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  • Xbox Community Report - Week of March 18th - Spotlight Interview, Division 2, & More


    Hi all. Thanks for checking our Xbox community article for this week. This is our way to report and share with you on whats going on with the AJSA in the Xbox community on a weekly basis. We'll have updates on current projects, upcoming activities, community content ranging from interviews to Youtube videos, and more. These articles will always contain a copy our Game Nights schedule for the week to keep folks informed about what titles we're featuring and supporting. If you're interesting in getting involved with us on Xbox I'd encourage you to check out our 'Xbox Community Guidebook' where you can get up to speed on what we're all about and how you can start playing with us. If you need help and/or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the AJSA Xbox Staff for assistance.

    Xbox Reports

    - Division 2 Xbox Clan Information -

    Our Xbox community clan for Division 2 has been established and all interested members who have the game who wish to become a part of the AJSA clan on Division 2 are invited to join as we get set up for our upcoming adventures in Washington DC. We have a complete informational guide for all members, old and new, who wish to enlist.

    In a similar style to Destiny 2 for those who were part of our clan for that game, you'll be able to earn Clan XP to help level up the group and unlock perks for our Clan Quarters in the Base of Operations. It doesn't matter if you're a solo or group player, anything you do will contribute to the clan score.

    Please be aware that the clan system in Division 2 is not something you can access immediately. You must complete the opening missions until you have access to the Theater Settlement and complete the Grand Washington Hotel mission. After this you must complete the Viewpoint Museum mission, which is unlocked after the Grand Washington Hotel, where you gain access to Grace Larson. You will then recruit here to the Base of Operations where she'll act as the Clan Officer and you'll have the ability to join clans.

    We've been hard at work helping out as many members as we could with the Viewpoint Museum mission over launch weekend to get folks set up in the clan. If you need help completing the mission, please check out our clan guide and reach out to our clan admins.

    This Saturday night on March 23rd we will be holding our inagural Game Night for Division 2 on Xbox. This will be a great chance to squad up, meet others, and ranking up your Agent in a group setting. Our Game Night schedule for this weekend, posted below in the article, will have more details with start times and hosts.

    - Kountdown to Kombat Fight Nights -

    Our Fight Nights celebration here on Xbox One will continue with Brawlhalla, a free to play fighting game, this Sunday night. Brawlhalla is a relatively new fighting game on console with it coming to Xbox late last year. With a similar style to Super Smash Brothers, this game allows up to eight players to fight each other in free for all or work together in teams. Brawlhalla also has a very small install size with under 500MB, making it very managable for members who don't have a lot of hard drive space.

    As Brawlhalla joins the ranks of our fight nights, this Sunday night will also represent the conclusion of 'Phase Two' of our Kountdown to Kombat series. Phase Two had an emphasis on free to play fighting games with titles such as Killer Instinct and Brawlhalla, two games with very different styles but sharing the common theme of being free to play.

    Our third and final phase of Kountdown to Kombat will start in April where games such as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat X, and Mortal Kombat 11 being featured to close out our first major community project for 2019. Thank you all for your support!

    - Spotlight Interview | First Edition: AwakeningRager -

    Welcome to the First Edition of of the 'Spotlight Interview' series, a new Xbox initiative where members of the community will be featured and interviewed by me [Rune] about their history, their backround, personalities, and more. These Spotlight Interviews will be part of our Xbox articles going forward and we're looking forward to the feedback you give us on what you think of the interviews.

    For our first Spotlight Interview we are showcasing one of the longest serving Game Officers and longstanding member of the Xbox One community, AwakeningRager. Known as Rager in short, he is our local Halo expert and connoisseur. Don't let his name (Rager) fool you. He is probably one of the most soft spoken people you'll ever meet. He also does a great Gollum expression from Lord of the Rings.

