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    PlayStation Update - We Have These?

    • "If you want to build a ship. Do not drum up people to collect materials. Do not assign them task or work. But rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    The Neighborhood Has Changed

    Two Years ago an AJSA member named Kash made a thread gathering PSN Id’s from other AJSA members. While another AJSA member WITHASTICK, was using that list to build a Chat Room on the PlayStation 4 for AJSA members to directly speak to each other. Two years ago we were young and filled of dreams. Knowing we could play together, grow together, and someday be much more together.

    Two years later, WITHASTICK has become the PlayStation Commander. The AJSA Rooms have become more than people playing games together, they’ve become a family. We hold one of the longest running events in AJSA (That’s Game Nights btw). We’ve help kick start the AJSA YouTube channel. Now we march into our third year, still chasing our dreams. Aspiring to become so much more, together.

    Game Nights Get Some New Stuff

    While WITHASTICK steps back a bit from Game Nights to pursue other ventures (Community Spotlight) Game Nights only grow. Recon_avwf becomes the new leader for Game Nights, along with adding two new host; Insane_Warrior0 and Syrupywolf. These men have proved that Game Nights is about getting people to play games together. Something we hope to show more in the rest of Game Nights Bronze Year.

    In addition Game Nights (Internally) has a new rule, which was based from experiences we faced back in 2015. That rule is Game Nights (Which are always on a Saturday) that fall on a major Holiday will not take place. Now usually these rules are internal, meaning only the host see these rules. That’s not meant to people everyone in the dark, but meant to have games be judge by the rules from the mind of the host. I decided to talk about this rule being added because of the fact sooner or later this situation would happen again.

    Note 1: WITHASTICK will still attend/host Game Nights time to time (I'm not going anywhere).

    Note 2: Game Nights Highlights are being pulled back for now until certain circumstances can be made. When they return we promise they’ll go beyond expectations (Even my own).

    The Forums Have A New Deputy

    We’ve added BleedingChaos23 to the roaster of our line-up (Not a host) as a Moderator. Little clear point, he will be focusing mainly on the PlayStation 4/Vita forums (And sub-forums located within). Rather than a wrath to fear, just think of him as a peace keeper. Mainly there as an invisible force, to make things easier for you when you don’t notice it.

    Note: I’m the Sheriff in this case (Please don’t shoot me).

    No More Pins!... Okay Maybe One More?

    This is more of a personal thing, I rather don’t like cluttering a forum up with a bunch of pinned threads. So! I’ve done some tweaking around with what we had currently and narrowed it down to three major threads. PlayStation 4 PSN ID List, the one stop shop to enter your PSN ID or find other members PSN ID’s. Game Nights, gotta have a thread for PlayStations main power player event right? PlayStation Community and Rooms Information, it’s that type of thread that has a lot of reading (Not too much, but a hefty amount). Time to time we may (And most likely will) feature a fourth pinned thread. However, that will always be temporary and never will pins go past four (Hopefully).

    Year 2 brought a lot of our dreams to reality. However, it wasn’t achieved by simple wishing. But rather the hard work of the Community as a whole, and effort of the leaders of the PlayStation Community (New and old). While the waves sometimes brought wrath, and the winds usually never favored us. We sailed forward, together, on a strong ship built by our hands.

    Year 3 begins with a vast ocean of dreams for the PlayStation Community.

    It’s ours to explore.

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