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    This Week In Gaming 1-22-19


    Hbomberguy's idea for a small Donkey Kong 64 charity stream ends up raising over $340,000 for transgender charities and fundraisers with help of streamers, critics, artists, celebrities, authors, developers (John Romero, Rebecca Heineman, Scott Benson, Josh Sawyer), historians, therapists, surprise guests, and the game's composer and DK's voice actor. Jimmy Maher tells the story of the making Ultima Underworld, Tim Colwill on the need for developers to unionize, Metro Exodus and Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay, Stellaris getting console edition, a preview of Alex Aniel's upcoming book on the Resident Evil series, People Make Games finds out what happened to the Queen's golden Wii, Machinima Youtube channel deletes all video content after sale, Alex Wiltshire on the creation of GOG and how they make old games work again, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    New Gameplay And Details On Creating Sekiro's Combat


    In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Hanson interviews Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's lead game designer Masaru Yamamura about designing combat and how it differs from his work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The video contains a lot of new gameplay showing off several fights in the Hirata Estates area s well.

    More New Details About From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die


    In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, Ben Hanson and Dan Tack answer questions from the community about Game Informer's trip to From Software to interview Hidetaka Miyazaki and play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for the new cover story.

    Exclusive Interview On Creating Sekiro's New World


    In this exclusive Game Informer interview, we speak with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's lead concept designer Tetsu Takahashi and graphics engineer Takasuke Ando about working at From Software and the refreshing challenge of creating an entirely new world that separates itself from Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

    Inside The Creation Of Sekiro's Soundtrack With Yuka Kitamura


    In this exclusive Game Informer video, From Software composer Yuka Kitamura takes us inside the process of creating the new soundtrack for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and how it compares to her work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne.


    10 Minutes of Metro Exodus Gameplay


    Check out 10 minutes straight of Metro Exodus gameplay.

    7 things you need to know about the most un-Metro, Metro level so far - Metro Exodus gameplay


    Metro Exodus The Caspian gameplay is the biggest departure from the series norm so far. Watch new Metro Exodus gameplay as Ian Higton talks about his time playing The Caspian, a level full of sand, mutants and even vehicles. That's right, Metro Exodus vehicle gameplay is now a thing! Watch Metro Exodus driving gameplay and learn about the Metro Exodus photo mode and more in this preview video!

    Metro Exodus - Weapons Trailer (Official)


    Packed with brand new footage and stunning tear-downs of the iconic hand-made guns of post-apocalyptic Russia, this trailer reveals the devastating arsenal of weapons used by Artyom and his band of Spartans as they journey across Russia.

    Metro Exodus is the antidote to the “merry Western apocalypse”


    Our visions of the post-apocalypse are too cheerful in the West – too optimistic. That's according to Dmitry Glukhovsky, the sci-fi author who has helped turn his Metro novels into a series of bleak, brutal, and distinct first-person survival horror shooters.


    Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Spies Gameplay Reveal


    You've never played a Total War like this before. Join us as we reveal the all-new spy system in THREE KINGDOMS.

    Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Let’s Play: Spies AMA January 2019


    Yesterday we held an AMA about spies with the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS team over on the Total War Reddit with input from senior designer Simon Mann, associate content producer Guy Mead, narrative designer Pete Stewart, and THREE KINGDOMS game director Janos Gaspar (as well as lead community and social media manager Grace Carroll and head of community Andy Belford). Check out the highlights below!


    The Division 2 pre-order beta dated, story trailer sets the scene


    Players will come into contact with three enemy factions. Here’s more on the bad guys, courtesy of Ubisoft.

    New Gameplay Today – The Division 2's Dark Zone


    Bertz joins Cork and Leo to show off The Division 2's new approach to the PVE/PVP hybrid area The Dark Zone.

    7 big changes to The Division 2 PvP - THREE DARKZONES?!


    Johnny got hands on with The Division 2 PvP recently and things are looking pretty different for the sequel. Here are 7 big changes to The Division 2 PvP.

    The Division 2’s Dark Zones don’t reinvent but promise a bright future


    It’s easy to think of The Division as Destiny: Tom Clancy edition, but Ubisoft’s looter-shooter has one important ace card: the Dark Zone. A lawless stretch of central Manhattan filled with high-level enemy gangs, it is here that players get mean; turning on former co-op pals and attempting to escape with high-level loot.


