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    This Week In Gaming 5-8-18


    Noah Caldwell-Gervais examines the entire Far Cry series focusing on gameplay, story, themes, and authorial intent. Nathan Grayson on the damaging effects of crunch and how it persists beyond the corporate environment while Night In the Woods developers talk about why so many developers risk their health to make games, Ben Lindbergh tells a personal story about his family and Dad and of his experience playing God of War, new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, Josiah Renaudin and Nick Capozzoli discuss and answer question about writing game reviews, Eron Rauch writes about the history of reviews and criticism and how it related to video games, Charlie Hall talks to Treyarch about their work on Black Ops and its Zombie modes, Matthew "Sajon" Weise on why Metal Gear Solid 2 Is Not About The Internet, Errant Signal talks about Far Cry 5 and the art of saying nothing, gameplay and an interview with the creator of Artifact, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    Here's Our Best Look Yet At Red Dead Redemption 2


    Here’s the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, a video game about cowboys that I think a couple of people might be anticipating. It’s our best look yet at the upcoming Rockstar western.


    9 minutes of Artifact Gameplay - The new game from VALVE


    Chris has some new Artifact gameplay to show you (and Johnny) after a recent trip to Valve HQ. We weren't allowed to capture gameplay footage directly, sorry!

    We interview Artifact's lead designer, Richard Garfield (AKA the creator of Magic: The Gathering)


    Chris visited Valve last week to take a look at their new card game, Artifact. While he was there, he interviewed the game's lead designer and the creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield.

    Artifact pairs the best ideas of Dota with the best parts of card games


    You’ll often see characters in sci-fi stories play seemingly incomprehensible games like multi-dimensional space chess, and that’s basically what it’s like playing Artifact, Valve’s upcoming Dota-inspired card game. It’s an ambitious hybrid of the studio’s MOBA and Magic: The Gathering, and it works shockingly well. So much so that it only took two games for me to understand and get on board with Valve’s vision.


    Jurassic World Evolution: The First 20 Minutes - IGN First


    Let none other than Jeff Goldblum guide you through the first twenty minutes of Frontier Games' Jurassic World park building strategy game.


    Steampunk World War 1 RTS Iron Harvest will have over 30 mechs and a powerful pet bear



    More details on heroes, units, and animal companions.


    Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look Into the Score for Dontnod's Vampyr


    If Dontnod proved anything with its first two games, it’s that the French studio has a strong command of theme and tone. From the sci-fi squalor of Remember Me to the indie film ambiance of Life is Strange, Dontnod creates fully realized spaces with practical design and a lived-in feel not commonly seen in videogames, and that are fully intertwined with the games’ stories and themes. And music, something that we clearly care a lot about here at Paste, is a crucial element to that world-building.

    Vampyr - Becoming the Monster


    Vampyr's new gameplay trailer!

    By sacrificing the very citizens you swore to protect, learn and evolve powerful vampire abilities to defeat London’s deadly foes, at the risk of causing entire districts to collapse!


    Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the risk of making an introspective AAA game



    This is one of the first comments from Jason Dozois, narrative director at Eidos-Montreal, during a conversation about Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Depending on your experience, that's either a frustratingingly familiar sentiment---one that reinforces the argument that games don't "mean" anything, or more likely, you recognize that line as a balancing act developers try and walk to make complex expensive games in an increasingly competitive market.

    Lara Croft’s dual pistols won’t be returning in Shadow of the Tomb Raider


    If you’ve been holding out hope that Lara Croft’s iconic dual pistols will make a return in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you may be disappointed to hear they won’t be.


    State Of Decay 2 Knows What Players Want


    In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Brian Shea, and Leo Vader talk about playing State of Decay 2 fro Undead Labs on the Xbox One and how it compares to the previous game.


    Fort Triumph is part XCOM, part Heroes of Might and Magic



    Two great tastes that taste great together.


    The Good Life's story trailer is here


    The first stroy - sorry, story - trailer for The Good Life has arrived. After director Swery’s upcoming project reached its kickstarter goal earlier this week, the video was posted on YouTube this afternoon.

    Introducing a special interview with 4Gamer, a Japanese media outlet!


    Today we're proud to release a recent interview that we just did with 4Gamer.net the other day. It contains more new info about the game, so please check it out!


