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    This Week In Gaming 12-17-19


    The Game Award winners and reveals, Outer Worlds developer Taylor Swope describes fixing an unusual bug, Japanese gaming focused news site Gematsu has been having their articles copied by edge-lord focused site Nichegamer for years, Jacob Geller examines Modern Warfare to see if the writer's belief in having created an apolitical perspective-less story could possibly be true and if it really was a narrative or mechanical departure for the series, GOG adds Blade Runner to their catalog of games, Modern Warfare sells the ability to view your kills and deaths, Emily Rose and Catherine Brinegar interview the narrative designer of Control, Emily Rose on the the corporate politics of Descent,The Game Overanalyser discusses creating emotional games with mechanics and the design philosophy of Fumito Ueda and Jenova chen, Dan Root looks at how The Last Guardian's Trico was animated, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    All The Big Announcements At The 2019 Game Awards


    They just showed off the new Xbox at the fifth annual Game Awards, during a show that also saw a slew of new game announcements, release date reveals, and trailers.

    The Game Awards 2019: All the Winners


    From Control to Death Standing to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, here are all the winners of each and every category of The Game Awards 2019!

    Beaker Meets Untitled Goose Game at The Game Awards 2019


    What happens when you cross the Muppets with Untitled Goose Game, some live-show uncertainty and the whole game industry watching? Magic.

    Disco Elysium Developers Shout Out Marx And Engels In Game Awards Victory Speech


    During the speech for their second win of the night, ZA/UM, the team behind Disco Elysium, gave a special thanks to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors of The Communist Manifesto.

    Xbox Series X: Microsoft reveals new console at Game Awards


    The new Xbox, which will be released during the 2020 holiday season, resembles a PC tower and is far taller than its predecessor, the Xbox One X.

    Reggie's Speech at the Game Awards 2019 (Indie Award)


    Reggie gave one heck of a speech at the Game Awards 2019 where he talked about the importance of games and indies! See what he had to say!

    How That 'Apex Legends' Moment Came to Life at The Game Awards


    A lot of tech and a lot of planning went in to bringing the digital character live onstage at Thursday's awards show.

    Developer On Pranking Game Awards With Golf Balls: 'It's A Boring Show'


    During the show, word began to circulate on Twitter of somebody rolling golf balls down rows of audience seats. This mystery person was praised for their peculiar brand of “low-key anarchy” and hailed as a “hero.” Though I was not in any of the affected rows of seats, I came across people with golf balls in a hotel lobby after the show and—with the aid of a friend who was in the know—tracked them to their origin: Tim Garbos, creative director of comedy game What The Golf, a golf game for people who hate golf.

    12 Epic Games Store Free Games Being Given Away Starting December 19, 2019


    There will be a lot more Epic Games Store free games available in December 2019. During The Game Awards 2019, the company announced a “12 Days of Free Games” promotion. Between December 19, 2019 and January 1, 2020, the days its holiday sale will run, people will be able to claim one free game each day. All they need to do is open up the launcher, log in, and claim that day’s game from the store. It then becomes a permanent part of their library.


    Gears Tactics arrives in April


    The turn-based strategy has a new trailer, and finally, a release date.


    THQ Nordic releases Gothic remake playable teaser to decide if it gets made


    The cult-classic Gothic could get a full remake, if we want it enough


    Death Come True Shows Off Teaser Trailer With Choices And Atmospheric Music By Danganronpa Composer


    Izanagi Games released a teaser trailer for Death Come True, their upcoming FMV game that will let you make choices for branching story paths. Additionally, it was revealed that killer7 and Danganronpa series composer Masafumi Takada will be composing for the game.


    Ghost of Tsushima gets new trailer, summer 2020 release date


    Sit back and enjoy a nice look at one of the most anticipated games for the PS4. At The Game Awards tonight, developer Sucker Punch revealed the latest trailer for its PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, an action-adventure game that combines sword fighting and stealth in a world inspired by feudal Japan. Clocking in at four minutes, the trailer is easily the best look at the game to date, mixing together both gameplay and cinematic footage.