    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is finally coming to North America


    NIS America announced today that the Japanese role-playing game The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is coming to North America on the PlayStation 4 during fall 2019.


    This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 1: Story, Progression, and Customization


    Go in-depth on Anthem and get detailed information about the javelins, customization, and progression. Plus, learn more about the Freelancers and your purpose in the world of Anthem.


    Days Gone Combat Breakdown with the Developers - PAX South


    Brian Altano sits down with Eric Jensen of Sony Bend to talk through the combat systems and mechanics involved in taking down hordes of Freakers.


    The Walking Dead: The Final Season tells the stories our troubled times need



    Zombies have a pretty rough deal, when you think about it. After one false move as humans in the land of the living, they’ve been subjected to a life of putrid purgatory. Their bodies rot and smell. Their inexorable drive for their next meaty fix cannot be sated nor reasoned with, and they can only moan and rasp in their own defence. Then, in their hollowed stasis, they are unceremoniously cut down by their better-armed prey. It’s not exactly a fair arrangement.


    System Shock: Final Art KS Preview - Nightdive Studios


    We wanted to create a small preview of the final art as there was some confusion due to our previous video of the Adventure Alpha containing only placeholders.

    Combat is next!

    If you missed out on the Kickstarter and still wish to support this project, check out our Backerkit!


    Lapis x Labyrinth Heads West In May 2019


    NIS America has pinned down the Lapis x Labyrinth release date. On May 28, 2019, the game will appear on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America. It will come to Europe on May 31, 2019. In addition, a Steps to Success trailer has been released to show how people can make the most of adventuring and exploring areas.


    FULL Mortal Kombat 11 Official Gameplay Reveal Event | NetherRealm Studios


    Witness the first showcase of Mortal Kombat 11's gameplay revealed with Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios.

    Mortal Kombat 11's PC port should be much better than MKX's was


    NetherRealm has been working with a new studio to clean up their PC development process.

    Mortal Kombat 11 - Ed Boon Angry Interview!


    AngryJoe Interviews Kombat creator Ed Boon about the upcoming MK11 and asks your questions and whats in the future for the iconic franchise!

    Mortal Kombat 11 hands-on: smart, slick and gloriously sick spine-crushing brawling


    As the internet was bombarded with a slew of trailers for Mortal Kombat 11, I was getting stuck in to multiplayer. After a good few matches it’s safe to say that this latest entry feels like the the best since the series’ much-lauded 2011 reboot. It more or less ticks all of the boxes: it looks great, it’s slick moving with generally solid performance, and there’s loads of gory spine ripping and face-stomping. Most importantly, however, it feels like MK11 is taking solid strides to grow, fix and improve the series.


    Stellaris: Console Edition launches February 26


    Stellaris: Console Edition will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 26, publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Tantalus Media announced.


    Katana Zero makes time for more interesting twitch combat


    Katana Zero is much more than it first appears. And it first appears to be plenty. A side-scrolling reflexy beat ’em up, painted in very pretty pixels, with a character who cannot take a hit. It’s a surprisingly interesting weakness to give your ninja-esque mass murderer, who is fast-paced, all dashes and slides, rolls and manic combat. And yet on top of that there’s the temporal meddling, some peculiarly introspective downtime, a novel and fascinating conversation system, and the fact that your incredibly vulnerable character is in fact, um, immortal.


    Empathy is the Defining Core of Life is Strange: An Interview with Christian Divine



    Can games make us more empathetic? It’s a question that’s still up for debate among designers, players and cognitive scientists alike. While videogames are often built around an illusion of moral agency, it’s still uncertain as to whether videogames can actually facilitate empathy for marginalized people and those different from us, or if they simply reinforce our preconceived beliefs. But perhaps this is because games aren’t often about empathy. Rarely are we asked to center the e


    Wargroove’s campaign editor is looking very good


    We’ve been looking forward to Wargroove, Chucklefish’s fantasy-flavored homage to Advance Wars, for a couple years now. Not only does it feature Advance Wars’ chunky turn-based combat, it also is going to come with a powerful suite of editing tools, which are looking mighty nice in some new video captured by GameXplain.


    There's A Power Rangers Fighting Game Coming In April


    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is an accessible fighting game that spans the franchise's 25 year history. It's coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in April 2019, and PC later in the year.

