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    This Week In Gaming 5-26-20


    Jacob Geller discuses the world, architecture, psychologic effect, and visual metaphor of Midgar and the real world locations that have similarities to it. Wesley Yin-Poole provides the oral history on the troubled development of Perfect Dark, Trevor Hultner on Umurangi Generation and why a game focused on photography where you never hurt anyone is the angriest game they have played, Doom to remove Denuvo anti-cheat, G2A admits to selling stolen keys, Noclip documents Arkane's twenty year history including past cancelled projects, Wholesome Direct shows off 50 indie games, Quintin Smith learns about Second Life's most expensive virtual brothel, Nathan Grayson looks into and interviews some involved with Twitch's Safety Advisory Council rollout, Eric Van Allen interviews the team about how Them's Fightin' Herds went from a cease and desist to Evo Online, Natalie Flores' experiences with erasure and finding the erasure in If Found therapeutic and liberating, and more.


    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    The Wholesome Direct stream will show off 50+ indie games


    If you enjoy a warm and fuzzy gaming experience then folks, do I have a thing for you. Wholesome Direct will be a presentation from the collective that is Wholesome Games. It's coming this Tuesday, May 26th at 1PM ET. (That's perfect dinner viewing hours for you Brits, or a morning delight for the US West Coast.)


    The TOP 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week


    It's another brilliant week for new indie games coming out and this video, Stuart James from Get Indie Gaming covers the top 10 best upcoming new indie games out this week, Week 20, May 25th through to May 31st 2020 across PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One


    Wasteland 3 video showcases psychos, Gippers, and consequences of bad decisions


    I thought Wasteland 3 looked very promising when I checked out a preview build back in March, but it was a very small slice of the overall game. It revealed how and why I ended up in Colorado, and introduced the Patriarch and the basics of city politics, but the focus was primarily mechanical: combat, character creation, NPC interactions, and that sort of thing.

    Wasteland 3 – New Gameplay Today


    Leo plays while Ben Reeves and Dan Tack talk everything new coming to Wasteland 3 and what makes the series special.


    System Shock 3 Development Now Being Supported By Tencent



    Otherside Entertainment announced this morning that its development on the long-awaited System Shock 3 will now be supported by Chinese conglomerate Tencent.


    Crusader Kings 3 Gameplay And Impressions | Royal RPG Meets Grand Strategy


    Crusader Kings 3 is where RPG meets grand strategy as you take the role of a king and spread your influence across the world. Using new Crusader Kings 3 gameplay, Nate talks us through the basics and how dread and dynasty are reshaping the game.

    What to Do When Your Video Game Gets Co-opted by Neo-Nazis


    A few weeks ago, Paradox made Crusader Kings 3 available to me for preview. I am a medieval historian, an avid gamer, and a fan of Crusader Kings 2, and I’ve been covering white supremacist fantasies about the Middle Ages since neo-Nazis bearing medieval insignia marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. Not only should the new game be a little less compelling for medieval neo-Nazis, but it also seems to model something closer to the real, interconnected, global Middle Ages — all without surrendering the features that have made Crusader Kings simulations such a hit.


    New Serious Sam 4 gameplay shows "thousands" of enemies on the battlefield


    Croteam's gun-wielding, quip-slinging multi-time saviour of the Earth, Sam "Serious" Stone, will return for another round of alien-slaying FPS mayhem this August, according to publisher Devolver Digital, in the form of Serious Sam 4. And while there's no exact release date to pop in your diary just yet, there's a bunch of new gameplay videos to tide you over.


    Naughty Dog Is Using Twitter's Newest Feature to Fight Last of Us 2 Spoilers



    Earlier this month substantial leaks for The Last of Us Part 2 made their way online. Since then, it’s become sadly easy to come across spoilers for the upcoming game on social media. Some have even taken to responding to every Naughty Dog Tweet and Facebook post with leaks.


    Ubisoft are revamping four vintage Anno games


    Ubisoft today announced revamped rereleases of four vintage games from the colony-building strat-o-sim series Anno, due in June. The Anno History Collection will bring new versions of Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701, and Anno 1404 will newfangled fanciness including 4K resolutions and multiplayer matchmaking, all while preserving save compatibility.


    Valorant - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer


    Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Ziegler have an update on the official launch date of VALORANT.


    3v3v3 tactical shooter Nine to Five is looking for alpha testers


    A new gameplay trailer opens the door to closed alpha applications.