    New Games: Prime Mover is about solving puzzles by building circuit boards


    As a kid, I had one of those “130-in-One” Electronics Learning Labs you could find at Radio Shack, the kind where you’d connect wires up to different electrical components and in theory make something happen when you pressed a button. I was probably too young at the time and never managed to get very good with it, but the fascination with electrical logic has remained. Prime Mover scratches that itch, without the need to blister your thumbs by threading bits of wire into springs.


    Soviet Union-set first-person shooter Atomic Heart coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018


    Become a special agent, unfold secrets, and restore peace and order.


    Lamplight City is a detective adventure where it's okay to fail



    The next adventure from Grundislav Games is Lamplight City, a moody Dickensian detective story set in an alternate history where the US never declared independence. I talked to creator Francisco Gonzalez about the process of creating the fictional city of New Bretagne, troubled protagonist Miles Fordham, and how he wants to make a detective game where screwing a case up doesn't mean a game over screen and a reloaded save.


    Days Gone Exclusive Coverage Trailer


    See new gameplay from Days Gone on the PlayStation 4 and get a taste for the month of Game Informer's exclusive content showing off Sony Bend's post-apocalyptic experience coming to gameinformer.com/daysgone


    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition official trailer


    Natsume has released the official trailer for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition.


    Lancelot and a talking dog take on Jack the Ripper in this adventure game


    Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death is due later this year.


    MachiaVillain - Release Date Announcement Trailer


    The evil mansion management and strategy game based on horror movie tropes will be available on May 16th, 2018 on Steam.


    Disgaea 5 Complete's PC Release Delayed, Demo Pulled


    Disgaea 5 Complete’s PC release, originally due on May 7, has now been pushed back to “Summer 2018".


    Five minutes of Egress alpha gameplay


    Fazan Games' upcoming battle royale with Souls-like combat.


    Ooblets developer update shows off adorable little houses and new characters



    Red alert: you can play with ooblets in their tiny houses.


    Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Alterations Affect Its Ambiance



    Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey offered Nintendo DS owners a grave dungeon crawler. A strange anomaly, known as the Schwarzwelt, appeared at the South Pole in Antarctica, threatening to engulf the entire world. The U.N. gathered experts from around the world to be part of a Schwarzwelt Investigation Team, find out what is going on and maybe stop it. Once someone hops into Strange Journey Redux, they may find the changes help its story and gameplay elements make a greater impact.


    Battletech is getting more customization options and maybe an expansion or two



    Harebrained Schemes laid out its ideas for a 'post-launch roadmap.'


    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum revealed | Rainbow Six Siege Reinforcements


    Join Jordan and Ben Maxwell as they discuss the first official peak at the upcoming Italian season of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum.


    The Council’s second episode, Hide And Seek, arrives this month



    Eighteenth-century mystery adventure The Council’s second episode arrives this month, continuing the tale of Louis de Richet, a man stuck in an island mansion along with some of the era’s political luminaries, who it turns out are all creepy weirdos in their own ways.


    Here is the launch trailer for Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion


    Warmind, the second expansion for Destiny 2, launches tomorrow. Today we get to potentially build our excitement levels with the launch trailer, which you can watch above.


    Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass is now free



    The maps, weapons and classes of the They Shall Not Pass expansion are now available to all Battlefield 1 players. To get the free stuff log in to the Origin store, search for They Shall Not Pass and click the 'add to library' button—voila!


    Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Desolation of Mordor Launch Trailer


    Play as Baranor, recruit human mercenaries, use their new combat and stealth abilities and conquer the Marauder fortress of Shindrâm, in the all new story DLC available now.


    Yasumi Matsuno Talks About Bringing Ivalice Into Final Fantasy XIV


    In the video Matsuno shares his thoughts on Ivalice and how it went into Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XIV art director Hiroshi Minagawa also shared his thoughts that went into bringing Ivalice into the MMORPG.


    Fortnite’s Avengers: Infinity War crossover hands-on: It’s very, very good



    Let’s jump into Fortnite and hunt for the Infinity Gauntlet


    Virtual Console Is Not Coming To Switch, Nintendo Says



    In the wake of news that the Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service will include a Netflix-like library of NES games, fans have been wondering: Is the Virtual Console coming back? The answer to that question is no, according to Nintendo.


