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    This Week In Gaming 6-9-20


    itch.io's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality includes over 1,000 items (video game, tabletop, etc) for $5 and has raised over $3,400,000 for bail and legal defense funds, Jason Schreier reports on how Take-Two canceled agreements with an indie developer then poached their staff after the cancellation destroyed the company, Liz Ryerson on the tendency to maintain the status quo by using the existence of reactionaries to distract from making meaningful change in the games industry and beyond, continued responses to protests and Jim Sterling looks at some of the hypocritical companies supporting black lives matter and pride month and a few of the ones that seem to actually do more, Liam Robertson interviews former staff members to find out how and why the Dead Rising studio fell apart, Paradox signs labor agreement with trade unions, Sony fined by Australian court, Alexandra Orlando on the narrative and legacy of Killer7, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality


    We live in a time of racial injustice, inequality, and police brutality against black people. We hope that everyone takes a stand in any way that they can. We’ve partnered with creators from all across our platform to support organizations that are working directly with those affected.

    We reached out to our community and an unprecedented number of creators donated over 740 projects to be part of what we believe is the largest bundle ever. Over $3,400 of paid works are available Pay-what-you-want with a minimum donation amount of $5.


    The bundle keeps getting bigger as more developers and creators donate what they can in support, and it's not just games being donated either. The bundle currently has over 1,000 items including art assets, game development cheat sheets, pen and paper RPGs, and, of course, a whole lot of indie games. The outpouring of support from the Itch.io community has been incredible and the goal of the bundle has been raised to $5 million.


    Epic Games had to rewrite parts of Unreal Engine to keep up with the PS5’s SSD



    The SSD inside every PS5 is going to be transformative for game development, and the maker of Unreal Engine has seen it firsthand.


    Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of June 2020


    June 2020 is packed with some awesome looking new and upcoming indie games on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Here are the top 10 best new upcoming indie games of June 2020 Get Indie Gaming think are well worth you all checking out.


    She Dreams Elsewhere is a trippy RPG with echoes of Persona and Undertale


    Fight 'monsters' inside a comatose, anxiety-ridden character's mind.

    Pleasant Nights, Troubled Dreams: She Dreams Elsewhere


    The sounds of rain pattering against nearby windows, the discordant echo of running water, the sensation of a disquiet sleep, not soothed by the melodious backdrop of the world around you, merely brought into an uncomfortably discordant focus.


    Project Nimbus Sequel Nimbus INFINITY Gets First Gameplay Footage


    Announced back in 2018, the sequel to Project Nimbus: Code MIRAI, Nimbus INFINITY, got its first gameplay look at Indie Live Expo today.


    Desperados III - Dev Blog #6: Music


    Watch the sixth Desperados Dev Blog where some members of the development team Mimimi Games talk about sound design, taking risks and the music of Desperados III.


    The Last of Us Part II: how Naughty Dog made a classic amidst catastrophe



    The Last Of Us Part II, inspired by cinematic greats such as The Godfather, is the most-anticipated PlayStation 4 title ever. We spent two years behind the scenes while Naughty Dog and its creative director, Neil Druckmann, overcame pressure, delays, a pandemic and then the unthinkable to make a game-changer


    Why I don’t trust Cyberpunk with my junk



    I have no doubts that actually playing the game will prove very enjoyable, especially if you’re not one of the minorities Cyberpunk 2077’s aesthetic has repurposed into its own edgy image. The game’s marketing has already crafted a persona with a futuristic Fred Durst attitude, famously quipping ‘we don’t f*ck around’ – asterisk and all – when the full ESRB rating was revealed, which makes it difficult to take anything around the game seriously.


    Dead On Arrival? | Hands ON with a TOTAL WAR SAGA: Troy


    First Impressions after 24 Hours with a Battle Preview Build of A TOTAL WAR SAGA: Troy. Does it soar to be an epic worthy of the Illiad? Or is there a reason it was sold to Epic Games? Decide for yourself with a first look at the gameplay.


