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    This Week In Gaming 9-10-19


    Nintendo Direct reveals new games, ports, and translations. Eurogamer on reaching 20 and adapting to industry changes, Game Maker's Toolkit's new series aims to chart the history of game design by looking at the most influential games, Daryl Talks Games examines Dead Cell's connection with the psychology behind loss aversion, Doc Burford on the desire people have to see their hobby validated by championing games that attempt to be intellectual and his desire to see people seek out more for themselves, Steam designer explains why Valve doesn't comment on exclusives after previous comments acted as a lightning rod for harassment, Nintendo wins case to block piracy and modding websites, Anthony McGlynn on the growing alliance between esports and the US military, Jimmy Maher covers the history of the Origin Systems and EA merger, Jacob Geller on Control and Anatomy and the legacy of the haunted house, and more.



    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


    Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019


    Watch exclusive Nintendo news-broadcast directly to you, the player!

    Nintendo Direct Recap: A Deluge of Ports From September 2019 Onward


    From Overwatch to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, here's a recap of all the announcements.


    Cult-classic RPG Moon coming to Switch on October 10 in Japan, later worldwide


    Onion Games will release Moon, the cult-classic RPG that first launched for the original PlayStation in October 1997, for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on October 10 in Japan for 1,980 yen, and at a later date worldwide, the company announced.


    Wii U Gem Tokyo Mirage Sessions Is Coming To Switch


    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, is coming to Switch. Rejoice!


    The Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta Is A Debate On What A Ghost Recon Needs To Be



    Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the follow-up to 2017’s popular and controversial Ghost Recon: Wildlands, kicked off its closed beta weekend yesterday, letting players who pre-ordered the game take on two early story missions and a host of side missions that ostensibly will give players a clearer picture of what to expect when the game launches October 4. Almost immediately, players have been polarized over what’s arguably the game’s most prominent new features: its new gear system.


    Kerbal Space Program 2 Will Have Real Science Underlying Its Wacky Spaceships



    One generally accepted idea about outer space is that it’s really, really hard to get there. It took pretty much the whole of human existence for any of us hairless apes to sail among the stars, and we basically had to break the concept of physics to make it happen. That in mind, the developers of Kerbal Space Program 2 have an interesting challenge on their hands: They want their pseudo-sim to be both more accessible than its predecessor, but also more grounded in authentic, mind-bogglingly complex science.


    Deadly Premonition 2 gets a surprise announcement


    Deadly Premonition is one of the best, or worst, videogames of all time, depending who you ask. I sit firmly in the former camp, so it's very exciting indeed that a surprise sequel has just been announced. It's called Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise.


    V1 Interactive's Disintegration Interview - Pax West 2019


    Kahlief gets his hands on one of his most anticipated titles in Disintegration and comes away with an exclusive interview with Game Director Marcus Lehto.


    Predator: Hunting Grounds Interview - Pax West 2019


    After wrecking fools in his first play session of Predator: Hunting Grounds, Kahlief talks with Illfonic's CEO Charles Brungardt to talk about how they are integrating all the goodness from the 87' film into the game and much much more.


    Rogue Company is the new game from Paladins and Smite maker, will support cross-play and cross-progression


    Rogue Company is a 5v5, third-person, class-based shooter/melee hybrid. Although it was announced on last night’s Nintendo Direct, the game is also coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, alongside Switch at some point in 2020.


    Daemon X Machina’s Flashy Mech Gameplay In Action


    Daemon X Machina, out September 13, is a stylish third-person action game from Marvelous with a feedback loop fine-tuned for finding fun in blowing stuff up, getting money, and upgrading your mech. The fact that it’s on the Switch makes its snack-sized levels ideal for grinding on the go. The game dishes out chunks of fun anime-style action on funky color palettes. It gets a little repetitive, and the plot is barely intelligible, but there’s still a decent amount to like about Daemon X Machina.


    ‘1000 Days To Escape’ Deals With Climate Change, Space, And Irony


    1000 Days to Escape has a unique origin story according to programmer Alexey Kashlakov. “During development, me and the game designer decided to leave our jobs to finish the game. We rented an office at a Soviet-era factory. Workers that manufacture train parts outside have no clue about what we are doing here,” he writes.


