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    Planetside 2: Operation Air War

    • We will crush the enemy with superior air power!

    When: Sunday 8/16/2015 at 12PM CST (6PM GMT)

    Where: PlanetSide2 channels on teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com

    Server: Emerald

    Operation Details:

    To commence this operation, we will all pull Mosquitos from the warpgate. We will then swarm the skies over enemy strongholds, destroying their air units and decimating their armor. After we successfully demolish enemy resistance in enough territories, or we are all shot down, the regular phase of the operation will begin. This operation will conclude with a Liberator rush, followed by a Mosquito race.

    Whoever wins the race will win a little badge for their profile called a racing ribbon!


    Other News:

    We are still in dire need of new recruits to throw at the enemy and staff members to help run the Outfit as we progress, so hit up the Planetside 2 staff to be recruited for the glory of the Terran Republic!

    We will also be commencing operations with the New Conglomerate in the near future so make a Character on the NC and join the outfit there to help us fight for freedom!

    We will be hosting training sessions every Tuesday at 12pm CST (6pm GMT), and although they are not mandatory, we would like as many to attend as possible. Hope to see you there, soldiers!

    We will also be commencing mid-week operations for both American and European players to help with recruitment and activity of the outfit. American operations will start at 6PM CST, for Europeans operations will start at 6PM GMT. We will, of course, continue to hold major operations on Sundays for all members of the outfit.

    If you are interested or would like to relive the enjoyment of past operations please follow this LINK!

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    User Feedback

    My first post as an angry army soldier, so forgive my ignorance.

    I don't know how the operation works. Do I have to contact someone to sign up to a roster, do I just hop in at the correct time? What are the team speak servers like? with so many people, I would hope there are different channels for squads, is that correct? How do squad leaders communicate with their commanding officers if they can only be in one channel?

    I suppose most of this insn't really information I need, just curiosity, but I'd appreciate any answers here.


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    -To join the outfit, you will need to contact an outfit staff member.

    -Joining the operation simply requires you to be in-game and on Teamspeak on the designated time.

    -We have different channels for different squads of up to 12 people and can add additional channels as needed.

    -Squad leads and platoon lead communicate via whisper lists.


    Let me know if you have further questions.

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    No problem :) you can join the outfit at any time using the in game outfit browser (if you have trouble ask a member of the ps2 staff for an invite). As for attending the event join the teamspeak around the time of the event and we will invite you.

    The teamspeak server requires you to sign up, there is a guide in the help section of the pc forums (i will link it later as i am using my phone). The teamspeak has multiple squad channels set up and squad leaders communicate using the channel commander feature, this allows us to communicate across channels.

    Also on a side note, mid week ops are running today at 6pm cst and 6pm bst feel free to join, these are smaller ops usually only a squad or two.

    Welcome to the AJSA :)

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