    Re:Turn - One Way Trip trailer showcases a bizarre 2D horror adventure


    A group of five college students embark on a camping trip that goes very, very wrong. Also, there's a train.


    DLC announced for turn-based tactics RPG Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark


    The first expansion for the RPG with the hand-drawn art style.


    Europa Universalis 4: Emperor arrives today – here’s what it adds


    Earlier this year, Paradox revealed Emperor, the next major expansion for Europa Universalis IV. Now, the Universalis IV: Emperor release date is here, bringing a batch of new features that expand gameplay options for the Papacy, the Holy Roman Empire, and revolutions, new missions, and more to the grand strategy game.


    In A Unionization Breakthrough, Paradox Interactive Signs Labor Agreement With Trade Unions



    The effort to unionize game development took another step forward today, as the workers at strategy game publisher Paradox Interactive publicly announced that they’re securing a collective bargaining agreement with their company. The deal is expected to safeguard their existing benefits and make it easier to advocate for improved working conditions.


    After Massive DMCA Takedown, Twitch Streamers Are Deleting Thousands Of Clips



    Over the weekend, many streamers discovered an unpleasant surprise in their inboxes: an email from Twitch saying they’d received one or more copyright strikes on clips from their streams. If streamers receive three strikes, they risk an indefinite ban. The problem? The offending clips were not recent, but streamers hadn’t received any previous indication that there were ticking time bombs in their archives.


    Sony Fined $2.4 Million By Australian Court For Misleading PlayStation Players About Game Refunds



    Australia’s Federal Court announced today that it’s ordering Sony to pay $3.5 million in fines (approximately $2,445,00 in U.S. dollars) for breaking the country’s consumer law by misleading people about video game refunds.


    Investors argue against excessive pay package for Activision CEO



    Activision defends Kotick's pay by citing the company's healthy stock performance.


    Continued responses to protests and related articles

    Black Streamers Are Grateful For New Twitch Viewers, But Heartbroken It Took Police Violence to Make It Happen


    With protests raging over the murder of George Floyd and the racist institution of policing in general, Twitch streamers find themselves faced with the same choice as the rest of us: Speak up or stay silent. Difference is, many streamers have audiences numbering in the thousands or even millions. They can make a difference, but not all of them have chosen to.


    The full list of incidents is much longer, but what even this small sample has in common is the understanding that in the United States you can easily order a heavily-armed force of police to violently break down the door of someone’s house.

    “Cyberpunk was a warning, not an aspiration,” says Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith



    The statement notes that Pondsmith has spent the last few days reflecting on current events and his life as black man in the US, and is currently taking time to prepare a meaningful statement of his own about “race, abuse of authority, and power.”

    He is also pondering “what it means to look out your window and see too much of the dystopian future you’ve made a career of writing become the dystopian present.”

    PC Gaming Show postponed to June 13


    Like you, we have found it hard over the last week to focus on anything other than the demands for justice and the justifiable anger that millions of Americans are expressing. Right now, we want to make space for those speaking out and demonstrating about how to end the systemic oppression and police brutality experienced by black people.

    Future Games Show has been postponed to June 13


    The Future Games Show will now take place at the later date of Saturday, June 13 at 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM BST in support of the protests demanding justice and change over the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

    Solemn JPEGs Of The Backhanded Brands (The Jimquisition)



    It's Pride month and people are in the streets, not so much to celebrate identity as to protest police brutality and systemic oppression. Things are not okay in America, and people have had enough. They're making their voices heard.

    Thankfully, THE BRANDS are looking out for everyone by pretending to care about anyone but themselves.

    With Pride and Black Lives Matter protests coinciding, corporations are working overtime to bring insincere platitudes to the people. Their words are empty in a world where the very thing allowing injustice is the same thing these companies champion and exploit for profit on a daily basis.