    Street Power Soccer announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


    Arcade soccer game due out this summer.


    Ghost Of Tsushima's Unlikely Inspiration, Long Journey To Release, And Intricate Combat



    Creative director Nate Fox talks about Ghost of Tsushima arriving as the sun sets on PlayStation 4 and how the studio faced new challenges to make an authentic samurai experience.


    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Official Release Date Trailer


    Watch the latest trailer to see some flashy skill moves and more in this upcoming soccer game based on the Captain Tsubasa series. The best of the best have gathered but only one team will come out as Champions.


    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is an open-world prequel coming to Steam in 2021


    Developer Frogwares left behind its Sherlock Holmes adventure games in favour of the Lovecraftian horror of The Sinking City, but now the studio is bringing its new take on open-world games back to the world’s most famous detective. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a prequel story, and it’s due out sometime next year.


    Embr is a co-op game about firefighting in the gig economy


    As we increasingly rely on delivery and ride-sharing apps to connect us with basic goods and services, it’s worth wondering how that system might play out applied to other public utilities – venture capitalists in the tech sector, after all, are measuring the drapes on services like public transportation and education. Embr is a game that provides a satirical peek at what “Uber, but for fighting fires” might look like.


    XSEED Games Is Getting Kandagawa Jet Girls Ready for Summer


    The folks behind the Senran Kagura series have their sights set on a new genre. Take Wave Race, remove Nintendo, add anime and machine guns and you end up with Kandagawa Jet Girls.


    Drox Operative 2 trailer shows off the sci-fi action RPG


    I told you earlier this month that Drox Operative 2 was a thing, and now it's a thing with a pretty exciting trailer, full of lasers and exploding ships and rock music and galactic conquest, as you explore a region of space that's being 4X'd by competing alien empires.


    Flame in the Flood dev's fantasy village building adventure Drake Hollow out in July


    Drake Hollow, the exploratory village building adventure from the studio behind The Flame in the Flood, is coming to Xbox One and PC on 17th July.


    Mortal Kombat 11: Atermath. RoboCop vs the Terminator


    New Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Trailer Debuts Iconic Konfrontation Between RoboCop and the Terminator


    id Software will remove Denuvo anti-cheat from PC version of Doom Eternal



    Doom Eternal developer id Software will remove the game’s PC anti-cheat program, Denuvo, in its next patch.


    Rainbow Six Siege mobile clone shut down following Ubisoft lawsuit


    Area F2 could potentially come back with changes to make it less Siege-like.


    Twitch's Safety Advisory Council Rollout Has Been A Disaster



    Last week, Twitch announced a new Safety Advisory Council intended to provide input on some of Twitch’s most pernicious issues, including work-life balance, safety and moderation, and protection of marginalized groups. The council is made up of social media experts as well as a small handful of streamers. One of those streamers, Steph “FerociouslySteph” Loehr, almost immediately became the focal point of Twitch’s latest controversy—and a whole mess of harassment.


    Blind Accessibility initiatives at Ubisoft with Brandon Cole | Ubisoft [NA]


    Learn the opportunities of making a blind accessible game with accessibility advocate and consultant Brandon Cole.


    Sega, SNK, Koei Tecmo, and more are holding a new online event in June



    New Game+ Expo promises announcements, gameplay demos, Q&A sessions, and more.


    Shady Key Reseller G2A Fucks Up Spectacularly



    Last year, G2A—a supremely suspect grey market seller of PC games—offered to pay studios 10x the cost of their games if it was found to be selling stolen keys. Only one company took them up on the offer, and whaddya know, it turns out G2A was selling a bunch of stolen keys.


    EA Is Releasing Command & Conquer And Red Alert's Source Code



    We’re all very used to seeing modern games ignore or even remove mod support, so it’s nice to see that EA of all publishers is going the extra mile for the modding community with the upcoming re-releases of the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert.


    Neversong dev accidentally gave away 3500 Steam keys to each of his Kickstarter backers



    It was what you might call an interesting launch day.


    Formula E driver fired for hiring a pro gamer to race for him in online competition



    Formula E’s Daniel Abt hired a pro player to pose as him in online official competition, and got caught.


