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    Post Memorial Day Spotlight

    • Here's hoping you lot had a good weekend! I know I did, but the show must go on as they say! So back to it with another spotlight! -DR


    Nothing of note announcements wise for today's spotlight folks, but we do have some internal news, so let's just get straight to it shall we? -DR


    AverageSpacePope wanted me to give you guys a heads up on a UK-centric gaming Event coming up in June, so here's some of the base info from Pope for ya...

    Listen up UK AJSA members!

    There is a great gaming event taking place Saturday 6th June 10am - 5pm, in Bolton at SCAN computers. I've been to the last 4 SCAN gaming events and I've won around £800 - £1000 worth of gaming equipment (not including was given away for free!). The first 250 people that pre-register and turn up to the event will receive FREE game digital download codes for the new Batman: Arkham Knight, Dying Light and another great game. That's £120+ worth of game codes! There'll also be free food, Cosplay and T-shirts too!

    Here's a link for more info regarding this event if your'e interested:


    Remember folks, this is a UK event only! -DR

    As always, Commander Withastcik comes through with some more event goodness for the PS4 crowd!

    [Our entry for this weeks Spotlight. I know, a little last minute again.]

    In a land before time, a comet crashed upon the Earth’s surface. The impact of this comet brought further sound. Sounds of thunderous drums that quaked the very ground. Sounds of vocals from angelic and devilish beings battling it out. Sounds of amazing string solo’s from titans of long forgotten. Sounds of electronic toilet noise that Hank Hill can’t understand. Sounds of that bass no one really gives credit when due. Yes! The comet's impact gave to this land the sound of MUSIC!

    In all seriousness though, In the last month PS4 was given a new way to listen to music on our consoles. An app powered by Spotify called, PlayStation Music. We thought it would be cool to have selected build playlist for our community to listen too, along with a playlist they build by their song selections. That’s why we’re here today. We’re calling out to the entire Angry Army to come and share their music, and build along with this playlist.

    Check out and come build the playlist@ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28315-angry-army-radio-and-cabinet-curated-playlists/

    During Game Nights Destiny event this past weekend. We’re given the chance to give back to the community. Those who attended and met the challenge of our trails were gifted 1 of 3 Nepal Destiny t-shirts. We’re to honor those who met those challenges with force. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all those who attended.




    Curious what Game Nights are? Check@ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25614-ps4-community-events-game-night-may-23rd/


    Veteran SamuraiRabit has a Project Cars review for you to take a look at this week, so, give it a watch and be sure to leave him some feedback! -DR


    Apex does it again.....


    That's it for this week! Little lighter than last week, but we're picking up speed and steam, so there's no where but up from here! Keep sending stuff in if you want it on the spotlight! -DR

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    User Feedback

    Ok now we need and I do say NEED The Joe Angry Hunt. Political intrigue of the game (!): with which power will you stand with and which will you destroy as you must make a difficult choice. Will you ally yourself with the once prosperous and peace loving kingdom that now turned drunk wih pride and power known as Konami, or will you play the Game of Thrones by trying to learn wheter the promises to do better by it's people are real or are they just a bunch of fakes in the lands known for they're exquisite wine in the kingdom of Ubisoft. The hero must venture forward to the snowy lands of Blizzard all the way across the content to meet the traditionalists like the closed of Empire of Nintendo and the corrupt but EA. With whom will you side adventurer? The game begins now!

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    well i did donate that much but that is with the help of the 32 mil that was already gathered by the swtor guild so you can't say it's all on me. 

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