    Square Enix will hold an E3 conference this year for the first time since 2015


    For the first time in three years, Square Enix will hold their own press conference at E3 2018. The publishers skipped 2016 and 2017, which suggests they have some major announcements to make.


    Activision's CEO Made $28.6 Million Last Year, 306 Times The Median Activision Employee



    Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick’s compensation for 2017 was $28,698,375, according to filings the video game publisher submitted earlier this week to the U.S. Security and Exchanges Commission. Don’t be too jealous, though—that’s actually a pay cut. But it’s still over 300 times what the median Activision employee made.


    Madden NFL’s creative director departs after six years


    ‘This was the best path forward for everyone involved.’


    For Honor's Creation Ended With A Behind-The-Scenes Break-Up



    The most interesting moment from a new documentary about the making of For Honor comes just over 70 minutes in when the team at Ubisoft Montreal is celebrating the game getting certified on Xbox One and PS4. Speeches have been made and the champagne is flowing freely when the game’s then creative director Jason VandenBerghe turns to the studio’s CEO, Yannis Mallat, and says “You’ll forgive me if I don’t dance on my own grave.”


    A Twitch emote trolled Dr. DisRespect, disappeared, then ignited user ire



    The participation of popular streamers like Sodapoppin, Asmongold and Shroud in the meme became too much for Dr. DisRespect. The streamer brought up the emote in a conversation with Shroud during a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds stream in late April, asking what “CD” meant. It’s only when Shroud admitted that he didn’t know the origin behind the joke, admitting to getting in on it because other streamers were, that Dr. DisRespect explained what he took the joke to mean.


    Man sentenced to prison over 2010 World of Warcraft DDoS attack



    A federal court has sentenced Calin Mateias to a year in federal prison over a distributed denial-of-service attack he launched against World of Warcraft servers in 2010.


    Korean Overwatch Hackers Arrested, Hit With $10,000 Fine



    South Korea’s new law that takes aim at those who hack online games in order to cheat at them, which went into effect last June, has hackers in hot water. Earlier this year, 13 Overwatch offenders were arrested, and now two have received their sentences.


    At NRA conference, speaker blames games for ‘sick kids’



    The National Rifle Association has a long history of blaming video games for gun-related violence in American society, most especially mass shootings.

    At its annual conference over the weekend, one of the NRA’s leading proponents once again weighed into games, blaming popular entertainment for the thousands of murders perpetrated each year by firearms.


    Attentat 1942 wins Berlin gaming festival award, but can’t be played in Germany



    Attentat 1942 is a unique game that uses live-action video, archival footage, and scholarly research to tell the story of the Nazi occupation of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, or the modern-day Czech Republic. It was recently honored at Berlin’s A MAZE gaming festival with the “Most Amazing Game Award,” but due to its inclusion of Nazi symbolism, the game is unavailable to the German public.


    Massive Witcher 3 mod overhauls just about every aspect of combat


    With the exception of a few tough fights toward the end, you can get away with quite a bit of button-mashing in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But that’s not the case with a mod called The Enhanced Edition, which retools enemy stats and completely changes the way fighting happens in the game. The final version of the mod, 3.30, is available for download now.


    Esports News


    The Weekend In Esports: Something For Everyone



    The next couple days are going to be filled with matches in just about every competitive vocation you could imagine. Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Smash Bros., Street Fighter... there is a Fate/Unlimited Codes tournament this weekend.


    South Korea tops the 2018 Overwatch World Cup preliminaries



    24 nations are now arrayed in the Group Stage.


    Undefeated in their last 14 matches, Boston's Overwatch team is on fire



    GuardianCon started in a sweaty bar, but Twitch streamer ProfessorBroman has grown it to become so much more.


    How H1Z1 Pro League hopes to lead the line for battle royale esports



    H1Z1 might have taken a backseat to PUBG and Fortnite as the go-to battle royale game over the past year, but it still has a lot to offer in the competitive scene. H1Z1 Pro League is the result: a drastic, considered, and purposeful twist on the original game’s format that shows why PUBG’s esports dalliances have yet to transition into a professional league.


    Japan's Yoshi Specialist Beats Top Melee Player



    Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto has been on a tear at this weekend’s Smash Summit 6, and yesterday he pulled off an upset on one of Melee’s best players.