    Journey to the Savage Planet is the comedy Metroid Prime I didn’t know I wanted


    The developers of Journey to the Savage Planet have been calling the game a Metroidvania since it was announced back at The Game Awards, but it wasn’t until I got to play it that I realised the influence is much more specific than that – it’s Metroid Prime. Sure, we’re trading foreboding galactic jungles and decrepit research stations for a much more colourful, pulp-inspired flavour of sci-fi, but there’s no mistaking the influences of this first-person exploration game.


    Marvel's Avengers Hands-On: Gear, Skills, and Co-Op Explained


    You know who The Avengers are, but now Square Enix explains how you'll play them.


    Haven Is A Sci-Fi RPG About Being In A Long-Term Relationship


    Usually, video game romances are about hot and heavy beginnings or fiery ends. Even visual novels often focus on the new and novel, rather than relationships that are doing their best to withstand the test of time. Haven, set to release next year, is different. It’s a game about a long-term relationship—ups, downs, squabbles, awkward moments, and all.


    With FIFA 20, it feels like EA Sports has finally fixed pace


    There's one thing that always stands out above all the other ratings chatter, though: pace. Pace is how fast a player is, obviously, but it's come to represent a couple of very specific things since Ultimate Team really came to prominence. First, of course, it is the actual number on the front of a player's card, incorporating an average of their Acceleration and Sprint Speed stats into a single number. This tends to go up and down each year for most players and if it goes up or down too drastically, people don't really like it.


    Project Resistance is a team-based Resident Evil spin-off


    Watch the first teaser, featuring a remote-controlled Mr X.


    Cloudpunk trailer teases a new driver's first night in the big city


    The cyberpunk courier game will get its first public showing next week at the Tokyo Game Show.


    Kojima on Death Stranding: “Even now, I don’t understand the game”



    “Its world view, gameplay, they are all new. My mission is to create a genre that does not currently exist, and which takes everyone by surprise. There is, naturally, a risk in that…”

    Death Stranding has a very easy mode for movie fans, Kojima says


    In a tweet, Kojima said because Death Stranding stars actors such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux, movie fans who do not necessarily play video games will be interested in playing Death Stranding. Very easy mode, then, makes Death Stranding accessible to those people.


    To totally know this game’s character, you must erase every single page of her diary


    Visual novel If Found... explores memories by wiping them away


    The Surge 2 - Exclusive 13 Minutes Of Official Gameplay


    Take a look at this exclusive gameplay of the Surge 2 showing multiple weapons and a boss fight against the Delver!


    Smart City Plan brings data-driven urban planning next year


    If you live in the UK, you’ve probably heard those ads about smart meters that’ll tell you what bits of your home are whirring away using the most energy. Take that principle and apply it to all the stuff you might want to do in a city builder and you’ve got Smart City Plan.


    Darksiders Genesis - Official "Introducing War" Trailer


    War is returning. Unleash Chaoseater upon unending swarms of enemies when Darksiders Genesis comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, Steam, and Stadia.


    Planet Zoo - Immortal guests, exotic architecture, habitat restrictions


    Caroline had the chance to play Planet Zoo, the upcoming zoo management sim from Frontier at Gamescon 2019. She also spoke with Lisa Bauwens, a senior artist with Frontier about the development of Planet Zoo, ranging from cute fuzzy animals to the new Indian architecture.


    Luigi's Mansion 3: Scream Park Mode Reveal


    Get your first look at the new local multiplayer mode for Luigi's latest ghost-busting adventure.


    Super Kirby Clash Gameplay Reveal


    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Gameplay - Nintendo Direct


    A Kirby cameo, Dungeon Maker, and more highlight the latest look at Switch's Link's Awakening remake.


    Terry Bogard in Smash Bros. Ultimate REVEAL TRAILER


    The fourth DLC character coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate is Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard, just revealed in the 9.4.19 Nintendo Direct! Check out the trailer here!


    Hitman 2’s September roadmap sends Agent 47 to The Maldives


    Looks like Agent 47's summer vacation is officially over.


    Remnant: From the Ashes is getting an 'Adventure Mode' and a new dungeon



    The third-person survival shooter Remnant: From the Ashes is getting a new Adventure Mode later this week that will enable players to "re-roll" the Ruined Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha biomes without having to play all the way through the main campaign first. Developer Gunfire Games said the new mode, which can be activated from the World Stone in Ward 13, will let players "explore dungeons,encounter new enemies, or fight their favorite (or toughest!) world bosses" in dynamically generated biomes.


    Gears 5 to receive major content updates every 3 months


    Gears 5 developer The Coalition has revealed ambitious plans for post-launch support.

