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  • Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [Mar. 13th to Mar. 17th] - News & Updates


    News & Updates

    Future of Minecraft Nights - UPDATE - Special Event This Thursday!

    A reminder to all that our special event for the new version of Mnecraft is this Thursday night! We're going to test out all the new features and have a group discussion on where we want to go with Minecraft Nights. Continue with the XB1 Edition, or prepare to transition to the new version? Minecraft Nights have always been about bringing the community closer. This is a great opportunity for us as a community to rally, discuss, and decide together what to do. I would like to hear from you. Cya there!

    Overwatch St. Patrick's Day Themed Event

    Join us this Saturday night for a St. Patrick's Day themed event for Overwatch! Officer WookieJedi has made a post in the Xbox sub-forum with all the details. Check it out here.

    AJSA Special Operation Reminder

    On Saturday March 31st at 6pm EST, join us for our first AJSA Special Operation of 2018! We're changing things up a bit this year when it comes to Special Operations. This time around, each Division is featuring a title of their choice to best represent their community and showcase the best of what they have to offer. We're gathering the whole community to play and have fun across PC and console! On Xbox One, we're having Overwatch be our featured title for the Special Operation.

    To commemorate the first Special Operation of 2018, we're having a unique challenge tied into our communiy activity. There will be a 'Marathon Challenge' for all the Divisions to strive for and complete. The events must last for six or more hours for the challenge to be completed. Who will be the last Division standing? Have fun and good gaming! See you at the end of the month.

    AJSA Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [March 13th to March 17th]

    How Can I Join An Xbox One Event? - For new members/first time event participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). You can also join the AJSA Xbox Club and add hosts/members there. All event and game night parties are launched from the Club. Additionally, please review our Code of Conduct.

    Communication during events are done primarily in the Xbox Live Party system. In case of emergency, we will use the AJSA Discord Channel. We accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in large groups and/or for people who have no mics.

    If by chance you do not have the host as a friend, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the event and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. Most, if not all, event parties will be visible to all Xbox Club members. Look under "Looking for Group" at the start/during an event to view the event party and join up.

    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the host's Xbox Live party to begin. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at "RuneX" on the forums or on Xbox Live. To learn more about the AJSA Xbox One Division, check out our Community Information thread.


    COD: Black Ops - Xbox One Event - Mar. 13th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)


    Backward Compatibility Enabled

    As part of our 'March Madness' gaming lineup this month, we're bringing back Call of Duty: Black Ops a backward compatible event for this Tuesday night March 13th at 7:30pm EST. This will be a great/fun opportunity for members to relive old memories or experience this game for the first time via backward compatibility on Xbox One.

    We will gather all participants into one Xbox Live Party, provided by the host, and from there we will designate group activities and form squads. Activities will range from online multiplayer, zombies, and custom games. Contact the host (info provided below) if you want extra info about the upcoming event.

    For participants playing from their Xbox 360: Please add the hosts to your friends list on your 360 and please send a message letting us know you want an invite to our game session during the event.

    Event Summary:

    Time: March 13th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)

    Hosts: Melon [Gamertag: StraightUpMelon] & Rune [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]


    Minecraft - Xbox One Event - Thurs. Mar. 14th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)


    This Thursday for our Minecraft Nights are we doing something a little different. For this event we will be using the 'new version' of Minecraft for Xbox One where we will test out all the new features and have a discussion on where to take our Minecraft Nights.

    Here on Xbox One we are in a unique situation where we have essentially two different 'Minecraft' games. There is the standard 'Minecraft: Xbox One Edition' (which we've been using for a long time now) and there is also just 'Minecraft' which was released last year as part of the 'Better Together' update.

    I'd like for us as a community to decide together where we should go with concerns to the Minecraft Nights (stay with the current version or move over). This event will be used to allow us to both play with the new features and discuss the road ahead. If you want additional information about this particular event, this was covered last week in our Xbox article under 'News & Updates'. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "RuneX" during the event. If you have any questions about this event, please do not hesitate to message Rune.

    Event Summary:

    Time: March 14th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]


    Battlefield 3 - Xbox One Event - Fri. Mar. 15th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)


    Backward Compatibility Enabled

    The 'Angry Army Platoon' is being called back into action. In this deployment, we're going back in time! Get ready for a fun and explosive start to your gaming weekend with classic Battlefield 3 action.

    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "StraightUpMelon" during the event. If the party is full, please message him so room can be made for you. You can message the host before the event to give advance notice of your attendance.

    Squad Leaders will be designated by the hosts to help run the event smoothly and to assist the host in accommodating all players. We'll be playing game modes like Conquest and Rush throughout the evening. DLC is not required to participate in this event!

    To learn more about the AJSA Xbox One Battlefield group, click here.

    For participants playing from their Xbox 360: Please add the hosts to your friends list on your 360 and please send a message letting us know you want an invite to our game session during the event.

    Event Summary:

    Time: March 14th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am EST)

    Host: Melon [Gamertag: StraightUpMelon]


    Overwatch - Xbox One Event - Sat. Mar. 17th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)


    Join the AJSA Overwatch crew on Xbox One this Saturday night for a special 'St. Patrick's Day' themed event! Enter our 'Moira Brawl' and compete against your fellow 'Angry' comrades across several different 'Moira-only' matches to be crowned the 'Hero of St. Patrick'. Plus we have several other unique custom game modes prepped just for this event.

    We also encourage everyone to equip skins for their Overwatch characters that contain the color green during this event.

    We're squading up at our normal time this Saturday night at 7:00pm EST.

    For additional information on Xbox One Overwatch events, click the link below:


    Event Summary:

    Time: March 17th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Host: AJSAWookieJedi [Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi]


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