    Mew2King Wins Smash Invitational, Can’t Believe It


    Jason “Mew2King” is a legendary Super Smash Bros. Melee player with not one but two eras of dominance. His competitive results in 2007-2008 and 2013-2014 are a litany of first-place finishes, with some streaks stretching for months at a time. And while he has continued to be a regular sight in tournament play, these kinds of victories aren’t nearly as frequent as they once were. That’s why winning an invitational full of killers was enough to completely stun Mew2King into silence this past weekend.


    Hawaii's Big Island Is Building A Fighting Game Community From The Ground Up



    The fighting game community has never been as expansive as it is right now. Just a few years ago, it would have been impossible for players from regions like the Caribbean and the Middle East, for instance, to make a name for themselves on the global stage. Despite the explosion of popularity driven by the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008, however, there are still pockets of the world that are still in the process of cultivating a competitive scene, even in the United States. In Hawaii, a group of passionate fighting game fans have recently started a campaign to develop a competitive community on the archipelago’s “Big Island,” also known as Hawaii.


    Hi-Rez Studios announces new esports production company



    Studio co-founder and COO to head up Skillshot Media as president


    How OWL's makeup artists are helping create the next generation of esports celebrity



    Matt “coolmatt” Iorio’s hair has a fanbase.

    The Houston Outlaws player is known not only for his tank abilities, but for his gravity-defying coif. His hair’s spawned signs, its own Twitter account, and outranked Houston support player Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty’s blonde locks in an internal team vote. Each strand is perfectly placed into his structural bouffant by the Overwatch League makeup and hair stylists, a trio of artists working behind the scenes.


    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)


    Forest of Liars: A narrative adventure game


    First indie game from an industry veteran team. Help us bring poetry to the world!


    198X Is Every 80s Game In One



    198X, an upcoming game by a Swedish studio and team of international pixel artists, isn’t just set in the 80s. It’s visiting most of the decade’s biggest genres in the one game, from arcade driving to beat-em-ups to JRPGs.


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    Meet the studio behind Call of Duty: Black Ops and Zombies mode



    In March, Polygon received an invitation to visit Treyarch, one of Activision’s most prolific studios. The invitation was fairly straightforward: Come to Santa Monica, California, for a full day. Talk with one of the teams working on Call of Duty, one of the world’s biggest video game franchises, and tell their story.

    But Treyarch’s story is more than just the story of Black Ops, the popular subfranchise that the studio created. It’s also the story of the Zombies game mode, a whole other subfranchise that Treyarch helped introduce to the world — one that’s now a staple of every modern Call of Duty release.


    The Reviewer and The Critic



    'Art criticism' didn't just pop out of the ether fully formed. It's the product of literal centuries of discussion -- a discussion that now includes games.


    20 Years Of Crunch Take Their Toll On A Game Developer



    Game developer Shane Neville is no stranger to crunch. He claims that while he was at Electronic Arts in the late ‘90s, he once worked nearly four months without a day off, averaging 90 to 110 hours per week making Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Eventually, after seeing the toll it took on him, he swore off crunch. He was wrong.


    "The reason we're killing ourselves isn't because we love what we're doing"



    "I think new models of this have to be made, because people are going to die," Benson says. "People die from overwork. Marriages get ruined. People never see their children. That's all bad, but we consider it good, like 'Yeah, you sacrificed!' Why? Fucking why?"


    "We can't rely on nostalgia to sell"



    Brian Fargo mines the past with The Bard's Tale IV, looks to mine the future with blockchain-powered storefront Robot Cache


    Your fußball table isn't your culture



    If you're looking to make better games, says Will Luton, first look toward your culture


    Episode 146: The Ultimate Games Criticism Mailbag with Nick Capozzoli


    On this week's episode, game critic seen on sites like Waypoint, GameSpot, and Giant Bomb, Nick Capozzoli, joins host Josiah Renaudin to answer all your questions about game reviews. The two tackle the purpose of scores, AAA game reviews and why they should be tackled differently, writing for free to get exposure, mainstream criticism, dealing with backlash, and the disconnect between the changes writers want to see in games media vs. what audiences reward.