    Gears 5 earns praise for its accessibility options


    Gears 5 has been lauded for having excellent accessibility options for the deaf and hard of hearing.

    Gears 5 Steam version has been pulled in China


    This is according to ‘TC Octus’, Senior Community Manager at The Coalition, who posted a message on the Steam forums titled “Important notice for Chinese players”. The developer says that there is “a specific issue” that is preventing Gears 5 players in China from “accessing the complete game”.

    Gears 5 was pulled from sale in China, so fans are review-bombing it


    Gears 5 is being review-bombed on Steam by Chinese users who are unable to play the game. The latest offering in the series released worldwide last week, but was pulled from sale in China, making it unplayable for fans in the region, many of whom are now registering their dissatisfaction.


    Total War: Warhammer 2 is getting Gotrek, Felix, and Brian Blessed


    And the Total War: Warhammer content keeps coming. The Hunter and the Beast DLC is due next week and will come alongside a free Legendary Lord, Gor-Rok, and as if that weren’t enough, the mighty Gotrek and Felix will join the fun on October 17. And they’ll also be free.


    Civilization 6 battle royale ditches the civs and cities but keeps the nukes


    Red Death, the new turn-based battle royale mode for Civ 6, starts out slow but gets more fun as the circle closes.


    Celeste's Upcoming Free DLC Closes Out The Story


    In a surprise announcement, the folks behind Celeste revealed that the endearing puzzle-platformer will be getting some new content in just a few days. Chapter 9: Farewell will launch, appropriately, on September 9.

    Celeste developer says that a sequel is not in the works


    The upcoming free DLC will be the last addition to the game as they move onto a new project.


    You can build your own botanical garden in Anno 1800's latest DLC expansion


    Ubisoft's acclaimed Industrial-Revolution-era city-builder Anno 1800 is rolling up its greensleeves and getting ready to turn over a new leaf, thanks to its horticulturally themed second paid DLC, Botanica, which arrives today on PC.


    Days Gone’s New Game Plus and extra difficulty modes arrive next week



    I’m excited to announce that Days Gone will be releasing its New Game Plus mode. This has been the most requested fan feature since we launched back in April, and it will be available on 13th September through a downloadable update.


    Endless Space 2's Awakening expansion out next week, introduces new Nakalim faction


    Endless Space 2, developer Amplitude's 4X sci-fi strategy game, will be venturing further into the unknown next week, 12th September, with the arrival of its latest expansion, Awakening.


    Life is Strange 2 will be removed from digital storefronts in Australia tomorrow


    But don't panic: it's only temporary.


    Ikumi Nakamura Departs GhostWire: Tokyo Studio



    Ikumi Nakamura, the creative director of Ghostwire Tokyo who became a fan favorite personality during E3 for her bubbly demeanor, has officially departed studio Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda/Zenimax.


    'It Wasn't Meant To Be This Lightning Rod': Valve Developer Looks Back At Company's Epic Store Exclusivity Comments



    Speaking to Kotaku during a Valve event in Seattle last week, Steam business developer and designer Nathaniel Blue said the company did not intend to legitimize the outsized backlash to Metro Exodus’ Epic store exclusivity when it put a comment on that Steam page. The use of the word “unfair,” he said, was meant to reference the timing of the announcement rather than the entire concept of exclusivity.


    Up to 200 more GameStop stores set to close, with more to follow



    In a conference call with investors today the team at video game and knick-knack retailer GameStop confirmed plans to close 180-200 "underperforming" stores this year, with more to come in the years ahead.


    Double Fine Presents could be coming to an end



    The publishing arm was introduced by Double Fine in 2014, with the aim of helping little known indie developers gain traction. Double Fine will continue to pursue this goal whether or not its publishing label comes to an end, however.


    Nexon's labor union calls on the management to guarantee job security


    Nexon's labor union "Starting Point" held a rally in front of Nexon Korea's office building and demanded the company guarantee job security on Sept. 3.


    Igniting a Chinese fighting game revolution


    China isn't known for its fighting game scene, but Next Studios wants to change that with Metal Revolution


    Smash Bros. Creator Just Made "Xbox" Trend On Twitter In Japan



    During a special Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai introduced the Banjo-Kazooie DLC. Not only does he want you to get that, but he would also like you to play the original game on Xbox.


    Nintendo wins UK high court case to block piracy websites



    The injunction requires five major UK ISPs - Sky, BT, EE, Talktalk and Virgin Media - to "block, or at least impede access" to four websites which help distribute pirated Switch games, modified hardware, or provide information on how to mod consoles for piracy reasons.