    Indie FPS Receiver is getting a sequel


    With "Sidearms modeled down to every spring and pin".


    Nine to Five is a Rainbow Six Siege-like FPS from former Wargaming and Remedy devs


    Look out Rainbow Six Siege – there’s a new tactical FPS in town. Or there will be, sometime in 2020. Devs from some AAA studios (like Wargaming and Remedy) have teamed up to create new studio Redhill Games, and announced their first title at The Game Awards 2019. It’s called Nine to Five and is “a fresh take” on the tactical FPS genre, due to hit alpha testing next year.


    Weird West is the first game from former Prey, Dishonored developers at WolfEye


    WolfEye Studios was founded earlier this year by Arkane’s former creative director Raphaël Colantonio and former Arkane executive producer Julien Roby. Their credits include outstanding games like Prey and Dishonored. At The Game Awards tonight, the new company showed off its first game, Weird West.


    Naraka: Bladepoint is a multiplayer melee combat game with a striking visual style


    The lush hack-and-slasher promises accessible controls with a unique, no-block-button defense system.


    The 'System Shock' Remake Demo Shows Its Development Is Back on Track



    For this year's Game Awards, the show expanded beyond its star-studded stage, past our browsers, and right into into our Steam libraries. Whereas past years have incited sales on games featured in the show, this year, jolly old Geoff Keighley brought all the good little gamers a very special treat: “The Steam Game Festival.” For 48 hours, you could download demos from 14 different upcoming games, including titles like Heavenly Bodies, SkateBIRD, and my personal favorite: System Shock.


    Tainted Grail [PC] - announcement trailer


    Tainted Grail is standalone digital RPG adventure game set in the world of critically acclaimed Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. See all the details on steam!


    Surgeon Simulator 2 slices things four ways with co-op next year


    A sequel to the darkly funny Surgeon Simulator is currently in the works, with plans to launch sometime next year, developer Bossa Studios has announced.


    Adventure RPG ‘Hero must die. again’ Reveals Gameplay in First English Trailer


    Degica launched an English trailer for the Pyramid and G-mode developed adventure RPG Hero must die. again, coming to PC-via Steam in spring 2020.


    Humankind trailer reveals the game’s avatar system


    Previously announced at gamescom 2019, Humankind allows you to create your own avatar as you journey through time to see how your civilization will evolve from pre-history onwards.


    Shantae and the Seven Sirens will launch in spring 2020


    WayForward Games has announced that Shantae and the Seven Sirens will not meet its initial winter 2019 release date, and has been pushed back to spring 2020, which is an announcement a helluva lot of smaller titles have been making this month.


    A New Bravely Default Is Coming To Switch


    The beloved 3DS JRPG series Bravely Default is getting a third game on Nintendo Switch next year.

    Bravely Series Producer Asano And Composer Revo Share Thoughts On Bravely Default II


    With Bravely Default II officially being revealed at The Game Awards 2019, producer Tomoya Asano and returning composer Revo shared a few words about the new game.


    Billion Road first English trailer


    Watch the trailer below. If you missed our previous coverage, read more about the game here.


    Magic: Legends is an MMO set in the Magic: The Gathering universe


    Perfect World and its subsidiary Cryptic Studios—known for Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and City of Heroes—are developing a Magic: The Gathering MMO.


    ‘The Wolf Among Us 2:’ Telltale CEO Discusses New Sequel


    Telltale Games folded in 2018, but a holding company picked up many of the assets earlier this year. This will be the first game from that holding company, LCG Entertainment, now doing business as Telltale.

    The Wolf Among Us 2 development is starting over on a new engine


    Among all the Game Awards announcements, perhaps the most surprising was the return of The Wolf Among Us 2. Development of the game previously ended with the Telltale shutdown, but it’s coming back under some of the original game’s former creative leadership – but none of the work on the original version is carrying forward.