    How a Destiny meetup grew to become a massive charity event raising over $2 million and counting



    GuardianCon started in a sweaty bar, but Twitch streamer ProfessorBroman has grown it to become so much more.


    Prima Publishing Extensive Book Covering Women In Gaming



    The book features profiles, interviews, essays, and professional advice from women past and present throughout the industry, including: Amy Hennig (director/writer of the Uncharted series), Jane Ng (senior game artist at Campo Santo), voice actor Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn), and many more.


    Nigh Unplayable: A Brief History of Unwieldy Controls



    As far back as the dawn of video games in the early 1960s, when Steve Russell and the rest of the Tech Model Railroad Club at MIT were tinkering away on Spacewar!, the earliest game developers knew that simply firing missiles at a moving target was not a sufficiently compelling premise. The legendary proto-shooter's most interesting design decision emanated from a splotch of white light, the pulsating star at the centre of the PDP-1's archaic display. Vessels caught in that celestial body's gravity well would stop responding predictably to the game's already complex Newtonian controls – and could veer wildly off course, crash into its surface, or even, if handled by a particularly skilful or lucky captain, ride the well's crest for a boost of speed.


    The Ghosts of ‘God of War’



    For the author, playing the fabled franchise’s latest installment, which centers on a father and son, wasn’t about button-mashing; it was cathartic cause to reflect on his own history with the dad he recently lost


    The Real Ancient Myth at the Heart of 'God of War'



    In a game very much about beginnings and endings, the overpowering Norse myth about the end of the world rules all.

    “Killing Gods, Feeling Great,” by Reid McCarter


    To suggest that a plucky hero with enough dedication to doing good can become strong enough to save his home from evil isn’t all that nefarious. To show, as in God of War, that one man’s unrelenting anger, aimed at any force opposed to his will, can make him more powerful than his gods—that’s something else.

    The Meaninglessness of Maturity in God of War


    In a way, it shows us how far we’ve come. The “Arc of Serious Games” is increasingly long and curves towards long narrative adventures about introspective characters. Where once story notes were relegated to manuals and liner notes, now they weight down games like the mantles of responsibility developers have found as they start families and watch them grow. Gone are the days of the rock star developers bragging about sports cars.


    Smacking a YouTuber with their own selfie stick is a new peak for video game catharsis



    As is often the case for the series, the stories like these, the ones that lie outside Yakuza 6’s main plot, are rife with absurdity, only here, its drawn from the strange, pervasive technology of our times. To Kiryu’s credit, he’s always game to go along with whatever the world throws at him, clumsily and cutely embracing these unfamiliar inventions. But in what turns out to be the most cathartic and life-giving of the game’s early vignettes, he draws the line at putting up with obnoxious YouTubers.

    Damn right


    Metal Gear Solid 2 Is Not About The Internet



    Whatever flaws it may have, however the years haven't been kind to it, MGS2 still deserves credit for being a kind of magical I-can't-believe-this-exists cultural artifact. Because it was a Japanese team working in an American genre, and because it was written before 9/11 but came out right afterwards, it was able to combine ideas that are virtually never combined in such a subversive configuration in popular big-budget entertainment. In the immediate wake of 9/11 it presented national unity, cultural hegemony, savior myths, and the worship of military might as rotten, corrupt, totalitarian concepts.


    Far Cry 5's Faith Seed Embodies An Evangelical Double Standard



    I hated fighting Faith Seed, the highest-ranking woman in Far Cry 5’s fictional cult. She was confusing, annoying, and—like all the game’s enemies—wanted to kill me. I was supposed to hate her, but I didn’t relish winning our final battle. Faith embodies the ugliness of the game’s cult, The Project at Eden’s Gate, but, more disturbingly, the bind in which evangelical Christianity often traps women.


    The They/Them Option in 'BattleTech' Is About So Much More Than Choice


    For individuals who never see themselves in games, the addition of a pronoun is about recognition, acceptance, and normalization.