    Blizzard cancels this year's BlizzCon, online event likely early next year



    Blizzard has officially cancelled this year's BlizzCon live event, citing "health and safety considerations" relating to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


    Switch Joy-Con Drift Claim Must Be Arbitrated, Says Illinois Federal Court



    A win for Nintendo, but it's not out of the woods yet


    Skyrim Grandma takes time off for her health after negative YouTube comments



    Shirley ‘Skyrim Grandma’ Curry has been regularly posting Skyrim Let’s Play videos since 2015, and is a figure so beloved that her likeness has been scanned for inclusion in The Elder Scrolls 6. But she’s now taking an extended break for the sake of her health, which Curry says “isn’t very good” – in large part due to the stress of managing a YouTube channel and dealing with negative comments.


    Xbox and Windows NT 3.5 source code leaks online



    Microsoft’s original Xbox console source code has leaked online, alongside code for a version of Windows NT 3.5. The Xbox source code includes the kernel for the operating system on the original console, a custom version of Windows 2000. We can confirm the leaked Xbox OS is genuine, and appeared online earlier this month. “We’re aware of these reports and are investigating,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to The Verge.


    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)


    Top Best NEW Upcoming Indie Games on KickStarter - May 2020


    KickStarter is once again starting to see more and more quality games coming back to the platform.  In the continuation of this monthly series, Stuart J of Get Indie Gaming takes a look at the best new upcoming indie video games on KickStarter this May 2020.


    Vernal Edge


    A "Character Action" Platformer featuring free-form exploration and lush, vibrant pixel art environments.


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    Perfect Dark: the oral history of an N64 classic



    It was never meant to take as long as it did. As far as the GoldenEye team were concerned, Perfect Dark should have come out a year or two after their seminal console first-person shooter, a quick-fire follow-up to one of the greatest games ever made. But it wasn't long before trouble knocked on the door of Rare's countryside farmhouse in Twycross. First, Martin Hollis, the genius programmer who led the GoldenEye team to stardom on the Nintendo 64, left the company at which he had become a legend. His acrimonious exit set off a chain reaction that led to the Free Radicals - Dr. David Doak, Karl Hilton, Steve Ellis and Graeme Norgate - walking out soon after to form their own studio. Those who remained were left to pick up the pieces. Struggling to cram a game bursting at the seams with ambition into the Nintendo 64's tiny memory limit, the developers of Perfect Dark achieved what once looked impossible: the highest-rated Rare game of all time.


    A Former My Little Pony Fighting Game's Journey From Cease and Desist to Evo Online



    How a dedicated team and a series of miracles led to Them's Fightin' Herds.


    Gatcha Game Superstitions



    This process is supposed to be inherently random. But I’m far from the only person who believes there must be a way to influence that same process. In all sorts of gacha games, people are convinced they can fix their luck.


    Of Rats and Men: How a Lurid 1974 Best-Seller Revolutionized Strategy Games



    There’s a good chance that if it weren’t for James Herbert I would never have written about games, at least not in English. Well, a “good” chance may be overselling it. Stephen King was, naturally, my first choice during those mid-’80s summer holidays when I started noting down every unfamiliar word encountered in my afternoon reading, while family and friends were splayed on beds and couches throughout the sun-drenched house, snoring happily, shaking off the blissful exhaustion of a full morning at Tolo beach followed by a hearty meal at the local tavern, the two so conveniently adjacent you didn’t even bother wearing your flip-flops for lunch.


    If Found Finds Liberation in the Painful Act of Erasure



    I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable with erasure, but I know it intimately. I’ve always joked about my invisibility. I’m a woman, my voice often snuffed out by men in positions of power before it’s allowed to light up a room, much less burn down a house. I’m Latinx, an extremely large and diverse group of people the rest of society struggles to frame and discuss, and often doesn’t, in discussions about race unless they relate to immigration. I’m a first-generation Latina-American—never American enough for a significant portion of my country, unable to relate to the history I read in school textbooks, but also entirely unable to find much belonging in the culture I am descended from. I’m bisexual, which has made me have to reconcile with my attraction to men and women as much as the fact my sexuality will always be erased; that, to many, I will never be queer enough. Erasure has always been an uncomfortable, disappointing and painful inevitability.

    If Found and Relatable Queer Alienation


    We aren’t the same person to everyone. Not really. Each person in our lives perceives us differently, which can be frustrating given all of us are just trying to live our own truths. Being understood as exactly who you are is a constant struggle that we all can relate to. But it takes on an especially frustrating meaning when you’re a queer person. Because most people have a heteronormative, cisnormative idea of what a person is, you tend to not be understood by most. It ends up messing with your head because you’re trying to break free of that kind of thinking. You don’t fit that template. But everyone keeps trying to put you in a more “normal” kind of box to fit their own ideas of you. If Found is all about how other people perceive a trans woman who’s just trying to figure life out, and it attempts to make the queer experience of not being understood broadly relatable. It largely succeeds.