    Cyberpunk 2077 – Official Behind The Music Trailer | The Game Awards 2019


    Meet some of the artists behind Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack!


    The Forgotten City delayed to winter 2020


    Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Modern Storyteller have delayed The Forgotten City for Xbox One and PC from its previously planned late 2019 release window to winter 2020.


    'Fast & Furious Crossroads' game promises heists and bro-hugs in May


    The Fast & Furious franchise is about to roar onto PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Bandai Namco and Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios are working on Fast & Furious Crossroads, which will drop this May. That's the same month the next installment in the massive movie franchise, Fast & Furious 9, hits theaters.


    Endnight reveals sequel to The Forest, Sons of the Forest


    At The Game Awards 2019, developer Endnight Games announced its new game, Sons of the Forest — a sequel to 2014’s The Forest.


    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Is Coming Back With A Brand New Game


    Called Dark Alliance, the action role-playing game is based on Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms campaign and will follow the exploits of the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden, created by fantasy writer R. A. Salvatore. Like the original game, Dark Alliance will have couch coop and focus on cutting down orcs, wolves, and other baddies in search of experience points, gold, and ever more powerful loot. Up to four players will be able to play locally or online, taking on the roles of Drizzt’s companions, including the archer Cattie-Brie, dwarf Bruenor, and barbarian Wulfgar.

    Expect "seven or eight" Dungeons & Dragons games in the near future


    Wizards of the Coast president Chris Cocks reveals that D&D is returning to video games in a big way


    Ruined King and Convergence are the first indie League of Legends spinoffs


    Riot Forge was announced a week ago as a way for Riot to expand the League of Legends universe with smaller, linear games.


    Travis Touchdown returns in colorful No More Heroes 3 trailer


    On the livestream, Nintendo debuted the shortened trailer, but a longer trailer was posted to YouTube shortly after. (See above.) The colorful trailer features an anime-style story with one particularly weird, wacky character — “a goddamn superhero” — that turns everything into pink blobs.


    PCGladiux teaser trailer


    If you missed our previous coverage, read our interview with Starcaster Games on the announcement of Gladiux here.


    Ori And The Will Of The Wisps trailer reveals short delay


    Good news: a new trailer for Ori And The Will Of The Wisps shown at The Game Awards gave more lovely little looks at the sequel to 2015’s pretty-pretty metroidvania Ori And The Blind Forest. Bad news: the trailer also confirmed a one-month delay. Previously due on February 11th, 2020, it’s now slated to launch on March 11th. Balanced news: it looks real nice so I’m happy to wait another month for this one. Better late than rushed.


    Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is the first Xbox Series X game


    Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox at The Game Awards tonight, the Xbox Series X, and to go with it, a brand new game from Ninja Theory: Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2.


    Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Official Cloud Strife Trailer | The Game Awards 2019


    Originally hired by the resistance group Avalanche in their fight against the sinister Shinra Corporation, Cloud Strife becomes embroiled in a much deeper conflict and proves he’s more than just a mere mercenary.


    Resident Evil 3 remake: Everything we know


    "If you compare Resident Evil 3 to the second installment, it leans more toward action. So we remade everything based on that premise," said producer Masachika Kawata in an introduction video for the game. Like the original game, expect the new remake to feel more run-and-gun than RE2. Just don't go full Hollywood action movie like Resident Evil 6, and you should be fine.


    Amazon’s questionable MMO has you colonize the ‘new world’


    It’s interesting, too, that New World is developed by a company as controversial as Amazon. From its treatment of workers to its tax avoidance and environmental record, the conglomerate is arguably one of the most exploitative organizations in the world, an aggressive colonizer in its own right.


    Godfall is the first game announced for the PlayStation 5


    Gearbox and Counterplay Games have just announced Godfall at The Game Awards, a “third-person fantasy looter-slasher focused on melee combat” that marks the first game announced for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5.


    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Rise of the Phoenix adds four playable X-Men


    In Rise of the Phoenix, you will find Phoenix, Gambit, Ice Man, and Cable added as the second of three DLC packs included with The Black Order Expansion Pass.


