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  • Xbox Community Report - Week of March 4th - Event Schedule, Monthly Outline, Fight Nights & More


    Hello and welcome! Happy Monday! Thank you for checking our Xbox One article for this week. This is our way to report and share with you on whats going on with the AJSA in the Xbox community on a weekly basis. We'll have updates on current projects, upcoming activities, community content such as interviews, Youtube videos, and more. These articles will always contain a copy our Game Nights schedule for the week to keeps folks informed about what titles we're featuring and supporting. If you're interesting in getting involved with us on Xbox I'd encourage you to check out our 'Xbox Community Guidebook' where you can get up to speed on what we're all about and how you can start playing with us. If you need help and/or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the AJSA Xbox Staff for assistance.

    Xbox Reports

    - Kountdown to Kombat Fight Nights - Phase Two -

    We're entering Phase Two of the 'Kountdown to Kombat' Fight Night series here on Xbox One for the month of March. Presented by the Emperor of Angerworld, Shao Sick [Gamertag: Sickshock6], in anticipation of the release of Mortal Kombat 11 in April we're organizing a three month long community project celebrating the fighting game genre by coming together to play and enjoy a variety of fighting games. We wrapped up our first Phase of the series with Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter IV in February.

    This second phase of will have an emphasis on free to play fighting games with titles such as Killer Instinct and Brawlhalla being our featured Fight Nights for this month. Killer Instinct is a long running fighting game series with its roots dating back to the 1990s while Brawlhalla recently was released on the Xbox store late last year. These games have two very different styles and we're excited to share this experience will our all 'Angry Kombatants' this month.

    - The Division 2 -

    We're happy to share that here on Xbox we'll be featuring The Division 2 with Game Nights and clan support when the game launches later this month. For launch day activities we'll have Club parties and squads up to gather members to play and rank up during the early stages of the game release. We will also have our Division 2 Xbox clan up and running for members to start reppin' the community colors instantly.

    Then on March 23rd we'll be holding our first formal event for Division 2. We'll organize squads based on rank and gear level, ensuring that all members have a fun and balanced experience. If you have any questions regarding our upcoming Division 2 activities, please reach out to Xbox community Officer Sickshock6 on the forums, Xbox Live, or on Discord.

    - Happy Birthday to Sick, Sarah & Garza! -

    I'd like to give a quick shout out to a few community members who have celebrated their birthdays this past week! Thank you for all your amazing support and dedication to the community over the years. You are a great friend to many of us and your contributions do not go unnoticed. I hope you all enjoyed your special days and they were filled with happiness and joy.

    - March Game Nights Outline -

    Below is the complete outline of all our scheduled Xbox Game Nights for the month of March. Our two main highlights for March will be our Kountdown to Kombat Fight Nights and our Division 2 activities. To complement these projects we're having several Game Nights for the community favorite Halo: Master Chief Collection alongside titles such as Battlefront II (to check out the Anakin Skywalker update), Minecraft, Friday the 13th, and Overwatch to keeps members engaged consistently throughout the month.

    For additional info on how our Game Nights are structured and organized, please view our Xbox Community Information thread.

    Week Zero [March 1st to 3rd]

    • Fri. Mar. 1st - Halo: Master Chief Collection - 7:30pm EST
    • Sun. Mar. 3rd - COD: Black Ops 4 - 7:30pm EST

    Week One [March 8th to 10th]

    • Fri. Mar. 8th - Halo: Master Chief Collection - 7:30pm EST
    • Sat. Mar. 9th - Friday the 13th: the Video Game - 7:30pm EST
    • Sun. Mar. 10th - Killer Instinct - 7:00pm EST

    Week Two [March 15th to 17th]

    • Sun. Mar. 17th - Star Wars: Battlefront II - 7:00pm EST

    Week Three [March 22nd to 24th]

    • Sat. Mar. 23rd - The Division 2 - 7:30pm EST
    • Sun. Mar. 24th - Brawlhalla - 7:00pm EST

    Week Four [March 29th to 31st]

    • Fri. Mar. 29th - Halo: Master Chief Collection - 7:30pm EST
    • Sat. Mar. 30th - Minecraft - 7:30pm EST
    • Sun. Mar. 31st - Overwatch - 6:00pm EST

    Please be aware that Game Night dates and featured titles are subject to change.

    Week Two Note - March 15th & 16th will be focused on Division 2 club parties.