    'Frostpunk' Treats People With Disabilities As Complex Humans, Not Gimmicks



    Rather than erasing or dehumanizing people with disabilities, 'Frostpunk' puts some of their experience 


    Playing With the Human Side of History



    Even with regards to their visual design, these games reject the flimsy claims to objectivity of big budget games. Instead of bombastic hyperrealism ('experience Renaissance Rome!') we see a past coloured by personal experience, where the world's contours are not so simple or cleanly drawn. In Detention an oppressive, dreary photorealism clashes with surreal scenes full of symbolic imagery and intense colours. The Lion’s Song employs a cartoonish sepia aesthetic that is expressive while also evocatively framing its era. Aviary Attorney is strongly indebted to the work of French artist J.J. Grandville (1803-1847), and his anthropomorphic caricatures of French society.


    Far Cry 5 and the Art of Saying Nothing (Spoilers)


    Far Cry 5 tries very hard to not really be 'about' anything. So is it?!

    This episode was made possible by generous support through Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/errantsignal


    A Thorough Look At Far Cry


    This is an in-depth critical retrospective of the Far Cry franchise, begun by CryTek in 2004 and continued by Ubisoft (and largely Ubisoft Montreal) into the present. It covers every major game except the console spinoffs between Far Cry 1 and 2. There are total spoilers for all games.

    CONTENT WARNING: This video is restricted due to graphic sexual content and themes in the game footage.

    If you enjoyed this video and want to contribute to the production of others like it, please consider supporting me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/noahcaldwellgervais


    God of War 1 Retrospective


    Instead of looking at the new one, let's turn back the dial and reflect on a 2005 Playstation classic. There's lots of violence in this one, dang.

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kingdomklannad


    Daria Reviews Lufia 2 [SNES] - A Critical Look At the Characters of Lufia II


    Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals is a story heavy JRPG for the SNES. As the prequel to Lufia: Fortress of Doom, Lufia II chronicles the adventures of tragic lovers Maxim and Selan as the battle to save the world (one village at a time) from the evil Sinistrals.

    Known as Estpolis II in japan, this turnbased classic RPG is easily one of the best on the SNES. Ranking (in terms of quality) with the likes of Final Fantasy III and Breath of Fire 2. Fans of the genre should definitely consider giving this amazing RPG a play.


    Why Did I Love 007 Nightfire?



    Other Places: Rapture (BioShock)


    Other Places is a series of short films celebrating beautiful videogame worlds.


    When is Grinding Fun? - An Exploration of Grinding Done Well


    A lot of games catch flack for having excessive amounts of grinding, but grinding isn't inherently bad. It can be done quite well, in ways that emphasize gameplay focus and keep the player engaged, but games that do this aren't talked about very often. Let's stop to take a look at some of my favorite games that implement repetitive gameplay in a way that isn't detrimental to the overall game!


    Analysis: The Effects of Salt


    Support on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2rfySih

    How salt affects us.


    Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3: How TheMeatly Quit His Day Job


    Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 dropped this week, and in celebration, here's our tribute to the third chapter of this game.

    Patreon: http://patreon.com/videogamestorytime


    Top 11 Adventure Games (That are NOT Sierra or LucasArts!) - Part 1


    Today I'm talking about some interesting adventure games that I really love that ARE NOT developed by some of the bigger companies (such as Sierra and LucasArts). Broken up into two parts because I rambled.

    Consider Supporting me on Patreon: http://patreon.com/pushinguproses


    My accidental 36 years in video games by Jeff Minter (Llamasoft) - Inspirational


    Jeff's 36 years of experience in constantly making video games, the times, the hardware and the challenges.


    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry


    Dad Jokes with Kratos


    Kratos may be a dad now, but his journey to fatherhood isn't truly complete until he delivers some truly awful dad jokes. We teamed up with Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge to make our daddy dreams a reality.


    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks


    GTA 4 Transcends its Flawed Core by Embracing Realism



    It's hard to overstate just how big Grand Theft Auto 3 was. It was a phenomenon. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing ads for it. Rockstar almost single-handedly established the PlayStation 2's dominance as a games console. I wasn't allowed to play it, much less play video games, but it was all my friends could talk about. One day, I asked my friends just why they thought it was so great. "Because you can do anything," came the answer.


    Zerg Rush | A History of AI Research in StarCraft



    With Google DeepMind's StarCraft 2 research in full swing, we take a look at why AI researchers are interested in RTS games and the established body of work in this field over the past 15-20 years.

    EDIT: The BWAPI was originally released by Michal "Kovarex" Kovarik and later handled by Adam Heinermann. Apologies for any confusion.

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