    Play as the Han Empire in Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Mandate of Heaven prequel pack


    Mandate of Heaven is the new chapter pack coming next month to Total War: Three Kingdoms.


    The Outer Worlds will get story DLC in 2020



    Obsidian’s return to big-scale – if not quite Fallout-scale – RPGs with The Outer Worlds has been well-received by pretty much everyone, and if you were sad to say goodbye at the end of your adventures, the studio has good news. DLC for The Outer Worlds is on the way, which will expand the game’s story sometime next year.


    Frostpunk's pre-apocalyptic second paid DLC The Last Autumn out in January


    The Last Autumn, developer 11 Bit Studios' second bit of paid DLC for its superb post-apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk, will be out on PC in January - and there's a brand-new trailer to get you in the pre-apocalyptic mood.


    Star Wars Battlefront II celebrates The Rise of Skywalker film with new in-game content


    Developer DICE has unveiled the latest trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2 in celebration of the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this week. The new trailer showcases crossover content set to hit the multiplayer shooter on December 17.


    Modern Warfare Will Show You Your Kill-Death Ratio For $20



    Modern Warfare finally offers players the ability to see their death count during matches, but what was once a staple Call of Duty feature now comes at a price.


    Blade Runner is back! It's on GOG! You can buy it! It works!


    Today in News I Thought I Might Never Write And Am Wholly Delighted To, we can now easily buy Westwood’s 1997 Blade Runner adventure game. GOG, the virtuous vendor of vintage video games, have somehow untangled the rights and are selling it. Right now. For £7. I have already bought it and started the download. Blade Runner is one of the very rare decent movie tie-in games and I remember it fondly. I hope so much that I am not crushed.


    PlanetSide Arena Is Shutting Down After Only 4 Months



    Some games last for years and years. Other games disappear in about one. PlanetSide Arena, which launched back in September 2018, is closing down next month. The announcement was made yesterday on the game’s Steam page via a blog post from the developers at Daybreak Games.


    Official DualShock 4 attachment adds two back paddles


    Simply called the Back Button Attachment, the new add-on bolts onto the DualShock 4‘s bottom connector. What is it? Well, it’s a small unit that adds two extra buttons to the back of the controller.


    Japanese gaming focused news site Gematsu has been having their articles copied by edge-lord focused site Nichegamer





    The CEO of Japanese Indie Publisher Dangen Entertainment Resigns As Allegations of Harassment Mount


    Ben Judd is stepping back from the publisher he helped found, as well as his "other industry endeavors."

    Ben Judd departs Dangen, DDM amid accusations of harassment, bad business


    Sources allege Judd mishandled communications and payments, publicly exposed himself, upheld harmful power dynamic with ex-partner


    Valve Removes Nazi Steam Profiles After German Complaints



    German television and radio regulatory body the Media Authority of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (commonly abbreviated to “MA HSH”) said in a recent release that it got Valve to remove 30 user profiles and 28 wallpapers that it deemed illegal under German law, citing the country’s Interstate Treaty On The Protection Of Minors. It pointed to people with usernames like “Führer” and “Holocaust,” as well as groups with names like “Reconquista Germania.” It noted that in Germany, this kind of language is only permitted in “exceptional cases,” such as “if its use is for research or teaching, or if it is criticism or satire.” These profiles and groups, the regulatory body decided, were clear violations.


    Another ex-Google employee accuses company of union busting



    A fifth fired worker attests company let her go for coding internal notification about workers' rights


    A Lawyer Explains the Very Messy Way YouTube Is Handling Videos for Kids



    David Graham (www.dpgatlaw.com) is a lawyer who has represented clients creating content for YouTube and other platforms since 2011, and has been a prominent commentator in the fighting game community since 2010.




    Apex Legends is getting its own esports league with online and local events



    Respawn is kicking off a new competitive series for Apex Legends.


    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)




    Tangletorn is a roguelike deck-building game set in a realm torn between opposing cosmic forces, where fate itself has become more of a suggestion than a rule.