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid features cross-play between PC, Switch, and Xbox One


    The fighting game is in development at nWay, the studio behind the multiplayer mobile title Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.


    It looks like Yakuza Kiwami has a February release date on Steam


    We've known for some time - since June 2018, in fact - that Yakuza Kiwami is on its way to PC through Steam. And now, some six months later, we might finally have an actual release date - albeit one gleaned from a single frame in an animated gif, thanks to Sega's usual PC marketing malarky.


    A wild Hong Kong Massacre trailer reveals the long-awaited launch date


    After five years of waiting, the action movie-inspired top-down shooter will be out on January 22.


    Ambitious space sim Genesis Alpha One shows off its roguelike bits in a new trailer


    Genesis Alpha One, an unusual mix of roguelike shooter and spaceship building management game, has a new trailer that gives us a better look at how the roguelike elements work. Check it out above.


    Layers of Fear 2 is narrated by Candyman


    There’s a new teaser trailer up for Layers of Fear 2, the follow-up to Bloober Team’s spooky 2014 haunted house game about an artist who is rapidly losing his marbles. This time around, the action is on a steamer ship, and the spookiness factor is amped up considerably thanks to narration by Tony Todd.


    New games: She Dreams Elsewhere explores self-identity and mental health in a retropunk JPRG


    There’s been enough time since the release of Undertale to give aspiring new developers a chance to digest it and create their own personal stories in games. Toby Fox’s hit showed a generation of players that the games they remember from childhood could serve as vehicles for powerfully emotional stories.


    Hitman 2 takes a festive detour to back to Hokkaido today



    As we all know, capitalism is the true villain of the holidays, and today’s mission is all about worker solidarity. The owner of a sketchy fireworks factory has been glued back together at the high-tech Hokkaido medical facility after an explosion – his surviving workers would rather he stay dead. They’ve apparently unionised, and pooled their funds to hire Agent 47, and Diana sounds especially excited to strike a righteous blow against corner cutting and flouting of safety regulations. While an explosive demise would be most ironic, the challenges attached to the mission are mostly festive. Knock out guards with snowballs, stab your target with an icicle and so on.


    Cultist Simulator summons New Game+ mode today



    If you’ve survived dark forces and fancy a greater challenge than wrangling a cult to uncover and master the terrible secrets at the heart of the world (easy peasy tbh), Cultist Simulator has your back. The eldritch… survival RPG (?) today adds a New Game+ mode in a free update, letting us continue our tale in a difficult and terrible new way. It’s a right big’un too, bunging in 20,000-odd new words. Some might even be brand new words.


    New expansions hit Endless Legend and Endless Space 2 next week


    The Endless universe continues to live up to its name – both Endless Legend and Endless Space 2 are expanding once more next week. On January 24th, Endless Space 2 bulks out its espionage options in Penumbra, while Endless Legend’s Symbiosis expansion will let players control a race of sentient mushrooms and tussle with giant roaming crab-beasties. It’s nice to see Amplitude Studios still pouring time, love and vision into these two rather lovely games, even if only the maddest of players will have the time to master both. Trailers for the expansions below.


    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Director Says 'We Missed The Mark' With Controversial DLC Relationship


    A day after apologizing for surprising Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players with a mandatory in-game relationship that seemed to contradict the game’s pre-release promise to let players define their character’s own sexuality, the game’s creative director offered a fuller apology and explanation of what his team was trying to accomplish and what they got wrong.


    Pillars of Eternity 2 is going turn-based, eight months after launch



    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire players are no strangers to choice. But when you boot up the game from January 24 onwards, your first decision will come even before character creation – real-time or turn-based?


    Leon and Claire return to their low-poly glory in free Resident Evil 2 DLC



    Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier today, we wrote that Resident Evil 2’s developers were “discussing the possibility” of post-launch DLC. Shortly after that, Capcom’s launch event stream for the game confirmed two pieces of free DLC will become available after the game releases later this week.


    Vortiger, the Black Prior, joins For Honor at the end of January


    The new hero is a heavyweight Knight who carries a massive kite shield.


    A glitch caused Black Ops 4’s season pass “shaming markers”



    That thread has since been removed by mods as ‘false info’ – and by all indications, it is. But outcry over those markers and some other confusing bits have made the new map pack rollout a bit of a mess, and it’s made the game’s already controversial DLC rollout an even more contentious issue with players.


