox community on a weekly basis. We'll have updates on current projects, upcoming activities, community content ranging from interviews to Youtube videos, event recaps and more. These articles will always contain a copy our Game Nights schedule for the week to keep folks informed about what titles we're featuring and supporting. If you're interesting in getting involved with us on Xbox I'd encourage you to check out our 'Xbox Community Guidebook' where you can get up to speed on what we're all about and how you can start playing with us. If you need help and/or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the AJSA Xbox Staff for assistance. We'll be more than happy to help you out!

    Xbox Reports

    - Kountdown to Kombat Series Finale -

    This Sunday night with the inaugural event for Mortal Kombat 11 will represent the conclusion of our three month long Kountdown to Kombat Fight Night community project. This journey started with an idea to bring together fighting game enthusiasts and players in the Xbox community in a series of events that would have us explore fighting games from the past and present. From this idea the 'Kountdown to Kombat' was born. A series of Fight Nights, leading to the release of Mortal Kombat 11, that would bring together members to play fighting games in a fun and casual environment.

    The brianchild of Sickshock6 (who has taken up the mantle the ruthless Emperor, SHAO SICK, for this series) this community project started back in February with Mortal Kombat X and since then we've held numerous Fight Nights covering titles such as Street Fighter IV (via backward compat), Brawlhalla, Injustice 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and Killer Instinct. This became one of our most ambitious community projects in history and first major project for the Xbox community in 2019.

    We look forward to finally playing Mortal Kombat 11 and concluding the series with the community this weekend. Thank you all for your support of the Kountdown to Kombat and the Fight Nights. The final battle awaits you on Sunday.

    - Halo Retrospective Series Finale -

    This weekend will also mark the conclusion of our Halo Retrospective series on Xbox. The objective of this series was to play all the Halo FPS titles on Xbox One. We went back to revisit Halo 5: Guardians as an event for the first time in over a year and played a host of custom games in the Master Chief Collection in the four original titles. This Friday will see us travel back to Halo; Reach via backward compat in what could be our last event for Halo: Reach via backward compatibility as Reach will be heading to the Master Chief Collection soon.

    Please for Halo: Reach all the DLC and map packs are free to download so to ensure we can get to play as many maps and modes a spossible for the Game Night on Friday, everyone will need to make sure you have these map packs downloaded. File sizes are small and shouldn't take up too much time. Thanks all!

    Xbox Community Spotlight

    - Avengers Assemble! -

    One of the biggest blockbuster movies in the history of cinema is releasing this weekend. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, concluding a story arc spanning over 10 years of 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' films. For Twitter savvy users you may have seen the people tagging their friends and followers to assemble their own Avengers team. We thought we could take that idea and put our own spin on it.

    For our Xbox Community Spotlight this week, Sickshock6 has crafted an 'Avengers Initiative Report' where Agent Phil Coulson is briefing SHIELD Director Nick Fury on various members of the AJSA Xbox One Community and a few MCU characters they're associated with.

    He wrote the description for each member featured below and decided which member would fit with what super hero. He is a big comic book fan and loves super hero movies, so this was a perfect project for him! Thank you Sick for making this list!

    Enjoy! :)




    To Director Fury: I have completed my task of surveying all of the enhanced humans located within the AJSA Community on Xbox One. Entailed in my report are candidates I believe are eligible for the Avengers Initiative. I hope that this report will help you in you final decision on possible candidates Director Fury. - Agent Coulson


    IRON MAN | O0PP34 [A.K.A: OP]


    I believe you have approached this individual already boss but I'll provide you with some information nonetheless. Besides the sarcasm and the smart ass remarks, OP is always prepared for any situation. He is always two steps ahead of the enemy. He is smart and has a deep understanding of mechanics, robotics, and systems. His resourcefulness and ability to aid and help his teammates are the true benefits of this individual. Plus Canadian-made Iron suits! We need this guy!


    HULK | SpartanMaster93 [A.K.A: SPARTANMASTER]


    All I can really say is do not, I repeat DO NOT make him angry you will regret it! You will not like him when he is angry!!


    ANT-MAN | WookieJedi [A.K.A: WOOKIE]


    This criminal turned terrible jokester is a real piece of work. Don’t let Wookie's underperforming jokes turn you away from this guy boss. What he lacks in size he makes up for it where it counts! He is dedicated to his team members and most importantly he will do anything to protect his family. But seriously boss the jokes are really bad I recommend you carry earbuds or something! 


    STARLORD | Dylmah93 [A.K.A: DYLMAH]


    Another Jokester to add to the list here boss. However this one can be actually funny at times but also a bit of a douchebag. Dylmah knows how to band his people together to get the mission done. He packs his own arsenal to say the least. He is caring and protective over his people. Plus he is from earth. I can't seem to get more information on where he is exactly from. All I know is that he plays “Down Under” by Men at Work quite a bit in his ship. Not sure why?