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    How the Discord Store's sudden closure destroyed and remade this indie horror game



    Executive director Justin Vasquez takes us through signing with Discord, the store closure, going dark, and the recent Steam launch.


    Outer Worlds Developer Finds Bug That Caused Companions To Climb Infinite Ladders Until They Died


    Obsidian Entertainment’s games can tend to be glitchy. The Outer Worlds mostly bucks that trend, but at least one bug proved to be incredibly frustrating: a strange glitch stating that your companions were dead when they were, in actual fact, alive. This could lock players out of completing quests. Figuring out what was causing the issue took time, but the game’s quality assurance lead Taylor Swope explained exactly what was going on on Twitter yesterday.


    Maintaining CONTROL – An Interview with Remedy Entertainment’s Brooke Maggs



    At PAX West 2019, the RE:BIND team sat down in person with Brooke Maggs of the Remedy Team to chat about the inspirations and stories behind their newest game, CONTROL. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit down with her and talk about her experiences coming into the project and hashing out the finer details of what makes Remedy’s narrative style so refreshing.


    Why We Do Research, or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Love Clickbait.



    This is a failure of a bunch of people to do some basic research because of the deadlines and article requirements put on them by their bosses and their owners. We have great journalism coming from places like Polygon, like Kotaku, like Fanbyte, but because of the constant and incessant need for cash to be acquired as fast as possible, you’re going to see more and more articles like this pop-up. Sites like Unwinnable and Giant Bomb create fantastic editorial and news content, and because they’re directly viewer-supported, they can forego a lot of the clickbait 10-articles-a-day stuff you see being created.


    From Kamurocho, With Love



    People talk a lot about wanting to live in a videogame’s world. I find this a baffling concept, as most everything in a videogame world, by design, is trying to kill you. Why on earth would you want to set up a life, raise a family, grow old and retire in a world full of monsters, murderers and inexplicably placed spikes? Can you imagine going to the grocery, only to bring with you a medium-sized militia’s worth of weapons and equipment and the inhuman ability to double jump over pits of death, all so you can pick up some eggs and a copy of USA Today? Why the hell would you want to live in any videogame world?

    I wish I lived in Kamurocho, the fictional city of the Yakuza series.


    Jedi Fallen Order and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: A Leap in the Dark and the Chaos of History



    Your journey becomes defined by how far you are from the next safe place, like stops on a pilgrimage or stations of the cross. Since you do not know how far away the next checkpoint is, going outside is an act of faith. Players must stumble in the dark, learning the area, until their faith is rewarded with safety, only for it to be tested yet again as they leave. There’s been plenty of discussion about whether Sekiro or Fallen Order “count” as souls-likes, but this misses the point. Their usage of Souls’ structure results in a meditative ritual of combat. Respawning becomes an act of redemption. The structure mimics the process of reincarnation, whereby over multiple lifetimes of experience, perfection can be reached.


    Metro: Exodus-Home is Where Your Stuff Is



    The Metro series is one inexplicably drawn to the idea of things. When the end of the world happens, do things serve us similarly?  Do they carry the same weight or are they changed? Do we have any more things or do we need to make new ones? The answers to these questions are difficult ones to come to but one thing’s for sure: everything is invariably changed. Things that were taken advantage of before find new, deeper meaning. The trains people traveled in and the tunnels they flew through became new homes. The bullets we used to wage war now act as both protection and currency. Guitars that were once just instruments bring communities together in song and dance, communities that had nothing before that.


    The Muddled, Flavorless Politics of Death Stranding



    This is a long way of saying that I won’t be arguing here if Death Stranding is fun or nice to look at or funny or gripping. For the record, I had a good time playing it, and it is pretty nice to look at if a bit samey during the mountain climbing portions; if you want more than that, there are tons of articles for you out there written by really intelligent people. What I’m going to be arguing about here is the very particular claim that Death Stranding makes about America, American exceptionalism, and connectivity, and how that claim falls short. More simply, I’ll be arguing that Death Stranding tries to argue that America, such as it is in 2019, represents an insufficient and even dangerous political project, but that due to its maximalist perspective and a tendency to touch on everything broadly instead of one thing perceptively, the game ultimately produces a muddied, incoherent series of ideas instead of an argument.


