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  • Star Trek Online Unofficial Announcement Event

    • Attention Captains of the federation, Fleet Admiral DarthZash is calling to aid to any Federation ships/ romulan ships to defend our starbase against enemy fleets that seeks out to destroy us. The Klingons have been recently active and Starfleet command requires us to take action against them. The Crystalline Entity has been spotted it seems it survived when Dr. Marr tried to destroyed it. StarFleet Command is requesting aid from high level admiral’s (50-60) to assist against this threat. Starbase 24 as spotted Klingons near its premises and requesting our help.

    The minimum lvl for these event is 5 but you will be matching your squad leader. We will start out with starbase fleet defense (20 players max), Klingon scout force(20 players). Then we will separate the fleet to play Crystalline cataclysm (10 players) and starbase 24(10 players). Then Swap, since there is a cooldown.

    Where: At our starbase in the Eta Eridani sector block (http://imgur.com/uPUPE3Y) and in Teamspeak under the Star trek online channel = ts3.ajsagaming.com.

    Time 1pm EST 10am PST 5pm GMT

    When Saturday March 21

    Should you need a invite to the fleet? either pm me or reply with your character@handle. (http://imgur.com/LakyQ0h) right click on your portrait.

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