    Star Control: Origins removed from Steam, GOG with DMCA claim, returns to Steam



    Star Control: Origins has returned to Steam, just over two weeks after it was delisted from the store. Asked for comment, representatives from Stardock refused to provide details on how or why it was reinstated.


    IndieDB, ModDB founder launches mod-focused publishing arm



    Modularity to use mod.io to offer a "fully cross-platform and store-agnostic modding solution"


    YouTuber smashes $69,420 goal for trans charity Mermaids in non-stop Donkey Kong 64 Stream


    UK Youtuber Harry Brewis has raised more than $100, 000 for Mermaids, a UK-based charity that provides support and resources for transgender kids and their parents. On his YouTube channel HBomberGuy, Brewis describes himself as a guy who “pretends to know media theory and how to debunk pseudoscience”. His channel has upward of 300 thousand subscribers, and often uses his platform to address LGBTQIA+ perspectives. Brewis stated his intention to hold a fundraiser for Mermaids due to recent attempts to deny the charity funds by anti-trans activists, including TV writer and director Graham Linehan. The method? By streaming himself completing all of Donkey Kong 64, and not stopping until he’s done.


    Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called in to chat a bit about the issues facing trans people, but she reminisced about her fondness for the Nintendo 64 as well – while she never owned the console, she remembered playing Pokemon Snap and Super Mario 64 at her cousin’s house, and thinks of the Nintendo 64 as “probably the best system out of all them.”

    YouTuber sacrifices sleep to stream Donkey Kong 64, raises $340k for trans kids


    The stream wasn't a one-person mission, however, as H.Bomberguy was joined by a number of famous faces (or rather, voices) via Discord. John Romero, co-creator of Doom, popped on for a chat - along with activist Chelsea Manning, and even US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Legendary video game composer Grant Kirkhope, who voiced DK in Donkey Kong 64, also dropped by to leave a special voice message:

    Gamer Hbomberguy hands funding row charity Donkey Kong boost


    Harry Brewis raised $340,000 for a UK trans group and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared in a Twitch stream that was an antidote to the worst of gaming culture


    Rieko Kodama to receive GDCA Pioneer Award



    Sega veteran to be honored for tech and game design achievements on titles such as Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia


    Hitman devs IÖ open new studiö in Malmö



    The Malmö mob “will strengthen IO Interactive’s commitment to deliver exceptional content to the Hitman franchise, community and all our fans,” IO said in their announcement.


    Heroes of the Storm players file lawsuit against Naventic owner for $50,000 in missed payments



    Five former Naventic Heroes of the Storm players, who are owed more than $50,000 in earnings, have filed a lawsuit against the team’s former owner James Ross Elliot II.


    Machinima, one of YouTube’s biggest and oldest channels, goes dark



    On Twitter, the community is just as in the dark about the situation as ever. Creators who used to work with Machinima but have since moved on have expressed their sympathy for others still trying to figure out what’s happening. Machinima represented YouTube’s early promise for creators, and its disappearance is a final farewell to a bygone era.


    Parent company says new Machinima content will be "distributed on new channels" to be announced later this year


    Esports News


    How Blood Bowl PC fanatics are taking player-run leagues to the extreme



    Blood Bowl was originally a tabletop miniatures game released by that most holy of British institutions, Games Workshop, back in the '80s. Yet it wasn't until the third edition dropped in 1994 that Blood Bowl became recognisable as the game it is today. It's set in a version of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe where the many opposing races have decided to lay down their arms and settle their differences by trying to score touchdowns.


    RunAway wrecks Overwatch Contenders competition, then wrecks the trophy too


    It was an accident.


    Hearthstone pro banned from tournament after accidentally messaging admin asking for matchup advice



    Over the weekend, Blizzard confirmed that they had removed Jason "Apxvoid" Coen from the competitive field at the HCT Americas Winter Playoff over allegations of cheating. This was extremely weird news for a couple of reasons. Coen has been a well-respected player in the Hearthstone community for a number of years now, and is also regarded as one the best Mage players in the world with a strong chance of qualification from the event. So it was both disorienting and disappointing to learn that he might be cheating in some capacity. However, yesterday Coen posted the customary his-side-of-the-story Twitlonger explanation that seems to follow every esports controversy. With the benefit of that context, the whole thing sounds like an incredibly unfortunate misunderstanding.


