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    League of Legends Tournament Wrap up. (who won)

    • Who won, Holy Poro Empire or Pink Panda?

    Pink Panda and Holy Poro Empire were the two teams to compete in the AJSA League of Legends tournament finals.

    Teams, that participated can be seen below in the bracket, Pink Panda and Holy Poro Empire faced each other the very first game, but Pink Panda won by deploying an Orianna and Wukong wumbo combo.

    In the finals though Holy Poro Empire saw through their victory and Banned Orianna forcing Pink Panda to adapt to a new strategy.

    In the end though of the first finals Pink Panda was defeated, but with only being their first loss in a double elimination tournament, all was not lost.

    Holy Poro Empire banned Orianna once again in the second match of the finals along with Thresh and Wukong, the same champions that defeated them the first time. Despite losing the first match in the tournament, and being in the losers bracket the entire way through, Holy Poro Empire came out victorious receiving the grand finale prizes of 25 dollars of RP to each member in the team.


    Here's bits and peaces of the first match, more will be uploaded later if people really wanted to watch.

    Part 1


    Part 2


    Part 3


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