    No More Heroes Composer Collaborates On Stellar Black Lives Matter Track


    The dreamy “Dear Friends” features production by Abo and verses from Japanese rapper Devin and MASTER and Mystic Elder Maikis of hip-hop duo Okumura. It speaks on issues of discrimination and police brutality that are a daily reality for Black people and other people of color in the United States and Japan but also offers a message of unity and hope in collective action.


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    Game Publisher Cancels Contract With Developer, Then Tries to Poach Its Entire Team



    Even by the cutthroat standards of the video game business, Take-Two’s tactics were extreme. The company behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of America’s largest publishers, with a market value of $15 billion. The stock is up 10% this year and trading near an all-time high, thanks to increased demand from people stuck at home. Take-Two cultivated a leading position in publishing through a mix of big-budget games developed in-house and by a tightknit group of studio partners. Publishers like Take-Two control a project’s financing, marketing and distribution, giving them a great deal of leverage over most developers they sign.


    Beyond Gamergate



    In the case of the world of videogames, where the menace of gamergate made an actual impact, time showed the actions of alt right-adjacent figures, doxxers, serial harassers, sockpuppet accounts etc to be a extremely annoying and PTSD-inducing to those who have ever had to face the other end of them. Yet they clearly turned out to be a far less potent and crushing boogeyman than the game industry itself, which largely turned a blind eye to confronting the problems that led to a right-wing nationalist surge in its own space and continued to treat people who existed inside its landscape as an extremely disposable resource. Even now when there are more structures in place inside various vectors of the videogame world to deal with harassment and lack of access that didn't exist before: good luck being remembered or cared about long enough for anyone to stand up for you! Because someone new who complains less than you do is going to be there to replace you at any moment anyway. The truth is: this was always far more about nature of the status quo these self-elected right wing nationalistic enforcers of "videogame ethics" were trying to protect and maintain, than who any of them actually were or what they were doing as individual people.


    Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks



    Hey all, VGHF founder Frank Cifaldi here. Today I’m tag-teaming with Rich Whitehouse to bring you the story of how we recovered and re-assembled Days of Thunder, an unreleased, never-before-seen title co-authored by Chris Oberth at Mindscape.


    From Zelda to Civ to Frostpunk—can climate change be fun?



    "The climate change and disaster mechanics are the most compelling additions to Civ VI."


    What it's like running one of the world's biggest multiplayer games during quarantine



    The developers of Warframe talk about the challenges of keeping a massive game moving forward during the coronavirus pandemic.


    Remade, Not Rewritten



    We live in a games landscape that doesn’t tend to respect its own past. Large swaths of the game playing audience believe that old games are inherently worse than new ones, and companies like to forget all but the most popular of their back catalog. What’s more interesting – but still discouraging — is what happens when developers take on the task of remaking something from the ground up with modern design principles in mind. The results are often good, and sometimes fantastic, but you can’t help but see these projects as efforts to subsume what came before. If you’re remaking a game today, it’s probably improved to the point where it renders the source material obsolete, right? But as much as game companies want to sand over the rough edges of its past, the old game’s shadow still looms over the remake. Just because a remake exists doesn’t mean the original game ceases to be, after all. This is a dynamic that most games just choose to ignore, with games like Mega Man and Resident Evil 2 falling victim to remakes that attempt to paper over their inspirations, but Final Fantasy VII Remake explicitly integrates it into its very narrative, shining a light on the nature of remakes and what happens when you try to overwrite something that’s still there.


    A Summer’s End: What It Means To Release A Queer Hong Kong Game In 2020



    For the generation raised by computers, it’s easy to see why the protests, demonstrating the power of the people and fuelled by memes, stuck a chord. As A Summer’s End developers Charissa So & Tida Kietsungden stressed however, 2019 was not Hong Kong’s first foray into geopolitics. “The existential identity of Hong Kong is something that has been long politicized,” they told me, noting how other art from the region, cinema in particular, has long been influenced by politics. “A topic of much exploration in ‘80s & ‘90s Hong Kong cinema is the question of identity pre and post 1997: the year Hong Kong transferred its sovereignty from colonial British rule to mainland China. When we started working on A Summer’s End in 2018, we had these themes in mind and wanted to reflect on them in our own project.”


    Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game



    “Like casting pearls before swine” is often an appropriate phrase to use when talking about the general games-buying public, with Beautiful but Unusual One-Off frequently outsold a thousand to one by Drivey Dude Shoots Again IX: Drive Dude-ier. These people are entirely to blame when magical voyages of pure wonder go unbought – if only they were a little more willing to try something new and buy games outside of their comfort zone then less mainstream releases would surely succeed and we’d all be much better off.


    How To Pace a Game // HeavyEyed


    patreon// https://www.patreon.com/heavyeyed

    So Resident Evil 3 Remake and God of War, two very different games except for one little thing, their length cause me to think very hard about how different games approach their replayability options.

    Special thanks to Writing on Games and eurothug4000 for looking at the script and to Joseph Anderson for the God of War footage. All other footage from World of Longplays.


    The Art of Game Design | Jesse Schell, Christopher Alexander and the Architecture of Video Games


    The Art of Game Design is a book by Jesse Schell, which aims to establish a language for the design of games. Inspired by Christopher Alexanders a pattern language, it presents a series of lenses that allows designers to shift their perspective on creation when they might be going astray. This video summarizes many of the findings of Jesse schell, as well as the vernacular many other designers have established in design. However, what Schell alludes to , and what Alexander more explicitly explores, is the understanding that there is an even higher purpose to design than just the creation of games or architecture. It is about the creation, perpetuation and persistence of life.

    Support the channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gameoveranalyser


    Shadow of the Colossus - The Frozen Frame | PostMesmeric


    Shadow of the Colossus is a moment suspended in time, an adventure across a dead land, a journey of solitude and emptiness. Let's see how this Fumito Ueda classic gives beauty to its vacant, but peaceful world.

    Support PostMesmeric on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/PostMesmeric


    Dissecting Killer7


    Support the creation of videos like this at: https://www.patreon.com/AOrlando

    In this video, I revisit one of my favourite games 15 years later to discuss it's complex narrative, legacy and themes.


    Dwarf Fortress Creator Explains its Complexity & Origins | Noclip Interview


    Become a PATRON to unlock more videoshttps://www.patreon.com/noclip

    We chat to Bay 12 Games co-founder Tarn Adams about their remarkable ASCII simulation Dwarf Fortress - the game's origins, how it works, and their plans for steam. Thank you to Kruggsmash for allowing us to use his footage.


    The often forgotten video gaming icon Jerry Lawson | #BlackLivesMatter


    I Daniel Ibbertson stand united with the Black Community and fully support #BlackLivesMatter This video is to help spread the word and to tell the story of the often forgotten video game icon Jerry Lawson


    If you would like to find out more about the Black Lives Matter movement then please follow this link...
    The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund


    The Sound Design Secrets Of Rocket League || Waveform


    BLACK LIVES MATTER CHARITY RESOURCE LIST: https://drive.google.com/file/d/164xdXmXnU_uameKNMcc5PJo-DeIaZ3Kt/view

    All the clips in this video are protected from copyright law under fair use for educational purposes.


    How Capcom's Dead Rising Studio Fell Apart - Game History Secrets


    Today on Game History Secrets we talk about the secret history behind how Capcom's Dead Rising studio fell apart. Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 4 and Dead Rising 5 all had troubled developments that ultimately led to the closure of Capcom Vancouver. Troubles at the studio also contributed to the cancellation of at least 7 other games including new Dino Crisis and Onimusha games, as well as a side-scrolling title using the Mega Man IP.

    Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for various outlets, and will also be contributing to the Did You Know Gaming channel.


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    Originally released on the original PlayStation vidmate, it turns out that the same game was initially developed for the Super Famicon. More specifically, it was developed, completed, but never physically released and seemingly los.

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