    In Defense Of Final Fantasy XIII



    Final Fantasy XIII is ten years old today, which means that 2019 is officially running out of ways to remind us of our mortality. It was a controversial entry in the Final Fantasy series, shifting the series’ usual approach to combat and ditching old traditions to tell a techno-thriller story starring deeply flawed heroes. To this day, fans react dramatically at its very mention. Looking back a decade later reveals a game with scars, but one which also deserves a critical reassessment.


    If We’re Going to Talk About Untitled Goose Game Then By God Let’s Talk About Untitled Goose Game



    There is value in asking questions that are, in internet parlance, “spicy.” By this I mean questions that are intentionally inflammatory, questions that make us defensive, get our hackles up, encourage us to get indignant and sputter a bit as we go into defensive mode.


    Material Defender – Freelancers and The Corporate Politics of DESCENT



    Enter PTMC- an acronym only boardroom meetings and focus testing groups could love. Bland, flavorless, devoid of Charisma- executive Samuel Dravis was emblematic of the Gen Xer distaste for their high ranking bosses: a stuffy piranha disguised as a tweed suited humorless prick, the perfect individual to feed you objectives from across a synthetic walnut table as you struggle to not fall asleep where you sit. Filling the role of ‘Material Defender’ (the title he bestows upon the nameless player) requires little to no imagination to connect with, so many of us have been on the receiving end of mind numbing bureaucratic protocol that the sympathetic response comes naturally.


    How Trico Was Animated / Video Game Animation Study


    One of the most anticipated games for nearly ten years had one of the most memorable characters, but how was Trico animated?


    Discovering NOCTURNE



    Frappe Snowland: The History of Mario Kart 64's Most Broken Track



    Good Game Design - Shovel Knight: King of Cards (ft. Yacht Club Games)


    The Shovel Knight saga has come to a close with King Knight's campaign and the 4-player brawler, Showdown. Today on Good Game Design, let's look back at the franchise and see how it evolved over the years, and get insight from the developers as to how it was made. Enjoy!


    How Toby Fox Put Sans "Over" | Psych of Play


    Pro wrestling is fake... surprise surprise. But millions of people across the world are absolutely obsessed with it because of its power to sell a story. The characters and their interactions, albeit scripted, create the same level of engagement as any other form of storytelling, including video games. And thanks to a little anchoring heuristic and some good ole fashion “in ring psychology”, characters in wrestling and in video games can come off as immensely powerful before a match or a boss fight even begins. And Sans is a prime example of this. So today on Psych of Play, we’re taking a look at how Toby Fox put Sans “over”.


    Designing Emotional Games | Jenova Chen, Fumito Ueda and the Lens of Emotion in Game Design


    In this video, we analyze how Game Designers create emotional games using mechanics, music and other framing devices to craft memorable experiences. Emotions are not usually the first lens of design, with mechanics being the usual impetus for crafting a game, but in this video, we examine the design philosophy of designers like Fumito Ueda and Jenova chen, both of whom have inspired a generation of designers to tap into deeper emotions than the ones native to our medium.

    Support on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gameoveranalyser


    Building The Pillars | So You Wanna Be A Game Designer? (#5)


    One important aspect of Creative Direction is called Core Pillars - some notions that you consider for your game, everything that you do should revolve around them. In this video we will take a deeper look at pillars and how to build them.

    Support Farlands on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/farlands


    Noclip Podcast #19 - Video Game History Unleashed


    Frank Cifaldi from the Video Game History Foundation joins us to talk about game preservation, vengeful sharks, and alien-fighting basketball players.

    Become a Patron and get early access to new episodes: https://www.patreon.com/noclip

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