    Rager first joined the AJSA back in January 2014 and became a Game Sergeant for the Xbox One staff in July 2015 as part of a new team that completely restructured and reorganized the Xbox community to what we know and love today. While quiet and soft spoken, his actions and track record undoubtedly speak for him. When he isn't leading Halo Game Nights, you'll often see him participating in other Game Nights, and setting up Club Parties during the week to squad up with members during the day.

    I feel that for our first Spotlight Interview the honor should go to AwakeningRager and I hope everyone gets to see what he has to say. Thank you Rager for all your hard work, dedication, and friendship! You're one of the first people I came across when I first joined in September 2014. Amazing how far things have come. Enjoy:


    Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

    My name is AwakeningRager, I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Sweden. I recently graduated college and now work as an Assistant Nurse. For the AJSA I serve as an Officer on Xbox. I primarily oversee our Halo clans, recruitment, and events on Xbox while also helping out with other community activities and projects.

    What are your earliest memories of gaming?

    My earliest, and fondest memory, of gaming is my brother and I playing Super Mario on the Nintendo 64.

    What are your hobbies? What do you like to do when you’re not gaming?

    I enjoy working out, doing a mix of home exercises and walking/jogging. I played sports back in school and I used to take Karate Lessons, obtaining a brown belt before moving on to other activities. I also enjoy watching eSports tournaments and keeping up with gaming industry news.

    How did you join the AJSA Gaming Community?

    As a subscriber to Angry Joe I watch a lot of his Angry Reviews and content he puts out. Back in 2013 I saw he made a video promoting this new gaming community called the AJSA. This caught my interest, signed up on the forums and finally decided to join in January 2014.

    At the time there wasn’t console events for Xbox or PS4, so as an Xbox gamer I mainly interacted with other community members via the forums. Towards the end of 2014, sometime after the console communities were established, is when I started actually gaming and playing with other members.

    Do you remember what the first events you joined?

    The first events I joined up on were for Halo: Master Chief Collection. I know, what a shock!!!!!

    Apart from Halo, early on I also joined up and played during our Battlefield 4 events. Pretty much whatever game I had that we had events for I tried to go out to.

    How did you get involved as a game organizer for Xbox?

    I joined the Xbox One staff as a Sergeant in July 2015. This was shortly after Rune had came in to the position of Commander and I had approached him my ideas on how we could reorganize our Halo events. I really wanted to see our group head back to Halo again and bring people together. We were not doing anything with Halo at the time. I felt us not doing anything with Halo was a wasted opportunity. Rune felt the same and that is where our working relationship began and my road as an organizer started in this new administration.

    We started outlining goals, objectives, and plans to re-introduce Halo back into the fold for Xbox. It was part of a larger plan to completely reorganize how events were structured and community itself was to be operated. Lots of things changed when Rune came in and I worked with him along with the team to get things done. That Summer was really a transformative time for us on Xbox and I’m glad to be have been a part of it.

    Halo events started back up in August and the response from the community was awesome. We wiped the slate clean and started fresh, using the early events to reintroduce everyone to the game and letting people know we were serious about long term Halo support. I started hosting events on Sunday afternoons during the Summer leading into the Fall. I ran Halo: Master Chief Collections events all the way up to October when we transitioned to Halo 5: Guardians. During this time I also acted as the point of contact for EU members on Xbox. This was a way to make European members feel more welcome in the group.

    When we were in transition to Halo 5: Guardians I was promoted to Game Officer and was tasked with organizing the transition to Halo 5 and setting up clan support. This when we created the Spartan Company and all that. This was the first major new, triple AAA game for this relatively new staff, and was a big test for us. I’m pleased to say it all worked out and we ran events for Halo 5 well into 2017. We had events pretty much every Saturday night. Even for awhile we ran events alongside Overwatch.

    All these efforts I believe we did early on opened up the doors for a lot different opportunities for us down the road. We had crazy fun, the members rocked the house, and we still run Halo: Master Chief Collection events to this day.

    Why did you decide to get involved in organizing? Did you have any prior experience with clan organizing?