    A Requiem for the Final Generation



    The angriest game I’ve ever played is one in which you never pick up a weapon. You never kill anyone. You don’t even hurt anyone. Mechanically a first-person shooter, this game takes the gun you’d normally find in a title about the end of the world and replaces it with a battered old SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera that you cobbled together from spare parts and trash.



    UMURANGI GENERATION is really the first game of its kind. A photography game that isn’t on rails or about wildlife. Here our arena is a kind of twisted urban life. High rise military camps at the end of the world. Smoke covered streets underneath a maze of pipes and concrete. The back alleys and debilitated corners of a world that’s run its course.

    Umurangi Generation and Bearing Witness


    Environmental storytelling sucks. Not the concept per se, but the way developers will often use it like a cudgel to show what’s happening in their worlds. The intent is to communicate something about the narrative or world without spelling it out for people, but what often ends up happening instead is that you’ll find graffiti or a static scene that feels so contrived that it actually breaks your immersion. One of the worst offenders is the Left 4 Dead games, where instead of feeling like organic worlds in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, you have graffiti in the safe rooms scrawled everywhere, revealing little pieces of the world at large in circumstances that feel entirely staged and artificial.


    Reading the Lines: Essays on Pathologic 2



    Artemy Burahk returns home to find strangers, old friends turned enemies, and absent fathers. The “sand pest,” a plague with no survivors, has returned. And he might be the only one with a cure. He has 12 days until it ends, managing hunger, exhaustion, thirst, the disease itself, and the limitations of time and place. He is uneasy in this town, just as the player uneasily plays his role. We take his mantle and wear his body like a cloak.


    Heart Container-An Ocean Apart in Mid-Winter: How A Fold Apart and A Summer’s End Guided Me Through the End of My Relationship



    You know that meme that goes around games twitter every so often asking about games that have made you cry? I’ve always had a hard time answering it because I honestly don’t really remember many—or any—games that have made me cry. Feel some kind of shock or hurt? Yeah, definitely. But not full blown tears. 2020 has changed that.


    Little Nuance



    There’s a balancing act taking place between the different sides of Final Fantasy VII Remake's narrative —the eco-terrorist group Avalanche’s scrappy defiance on one hand and the Shinra Electric Power Company’s bureaucratic pseudo-governance on the other. Final Fantasy VII seems at first a bit obsessed with a form of bothsidesism; attempting to show you that there is good and bad to be seen in the game's two rival factions. Avalanche is a group of eco-terrorists after all, and one of the first encounters you have with a person who is part of the Sector 7 slum is them looking upwards to the plate where the rich and powerful live above the poor and remarking on how Shinra represents progress. After all, Shinra in this case is quite literally the sun.


    Rygar Is A Non-Linear 8-Bit Masterpiece



    I had no idea what I was getting into when I first put Rygar into my NES. I had borrowed the game, released in 1987 by Tecmo, from a friend who couldn’t make heads nor tails of it. He wished me better luck. I didn’t realize I was going to experience one of my very first Metroidvania games on the NES. Rygar, which is now available for Nintendo Switch Online, did a lot of things right, particularly when it came to creating an immersive world that felt interconnected.


    The Relatability of Star Wars: How Fallen Order Understands Finding Power in Powerlessness



    Star Wars is in an identity crisis. Should it let go of the past or dogmatically embrace it? The Last Jedi bravely chose the former while The Rise of Skywalker retreated to the latter. Both films are disappointing. The Last Jedi won over critics and general audiences but angered devout fans. The Rise of Skywalker pleased no one with abysmal reviews, audience reactions, and embarrassing box office records. The turmoil has caused multiple Star Wars projects to either be canceled or altered mid-production.  Fortunately, there is a pragmatic path forward. The franchise can honor the soul of the past while intrepidly braving new ground. The best Star Wars stories all have a relatable humanity at their core, and embracing this core while exploring new complex themes offers a chance to appeal to all Star Wars fans. Better still, the franchise already has a modern standard bearer for this approach: Jedi: Fallen Order.