    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)


    Games and Crowdfunding in 2018



    Welcome to my yearly blog post on crowdfunding and games, looking at how well games have performed on Kickstarter (and Fig) for the past year.


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    How Resident Evil 2 fell apart, then became one of Capcom’s biggest hits



    Ed. note: Since 2014, Alex Aniel has been working on a book chronicling the history behind his favorite series, Resident Evil. Looking back at the franchise’s development history from the earliest days, the book — planned as two volumes — folds in interviews with many of the key figures who worked behind the scenes at Capcom.

    Aniel isn’t planning to release the first volume — titled An Itchy, Tasty History of Resident Evil: 1994-2006 (Vol. 1) — until later this year. But to celebrate today being the 21st anniversary of Resident Evil 2’s release, he has put together a preview of the book in the form of an excerpt looking back on the creation of RE2. It’s a story about staff changes, failed experiments, and extraordinary success. And it starts with the promotion of game director Hideki Kamiya.


    Game developers need to unionize


    You’re already familiar with the work of unions if you’re thankful for things like the weekend, the eight-hour workday, equal pay for women, sick leave, parental leave, and laws preventing children from being sent to work in coal mines. These rights and many more were won by labor unions, whose members fought — and in many cases died — to turn these dreams into reality.


    GOG's 10 year journey to bring old games back to life



    An oral history of Good Old Games: How it began, and how they track down classic games and make them work again.


    Life Off the Grid, Part 1: Making Ultima Underworld



    The 1980s was the era of the specialist in game development, when many of the most successful studios did just one or two things, but did them very, very well. For Infocom, that meant text adventures; for Sierra, graphic adventures; for MicroProse, military simulations; for SSI, strategic wargames and Dungeons & Dragons; for Epyx, joystick-twiddling sports and action games; for Origin, Ultima. When such specialists stepped outside of their comfort zones, the results were occasionally a triumph, but more often merely served to reemphasize their core competencies.





    Slave catchers, KKK-inspired clans, and racial targeting: what players reenact in Rockstar’s Western

    On Red Dead Redemption and historical accuracy


    In Red Dead Online (RD:O), players who take on the role of black characters find themselves the frequent target of racial slurs. This is hardly news to most of us. The toxicity of the gaming community is nothing of not notorious; a known gateway drug to more noxious forms of bigotry. Gamers either dive headfirst into the racist zealotry of the KKK or deny racism exists. Years ago, when I pointed out racial blindspots in popular games, gamers attempted to disprove this by threatening me with death and I was called some variation of fascist.


    Chris Avellone tells us why he decided to write a platformer, and how it compares to RPGs



    Avellone comes one step closer to winning genre writing bingo with puzzle platformer Degrees of Separation.


    How Bloodborne helped me transition gender and choose a new name



    Bloodborne is a game where your character is meaningless. Within the story, they serve no other purpose than to act as a cipher for your bloodlust. This is true of many game protagonists, but there is usually a degree of importance ascribed to those. Link may be silent, but he is still fundamentally a hero chosen by destiny. Their adventure matters. Bloodborne’s world is different. Bloodborne views the player with indifference, if not outright contempt. This indifference, however, meant I was less pressured to mold my character around stereotypes and ideals of heroism. I was free to create a character that I would come to see as an extension of my real self.


    The best email I've ever had


    You probably already knew this - and if you didn't, please don't make me regret telling you about it - but Eurogamer has a 'Contact' email. It's about as exciting as it sounds. You can find it on our 'Contact Us' page, obviously, and anyone can use it to send us general tips or enquiries or questions - any of that sort of generic stuff that doesn't really fit into the usual communication we'd get at a site like Eurogamer every day.


    The Witcher 3 and Geralt of Rivia – finding humanity in the White Wolf



    Although Geralt’s good deeds are never enough to prevent the cruelty of a racist and xenophobic world from being directed at him, he is a champion of the oppressed. Geralt was actually killed by a pogrom in the events prior to the first Witcher game. Attempting to defend non-humans in Rivia, Geralt was murdered on September 25, 1268 alongside Yennefer of Vengerberg. When the riotous massacre erupted, almost 100 elves and dwarves were mercilessly murdered; Geralt died defending the rest. It was only thanks to Ciri that he and Yennefer were given a second chance at life before the first Witcher game. And in his second life, Geralt did the same again, over and over, protecting those who needed to be protected.


