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  • SkyForge Announcement

    • We march on towards the heavens!

      Banner art is made by Commander Withastick.

    Skyforge is a new instanced based MMO. You're a God!

    The game is free-to-play as of July 16th 2015.


    You have a choice between three classes at the start for a new player of the free-to-play model after July 16th.

    The first class is the Paladin, a tank class wreathed in light.

    The second is the Cryomancer, a spellcaster primarily focused on cold magic to freeze the enemies and environment alike as a damage class.

    Then there is the Lightbringer, a cleric infused with divine magic to support allies and burn through enemies.


    The AJSA will be creating a Pantheon (guild) on the NA and EU servers.

    Sergeant MoVe will be leading the charge into Skyforge on the EU server while Commander Damion will be taking temporary leadership of the NA side.

    Below is a video to briefly explain Skyforge and to help familiarize one with the game.

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    User Feedback

    Already on it and having a blast! Do we need to post our IGN to get invite?

    The Pantheon will be up after release. We will have a thread for it under the PC rpg section.

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    well if some1  could  tell  me how  I  can join the EU guild  :D just started playing, have no clue how to find the guild  :D My Ingame Name is the same as here Synthetic War

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