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    Planetside 2 Op #15: IT'S A TRAP!

    Dark Templar
    • ..... :blink:

    Peter Dinklage and the hunt for wolves of iron!

    When: Saturday 11th of October, operation will commence at 2pm EST (7pm GMT)

    Where: Emerald server, AJSA teamspeak ts3.ajsagaming.com

    How: Platoon and squad leaders will create specific squad channels in the teamspeak to match the name of the in-game squad in PS2.

    join the teamspeak channel that matches the squad you join in-game, so you can hear your squad leader!

    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of sergeants/officers to send in-game messages to so you can join the outfit.

    What: Our objective during the Ops is to play together as a large team and cooperatively fight as a unit semi-seriously, while still having a fun time. squad members are expected to listen to their squad leaders to ensure the AJSA is victorious in battle.

    Event outline:

    Kick-off phase:

    To get everyone in the mood and announce that the AJSA is here, the ajsa will begin with a major ambush at either the NC or Vanu warpgates which ever has the larger population destroying any opposition, before normal combat operations begin.

    After we destroy anything coming through their shields (or more likely after we all die horribly) we will proceed with normal operations.

    Combat phase: we will then break off to our platoon and squad assignments. if an alert has started, we will play the objectives of the alert, otherwise we will go to hotspots where we are needed(splitting continents if called for)


    During the combat phase sergeants/officers will be on the lookout for the individual who best represents the AJSA During the Operation.

    Racing phase: AJSA Racing league #16 Auraxis 500

    Once the combat phase starts to wind down, we will have another exciting edition of the AJSA Racing league. This time we will be racing harassers in a circuit style race . winner(s) will receive:


    once again please remember to have a gate shield diffuser on your harasser

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