    THOR | JTK858 [A.K.A: JT]


    With this guy we are dealing with something otherworldly! JT is really in love his viking lore. He even calls himself the Thunder God. This guy is some piece of work. Honestly I think he is stuck in some Shakespeare play. Nonetheless he is powerful and a true force of nature. JT loves a good fight! Boss I tell you this guy is more than just a highly technological light show.




    Fox is a tough dude, boss. He is the powerhouse of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He may take you very literal boss. I would suggest to try and not joke around so much with him because he may not get your joking. He is however very protective of his teammates and is there when you need him most.




    The King of Wakanda is no stranger to danger. Delta will do whatever is necessary to protect and aid his fellow members of the community. Always on the front lines with his people! He will have very big shoes to fill in the future but I feel he is on the way to be a great king. By the way boss have you seen this guys suit? It is kick ass!




    Titandog is calm, cool, and collected. He doesn't screw around in the battlefield. This guy is the complete opposite of Iron Man. He is a true warrior. He can always count on him in any battle situation.


    CAPTAIN MARVEL | Toxic Sarah 696 [A.K.A: SARAH]


    I think you know her personally boss but I'll include what I know in this report. Otherwise I won't hear the end of it from you. I can't really seem to find much information since her 1990’s Appearance crashing into that blockbuster. Sarah is very friendly and caring about the people of Earth. I know she gave you that pager to only call her when we need her but boy we could use her around more often!


    HAWKEYE | Dom54321 [A.K.A: DOM]


    This silent and deadly killer never misses his target. Dom will strike is target quick and efficiently. He will never make a scene and will leave a battle just as quietly as he entered. Personally boss I think it would be a good idea to have someone like this guy!




    Don’t let this loud mouth racoon fool you. Garza knows the in’s and out’s of any technology he may come across with. Boss let me tell you this guy…or racoon I should say really knows how to ‘SLOW DOWN’ his opponents. Just like the Hulk he has quite a temper so don't make fun of him or mock the fact he is a racoon. However once on the team I feel that he will make a great asset to us.


    CAPTAIN AMERICA | AScapeRunePlaya [A.K.A: RUNE]


    Boss let me tell you somethin' about this guy! Rune goes above and beyond the Call of Duty for the community. We can all count on the Cap to see it though. He is always there to help members in any way he can. From his approachability to discuss anything or to something simple as spending an evening playing games to forget that bad day at work or school you had. He'll help us fight the good fight!


    SPIDER-MAN | StraightUpMelon [A.K.A: MELON]


    Don’t let the age of this kid fool you boss, he has spunk! Melon is a true friend to his neighborhood and community. He looks out for all his friends! He has a good heart and an amazing fighting spirit! Melon also has some quirky one liners. Just try not to call on him too much on missions boss as he still needs to finish college! 


    VISION | SavvyDoomSlayer [A.K.A: DOOMSLAYER]


    This all knowing artificial lifeform is well informed on all current happenings here on Earth. Doom has a wealth of knowledge that will help teammates. He uses his advanced intellect to survey any battlefield and form important battleplans for his squad to use. Doom knows how to take care of business! He can be useful to us Director Fury. No question about that!


    GROOT | AwakeningRager [A.K.A: RAGER]


    Boss, this is something I've never quite seen before! Rager is a unique soft spoken, hard hitting specimen. He backs up his fellow teammates while also providing critical supporting roles when it is needed. He says few words and when he does boss he likes to imitate Golum from Lord of the Rings. It is said that he can only be understood by one Individual, Rune.


    BLACK WIDOW | Psykogrl [A.K.A: PSYKO]


    This undercover super spy can hit the enemy where it really hurts! Psyko has the ability to be the first to notify her fellow teammates of the under dealings our enemies will be sending our way. She will obtain this information by any means necessary and kick butt doing it!


    WINTER SOLDER | GhostRider [A.K.A: Ghost]


    Ghost is ruthless, unforgiving, and deadly. These are the traits implanted on to him since his capture by the Russians. He is a true weapon of destruction....if he plays for the right team of course! Don't expect any mercy from this man for he will show you none.




    She may be shy to begin with boss but when you get to fully know her she is friendly, caring, and dedicated to the cause. Blivz will go out of her way to help our fellow community members no matter what or who gets in her way!




    This neurological surgeon turned Master of the Mystic Arts is always prepared for the fight ahead. With the aid of his Eye of Agamotto he is able to plan well in advance of foreseeable events. It is Sickshock's job to protect the world multidimensional creatures and villains! He does tend to joke around from time to time. Don't let that fool you boss I have surveillance footage of him saying that if it came down to saving the time stone or his fellow teammates….he would pick the stone. Hopefully he will change his mind....

    I think however deep down inside he does truly care for this team members safety! We could always use a weird dungeons and dragons wizard on the team boss. It would give us something to do on Wednesday instead bingo night every week.



    Boss I really hope my intel has been of some use to you. I will be on the next flight to Washington D.C. See you then. - Agent Coulson




    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful friends I have here in the Xbox community! For without you guys none of this would be possible for me to do. Personally I tend to think comics have affected and inspired the way we wish to be like the heroes in our favorite stories.