    - AJSA Gaming Youtube -

    We're featuring something a little bit different today on the AJSA Gaming Youtube channel. Longtime community member and ranking Officer, WookieJedi, takes us on a journey to explore the opening sequence of Star Wars: Republic Commando, an Xbox One backward compat and 'Games with Gold' title. Interested in Republic Commando? Want to see how this 2005 game still holds up in 2019? Let Wookie show you! Thank you and enjoy!

    Weekend Game Night Schedule - March 8th to March 10th


    How can I attend a Game Night? - For new members/first time Game Night participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). We also encourage you to join the community Xbox Club (all hosts can be found in the Club roster as well). We use the Club for a variety of purposes to unite members of the community and play together. As an extra reminder for new members, please make sure to review our Code of Conduct.

    To learn more about the AJSA on Xbox One, visit out our Community Information thread.

    For Game Nights and other community activities we use the 'Xbox Live Party' that are created from the Club for communication, gatherings, and other purposes. In the case of an emergency where Xbox Live is down and we need to group up, we will use the AJSA Discord channel as a backup. In our parties we fully accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in groups and/or for people who have no mics.

    If by chance you do not have a Game Night host on your friend list, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the Game Night and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. All Game Night parties will be visible to Xbox Club members under the "Looking for Group" section. You can join the party via the Club or through the profile of the host.

    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to participate in a particular Game Night, you are free to do so. If you have any questions, please reach out to any members of the AJSA Xbox One staff and we will be happy to assist you.

    All Game Nights are casual gatherings aimed at bringing people together to have a good time and enjoy their games in a group setting.


    Halo: Master Chief Collection - Game Night
    Friday March 8th - 7:30pm EST [12:30am GMT]


    Angry Spartans! Come join us this Friday night as we kick off the #AJSAGamingWeekend with Halo: Master Chief Collection. We're heading back to this community clasic to revisit and relive the epic journey of the Master Chief as we play across all four featured Halo titles in epic multiplayer fashion. A variety of online and custom game modes will be showcased throughout the evening.

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities - 

    • Online Multiplayer [Slayer, Action Sack, Infection, Big Team Battle]
    • Custom games

    - Xbox Game Pass Status: ACTIVE -

    Do you have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass? You can download Halo: Master Chief Collection for free.

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Friday March 8th, 2019
    • 7:30pm ET
    • 6:30pm CT
    • 5:30pm PT
    • 12:30am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Host -

    • Officer AwakeningRager [Gamertag: AwakeningRager1]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Friday the 13th - Game Night
    Saturday March 9th - 7:30pm EST [12:30am GMT]


    The Angry Army is taking a field trip to Camp Crystal Lake....would could possibly go wrong? Join us for an evening filled with shenanigans and tomfoolery as Sickshock takes us on an epic adventure in the the landof Jason Voorhees. What spooks and surprises are in store for this Game Night? Come on by this Saturday to find out! Can you make it out alive?

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities - 

    • SURVIVE!

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Friday March 9th, 2019
    • 7:30pm ET
    • 6:30pm CT
    • 5:30pm PT
    • 12:30am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Host -

    • Officer Sickshock [Gamertag: Sickshock6]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


    Killer Instinct - Fight Night
    Sunday March 10th - 7:00pm EST [12:00am GMT]


    Phase Two of the Kountdown to Kombat series continues this Sunday night! Killer Instinct joins the Fight Nights ranks and kicks off our second month of the series! This game is free to play and no DLC characters are required to play! Do you have what it takes to be the best fighter in the AJSA?

    Game Night Summary

    - Activities -

    • 1v1 Fights - King of the Kill Settings

    - Xbox Free to Play Status: ACTIVE -

    You can download Killer Instinct for free. Xbox Live Gold required to play online.

    - Date & Start Times -

    • Sunday March 10th, 2019
    • 7:00pm ET
    • 6:00pm CT
    • 5:00pm PT
    • 12:00am GMT

    Join the Game Night party via the Club or through the profile of the host to get started and invited to our lobby.

    - Host -

    • Officer Sickshock [Gamertag: Sickshock6]

    Please contact the host if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this Game Night.


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    AJSA Community Content Area

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    Happy birthday Sick and Garza! Lots of great games to play during March, I have quite a few of them and will be able to participate fully now my mic is working properly in party chat ,lol. Looking forward to playing Halo MCC, Minecraft and Overwatch with everyone. TS696.


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