    In Kimmy, It’s a Girl’s World



    It’s why I think games like Nina Freeman and Laura Knetzger’s Kimmy are so important. Not only does it star women, it embraces their feminine-coded traits both in theme and gameplay. There’s no fighting or antagonists; the only way to progress the plot is through cooperating, sharing, and talking problems out (if you listen carefully, you can hear a “true” gamer groan at that sentence). These kinds of games both show players there’s nothing wrong with being girly and builds empathy and acceptance in the comfort of a woman-dominated space.


    The Blend of East and West in Red Steel 2



    Revolvers and katanas. Gunslingers and rōnin. Bandits and ninjas. With the expansion of popular culture in both the US and Japan over the past decades, and a broader set of exchanges in cultural production between East and West, it’s become somewhat common to combine Western tropes with Japanese tropes in fiction.


    Ten Indie Games You Missed in 2018


    patreon// https://www.patreon.com/heavyeyed

    its that time of year again! Only this time i've kicked things up to be ten indie games you missed in 2018!


    Should Roguelikes Have Persistent Upgrades? | Game Maker's Toolkit


    Roguelikes are defined by randomly generated levels and permadeath. But that permadeath can be a point of contention for players who like making tangible progress. So maybe there’s a way to add a sense of advancement to roguelikes?

    Support Game Maker's Toolkit on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/GameMakersToolkit


    The Evolution of Roguelike Design - How Rogue led to FTL, Spelunky, and So Many More ~ Design Doc


    How did we get from Rogue to the explosion of different styles of games that we call Roguelikes? Let's talk about the Berlin Interpretation of Roguelikes and the tweaks developers have made over the years to bring us to where we are today.

    Support Design Doc on Patreon and help us release videos faster: http://www.patreon.com/designdoc


    Why Friendly AI Cheat in Ghost Recon Wildlands | AI and Games


    Sometimes if you want to make your game work as intended, you need to cheat a little bit. In this video I examine one of the best 'cheating' AI systems in recent years: the companion AI of 2017's Ghost Recon Wildlands.



    How Dead Space's Designer Got Into Gaming | Ars Technica


    Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield goes through his artistic archives and explains how he got started in the gaming industry. Starting out as an artist for advertisements and board games, Glen got his big break in the gaming industry when he started working with Absolute Entertainment. After doing the art for an extremely successful Barbie game, Glen was promoted to art director and his career took off.


    The Rise and Fall of Operation Flashpoint


    In 1997, a video game company named Bohemia Interactive was established in Prague. The Czech Republic had historically never been a hotbed for video game development, but Bohemia’s founders – Marek Španěl, Ondřej Španěl, and Slavomír Pavlíček – were on a mission. They were determined to create a first person shooter that would capture the reality of war more accurately than any game before it; an engrossing simulation that would depict what real battlefields were like, and feature an unprecedented sense of scale and attention to detail.

    Please consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GVMERS


    30 Out of Bounds Mysteries in Persona 5 Answered | Boundary Break


    Lets take the camera absolutely anywhere we want to learn more about part 1 of the Persona 5 episode of Boundary Break!


    What happened to the Queen's Golden Wii?


    About a decade ago, the Queen was sent a golden console as part of a PR stunt for a forgotten Wii game called Big Family Games, but she never actually received it. Why not? Where is it now?

    We decided to try and find it for ourselves.

    Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PeopleMakeGames


    Limbo: The Story of Arnt Jensen, Dino Patti, and Playdead Studio


    You guys voted overwhelmingly in favour of seeing this video next, so here it is: the origin story of Limbo, Arnt Jensen, and Playdead Studio! Hope you enjoy!

    If you feel like helping us to make videos more often, there's always Patreon! http://patreon.com/videogamestorytime


    Directing God of War with Cory Barlog


    We sit down with Cory Barlog to talk about his experiences directing the critically acclaimed God of War (2018).

    Noclip's work is 100% crowdfunded. Consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


    Noclip Podcast #05 - Steven Spohn (Ablegamers)


    Danny talks to Steven Spohn about growing up as a gamer with a disability, and the work he does at the Ablegamers charity to make games more accessible. (Recorded January 10th)

    Become a Noclip Patron: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


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