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    Highlander Try-outs: The last stand

    • Brace yourselves because Highlander try-outs season one is coming to an end!

    This Saturday 6 PM GMT gather up on Team Speak 3 for the epic season finale.

    To participate download Team Speak 3 and Sign in here [sign in not required]. People who Signed up are going to have priority to pick their class. We are going to be using www.tf2center.com, so make sure you meet minimum requirement 100h on TF2 and you are logged in.

    Event is going to be hosted by Doctor_GLaDOS and Agent 47.

    Will Highlander be gone for ever?

    No, quite the opposite. We are forming the Official AJSA Highlander team that will run independently. More on this here .

    Season finale only means that in the near future we will be focusing on something else, but Highlander try-outs will come back.

    What is the goal of the Try-outs?

    The goal is to introduce new members to the Team Fortress 2 competetive scene, before it officially arrives as a full patch.

    The Rules!

    THERE CAN BE! ONLY ONE!! Of each class! That's right, no teams that consist of 3 snipers, 2 spies, 2 scouts, 3 engineers, and one Soldier. It's all of one class only making up a team of 9 mercs! Each member of their team must use their strengths to help each other out in order to cap points faster, push the cart faster than the other, defend harder, and win together! Each group consists of one of these classes, and ONLY ONE, no more and no less than what is posted below:

    1 Scout

    1 Soldier

    1 Pyro

    1 Demoman

    1 Heavy

    1 Engineer

    1 Medic

    1 Sniper

    1 Spy

    So Man up ladies!


    Team Fortress 2 staff

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