    Halo is one of my favorite game genres to watch and play both casually and competitively. I had a strong passion for the series and I wanted to get involved more in the community so I felt the two were a natural match. I really hoped that Halo could be a game that we could support and bringing people together to play and have a good time.

    Whenever we did Halo events prior to that Summer when I became Sergeant, I was always there. I always offered ideas, suggestions, opinions etc. I kept faith and in the end it all worked out.

    With prior clan organizing experience, I never really got involved in organizing before the AJSA so no I did not have any prior experience. I learned by trial and error, working with a solid team, had a great group of people to play with, and all that combined help mold my style.

    What is some advice you can give to up and coming game organizers?

    My advice is to create, build upon, and sustain relationships with people. You need to establish some sort of bond between you and the people you’re playing with. If you expect people to just show up because you made a forum post, you may find yourself in trouble. People want to know who, and what, they’re dealing with. Keep that in mind when advertising and recruiting for your game.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with things like different game modes to see what works and doesn’t work. What sort of modes does your group like to play? What do people find fun? Get as much feedback as you can.

    Also don’t feel that if you fail once that is over for you. Maybe you run an event and no one shows up. If anything take that as a challenge, see what you need to change.

    Any favorite moments that stand out during your time in the community?

    One moment that stands out to me in particular is when we were doing a Gears of War 4 event and we were playing Horde Mode. It was one of the craziest and funniest times I had on that game. We were up until like 6am in the morning trying to finish. We spent all our money and couldn’t upgrade or build any sort of defense so we were really in a bad spot. I don’t remember if we won or lost as I think I passed out but it was just so whacky and fun.

    The custom games we did on Halo 5 were really fun and one of the main highlights of our history there. For some events we'd have people share their own custom modes and we'd all try it together. I'd also go through the custom games browser and download maps/matches for us to try. There was this one Infection map where we were in anbandoned subway station and we all had to run down this hallway to get to an elevator to escape before the zombies got us. It was just hilarious.

    Then there is just so many other moments that would be impossible for me to completely list. Overwatch custom games throughout the years, Battlefield 4, Gears, Anniversary weeks and special events etc. I'm happy I got to play with cool people and had a good time.

    You’re one of the longest serving Game Officers in the community. What motivates you?

    To be an Officer in the community its to go above and beyond. It goes beyond just hosting a Game Night for your favorite title. It is also a responsibility to manage and direct community members to keep spirits calm, motivated and excited to play together and have fun with the game no matter the opposition we face.

    What are some things that have changed about the AJSA since you first joined?

    Well when I first joined there wasn’t any console organization. It was just PC. It was really a big step for everyone when the console communities first started out. Things really picked up for us in 2015 and we have not looked back since. All the changes I think we did worked out for the better.

    What is your favorite Halo game and why?

    My favorite game of the series is Halo 3. I enjoy the slow paced, tactical teamwork oriented gameplay. The shooting mechanics are and unique additions really enhance the experience for me.

    It also had a great story that was interesting to follow and understand. The multiplayer kept both casual and competitive players invested for a long time. I believe there is where Halo was in its prime and I hope we that that day again come soon, hopefully with Halo Infinite.

    What other games do you enjoy?

    I enjoy playing other first person and third person shooter games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefront, Overwatch, and DOOM. For RPGs I really like Dragon Age and Star Wars classics like Force Unleashed and Knights of the Old Republic.

    Explain the origins of your Gamertag, AwakeningRager. What does it mean?

    I got the name Awakeningrager after I was playing all Dragon Age games like DAO Origins and its respective DLCS including DAO Awakening Expansion. The Rager part of my gamertag has do do with me bringing out my inner "Rage” to help me motivate to try to do better and be the best player I can be depending on the situation in the game. I think of it as ‘Hulking Up’!!! After that...my Swedish fury is unleashed upon the enemy!

    What are your plans for the future?

    I hope to get my own place like an apartment. I want to learn as much as I can from this new profession IRL and about healthcare services. Keeping up with my excercise routines and balancing out all my hobbies.