    None would be possible without the great Stan Lee. As Avengers Endgame is set to release this weekend concluding 11 years and 22 movies worth of amazing story telling I feel that a very big thank you is owed to Stan. From the days pretending to be Spider-Man to all the games, movies, and cheesy 90’s cartoons....Thank You Stan!!!

    I encourage you all to go ahead leave a comment tell me you favorite superhero from wherever Marvel or DC. Tell me what character you imitated as a kid, or your favorite TV show that is comic related!!!  - Sickshock6

    Weekend Game Night Schedule - April 26th to April 28th


    How can I attend a Game Night? - For new members/first time Game Night participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). We also encourage you to join the community Xbox Club (all hosts can be found in the Club roster as well). We use the Club for a variety of purposes to unite members of the community and play together. As an extra reminder for new members, please make sure to review our Code of Conduct.

    To learn more about the AJSA on Xbox One, visit out our Community Information thread.

    For Game Nights and other community activities we use the 'Xbox Live Party' that are created from the Club for communication, gatherings, and other purposes. In the case of an emergency where Xbox Live is down and we need to group up, we will use the AJSA Discord channel as a backup. In our parties we fully accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in groups and/or for people who have no mics.

    If by chance you do not have a Game Night host on your friend list, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the Game Night and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. All Game Night parties will be visible to Xbox Club members under the "Looking for Group" section. You can join the party via the Club or through the profile of the host.

    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to participate in a particular Game Night, you are free to do so. If you have any questions, please reach out to any members of the AJSA Xbox One staff and we will be happy to assist you.

    All Game Nights are casual gatherings aimed at bringing people together to have a good time and enjoy their games in a group setting.


    Halo: Reach - Game Night
    Friday April 26th - 7:30pm EST [12:30am GMT]


    Angry Spartans! Come join us this Friday night as we kick off the #AJSAGamingWeekend with Halo: Reach via backward compatibility. We're revisiting planet Reach in epic multiplayer fashion. A variety of online and custom game modes will be showcased throughout the evening. This event will the last of our 'Halo Retrospective' series for April. Thank you all who came out on Friday nights this month to play Halo.

    ICYMI - Halo Reach is coming to the Master Chief Collection later this year. Check out this blog post from Halo Waypoint to get up to speed on the recent announcement from 343 Industries.

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • Variety of online & custom games/modes

    - Xbox Backward Compat Status: ACTIVE -

    Already own a physical or digital copy of Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360? You can install the game without charge.

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Friday April 26th, 2019
    • 7:30pm ET
    • 6:30pm CT
    • 4:30pm PT
    • 12:30am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Hosts -

    • Commander Rune [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] Officer AwakeningRager [Gamertag: AwakeningRager1]

    Please contact the hosts if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Minecraft - Game Night
    Saturday April 27th - 7:30pm EST [12:30am GMT]


    New adventures await you this Saturday night in our Minecraft Realm! We're checking out the latest expansions and building projects that folks have been working on this past month. This Game Night will have us playing in the main base area around the community Lodge.

    ICYMI - Minecraft has come to the Xbox Game Pass in April! If you've never played Minecraft before but have the Game Pass, we'd love to have you be a part of our Realm.

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • Tour of new buildings
    • Monument unvieling
    • Building projects and more

    - Xbox Game Pass Status: ACTIVE -

    Do you have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass? You can download Minecraft for free.

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Saturday April 27th, 2019
    • 7:30pm ET
    • 6:30pm CT
    • 4:30pm PT
    • 12:30am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Hosts -

    • Commander Rune [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]

    Please contact the hosts if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Mortal Kombat 11 - Fight Night
    Sunday April 28th - 7:00pm EST [12:00am GMT]


    The epic conclusion to the Kountdown to Kombat Fight Night series, three months in the making....

    "You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me."

    Emperor of Angerworld, SHAO SICK, presents the final Fight Night of the Kountdown to Kombat this Sunday night. Orchestrated by SHAO SICK, Kombatants of the AJSA on Xbox have been fighting for the past three months, traveling across the fighting game universe. Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Brawlhalla, Injustice, Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat X....we've battled through hell and back. Now the final battle, the fight of our lives, arrives this Sunday with Mortal Kombat 11.

    Our Fight Night this Sunday will be the last chance to stop Emperor Shao Sick and his plan to take over Earthrealm. Who among us will emrge as the mightiest Kombatant to take down Shao Sick?

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • 1v1 Fights - King of the Kill Settings
    • Checking out all the new modes and characters

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Sunday April 28th, 2019
    • 7:00pm ET
    • 6:00pm CT
    • 5:00pm PT
    • 12:00am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Host -

    • SHAO SICK [Gamertag: Sickshock6]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Connect With the AJSA Xbox One Community

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    Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One

    Xbox One Gamertag List

    Xbox Community Information

    More AJSA Community Content

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