    Breaking the Cycle: How Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Imagines a New Masculinity for Force Users



    The Light side of the Force and the Dark side each clearly represent the two kinds of masculinity that are generally accepted as the norm in Western culture. The Dark side is violent, fueled by anger, and only sees emotions that can be used to cause harm as valuable. The Light side, meanwhile is the masculinity that many have come to see as ideal- the one that values logic above all else, that will turn a blind eye to suffering to not stir the boat and will deny any and all emotion until it kills them.


    Man is the warmest place to hide



    Whatever you think of Warp’s eclectic output…

    …doesn’t actually matter, because there’s little doubt the main force behind the company – Kenji Eno – was a man driven by the desire to make whatever the heck he wanted and simply did not care what anyone thought of him for pursuing his goals, even if this maverick outlook was ultimately to the commercial detriment of his creative works. We must take care not confuse this bridge-burning attitude with thinking Eno or any of the other talented people working at Warp (including Fumito Ueda, of ICO/Shadow of the Colossus/CatDogBird fame) never cared if their games were any good in the traditional sense – it’s clear they cared very, very, much about making something they thought was truly special – but they were always going to make the game they wanted to see exist, on the format they wanted to see it exist on, sales figures and future investor relations be damned. This belief that “The only way is the Warp way” extended to users as well, with players expected to quickly adjust to their game’s quirks or get left behind: Nothing says “Our games are different” quite as strongly as popping in the first disc, clicking on “Opening Movie” in the main menu, and being asked to swap to… disc four to continue. Or like red indicating “Healthy” and green “You’re about to die” because the game’s going off it’s own internal logic – humans have red blood, monsters have green – than the standard colour-coding system you find everywhere else.


    Life in the Shadow of Midgar


    in an unlit room,
    the attempt to focus upon
    the machined eyes of my lover

    Support me: https://www.patreon.com/JacobGeller


    Animal Crossing Gatherings


    Inside Second Life's Most Expensive Brothel


    We sent Quinns to explore the world of sex work in Second Life.

    Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PeopleMakeGames


    The Untold History of Arkane: Dishonored / Prey / Ravenholm / LMNO / The Crossing


    Noclip travels to France and Texas to tell the story of Arkane's twenty year history. Featuring exclusive first looks at the gameplay of three cancelled projects; The Crossing, LMNO & the Half-Life spin-off "Ravenholm".

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


    Splinter Cell: Conviction | A Stealth Game Without the Stealth (inc. footage of cancelled game)


    Splinter Cell: Conviction answers the question: What happens when you make a stealth game without stealth? This video also contains a bunch of footage of the cancelled 2007 Splinter Cell Conviction project that never saw the light of day.

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CDavis_Games


    Why Mario's Triple Jump Animation Is So Good


    A professional animator explains why Super Mario 64's triple jump was such a triumph of early gameplay animation.

    To request an episode topic, support New Frame Plus on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/newframeplus


    Why Half-Life 1 Is So Unforgiving


    Half-Life 1, while amazing, doesn't do a great job at teaching it's players what the optimal playstyle is. It's in an awkward position where it's age obscures it's intricacies and realism.

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LeadheadYT


    The BEST Indie Games of 2020 So Far


    The best indie games of 2020 so far on PC, PS4, Switch PS4, Xbox One - Welcome to the Get Indie Gaming overview of the top 10 indie games out so far in 2020.


    in Defense of RE5's Automated Partner | LambHoot


    Turns out RE5’s automated partner isn’t so bad… but only if you play with it as Safari Chris. Why? Well to understand that we’re gonna have to dive into topics of automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, human interaction, user interface design, and of course my robot vacuum.



    Talking Anthropology, Creation Myths, & Religion with Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey


    Support the channel at https://www.patreon.com/superbunnyhop


    History Respawned: WARSAW


    Bob talks with Alina Nowobilska (@WW2girl1944) about Warsaw. Topics include the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, civilian resistance to occupation, children at war, and the fallout from the Uprising.

    Please consider supporting us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/historyrespawned


    Arkane & STUN - Noclip Podcast #32


    We enjoy the quiet before the Arkane storm by talking about Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, Stone Cold with hair and the dirty pleasure of an atrociously large if else statement.

    Become a Patron and get early access to new episodes: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


    Things I missed from previous weeks


    How Documentaries Are Helping Preserve Gaming Culture We're at Risk of Losing



    USgamer spoke with six filmmakers about their work and how it makes gaming history accessible to viewers.

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