    If there was one thing you wanted people to now about you, what do you want them to know?

    Hmmm well.....you see I have a special kind of talent. A unique ability. 

    I have the power of "Speedreading". I can read something realy, really fast and I can understand everything what I'm reading quickly. Helps me to keep up to date with all the notes Rune makes me read!!!!


    Thank you once again AwakeningRager for taking part in our first Spotlight Interview!

    Weekend Game Night Schedule - March 23rd & March 24th


    How can I attend a Game Night? - For new members/first time Game Night participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). We also encourage you to join the community Xbox Club (all hosts can be found in the Club roster as well). We use the Club for a variety of purposes to unite members of the community and play together. As an extra reminder for new members, please make sure to review our Code of Conduct.

    To learn more about the AJSA on Xbox One, visit out our Community Information thread.

    For Game Nights and other community activities we use the 'Xbox Live Party' that are created from the Club for communication, gatherings, and other purposes. In the case of an emergency where Xbox Live is down and we need to group up, we will use the AJSA Discord channel as a backup. In our parties we fully accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in groups and/or for people who have no mics.

    If by chance you do not have a Game Night host on your friend list, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the Game Night and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. All Game Night parties will be visible to Xbox Club members under the "Looking for Group" section. You can join the party via the Club or through the profile of the host.

    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to participate in a particular Game Night, you are free to do so. If you have any questions, please reach out to any members of the AJSA Xbox One staff and we will be happy to assist you.

    All Game Nights are casual gatherings aimed at bringing people together to have a good time and enjoy their games in a group setting.


    The Division 2 - Game Night
    Saturday March 23rd - 7:30pm EST [12:30am GMT]


    The virus that struck New York City has spread to Washington D.C., leaving the country in chaos. A call to action is being made to restore order and take down the lawless factions that run amok in the nation's capital. Division Agents from the AJSA are being sent in to Washington to take back the city block by block.

    Join us this Saturday night on March 23rd for our inaugural Division 2 Game Night on Xbox One with hosts Sickshock6 and Rune. We'll be focused on helping rank up members, complete story/side missions, and unlocking Clans for anyone who still needs assistance.

    If you're interested in learning more about our Division 2 clan on Xbox, we have an informational guide set up for both old and new members who wish to get involved. Click here to learn more.

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • Ranking up members
    • Unlocking Clans
    • Mix of PvE and PvP content

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Saturday March 23rd, 2019
    • 7:30pm ET
    • 6:30pm CT
    • 5:30pm PT
    • 12:30am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Hosts -

    • Officer Sick [Gamertag: Sickshock6] & Commander Rune [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Brawlhalla - Fight Night
    Sunday March 24th - 7:00pm EST [12:00am GMT]


    Our epic celebration of fighting games, Kountdown to Kombat, continues this Sunday night as we venture to a relatively new fighting game on the scene called Brawlhalla! This free to play fighter, with a similar style to Super Smash Brothers, will join the ranks of our Fight Night series as we gather to play and try out the game for the first time as a group. Custom lobbies can support up to eight players in free for all and team based modes.

    Brawlhalla is only about 500MB large so folks who are tight on harddrive space, this game shouldn't be too much of a worry for you. This Fight Night will conclude 'Phase Two' of the Kountdown to Kombat series before we move into our Third and final phase in April. We'd like to thank everyone who has come out so far and supported this project. Thank you and we hope to see you again on Sunday!

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • Custom Brawl Games [Snowbrawl, Brawlball etc]

    - Xbox Free to Play Status: ACTIVE -

    You can download Brawlhalla for free. Download size is a little under 500MB. Xbox Live Gold required to play online.

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Sunday March 24th, 2019
    • 7:00pm ET
    • 6:00pm CT
    • 5:00pm PT
    • 12:00am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Host -

    • SHAO SICK [Gamertag: Sickshock6]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


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