    The Red Dead Redemption PC emulation project has been halted



    Work on Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project, a fan-made effort to bring RDR to PC by way of the Xenia and RPCS3 emulators, has been halted. Developer DamnedDev didn't say specifically why the project has been suspended, but confirmed in an email that Take-Two Interactive had ordered an end to development.


    Esports News


    War Games: The Growing Alliance Between Esports and the Military



    As nice as that positive spotlight is, there’s still an elephant in the room: that this is all a marketing gimmick to boost flailing recruitment stats. Army representatives have appeared on major networks talking about wanting to entice gamers into joining the ranks. This may be a great opportunity for soldiers and reservists to explore their hobby, and to help develop a better kinship between civilians and the military, but it’s also an elaborate PR move.





    A new kind of entertainment company that blends gaming and apparel


    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


    Eurogamer at 20: Adapting to a changing industry



    On the 20th anniversary of its first ever post, editor Oli Welsh reflects on the site's identity and legacy, and the challenges the games press faces in 2019


    i don’t think i like prestige games



    For all the money, time, blood, sweat, tears, divorces, and whatever else was put into The Last of Us, the end result was a game I’d finished before I even hit the on button on my console.



    Making video games for a living sounds like it would be a dream job but for many it’s frequently a nightmare. Long hours of unpaid overtime are commonplace, as are short-term contracts that can be cancelled at a moment’s notice – and which are often poorly paid and don’t even guarantee you a mention in the credits. But it’s usually even worse if you’re a woman.

    The Games Industry Is Wrestling With Multiple New Allegations of Abuse


    Where there is smoke, there is often fire. Last week, there was a lot of smoke in the video game industry, as it grappled with a growing list of allegations against game developers, which ranged from sexual assault to managerial abuse. Some have admitted culpability, others have denied everything and hired lawyers. One of the accused has since died. As we reported last week, what started as three high-profile accusations has snowballed into gaming’s own #MeToo moment, as women and men come forward with stories previously kept secret.

    Gaming's #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility


    The videogames industry is having its #MeToo moment, and the backlash against it has been fast and brutal. Developers and creators are bravely going public about decades of exploitation, including at the hands of respected figures who have contributed to beloved franchises. The response has been moral outrage—not that there's an epidemic of men hurting women and covering for each other, not that sexual harassment has been tacitly tolerated within the industry, but that women have the gall to complain.

    A Game Dev Documented Her Discomfort Of Networking As A Woman In This Tiny Game


    After some pretty intense conversations recently about sexism and abuse in the video game industry, there’s been a heightened awareness of uncomfortable behavior by male colleagues towards women. Rosa Carbo-Mascarell, a game dev known for “Sort Your Life Out” and an accomplished wearer of many industry hats, vented some of her own experiences in her new free, tiny, in-browser Itch.io game, A woman goes to a private games industry party.


    Origin Sells Out



    One day in early June of 1992, a group of executives from Electronic Arts visited Origin Systems’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. If they had come from any other company, the rank and file at Origin might not have paid them much attention. As it was, though, the visit felt a bit like Saddam Hussein dropping in at George Bush’s White House for a fireside chat. For Origin and EA, you see, had a history.


    The Pernicious, Persistent Myth That Games Will Break Our Brains



    “Video games cause ADHD.”

    I remember when my college comparative religions instructor said those words during a lecture. It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d heard the claim—a host of headlines, politicians, and “advocates” in special interest groups have parroted it and similar myths about video games for decades—but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. For those of us who live with ADHD and other forms of neuroatypical cognition—such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dyslexia, and epilepsy, to name a few—the idea that gaming is what “causes” atypical neurocognitive behavior is not only in direct contrast to our lived experiences, it’s also pseudo-scientific.


    The Composer of Kingdom Hearts Has Never Stopped Reinventing Herself



    A master of disparate styles, Shimomura achieved greatness without pretense.


    A camera hack reveals that in horror classic P.T., Lisa is always right behind you


    P.T., the Silent Hills demo that many consider to be one of the best horror games of all time, was downloaded over a million times on PS4 before the game was cancelled and the demo was pulled. Fans have mourned for it, and uncovered new, weird shit inside it, ever since.


    Where is the “Authentic” LGBTQ Content in Games?



    Of course, it’s possible that GLAAD simply does not possess the necessary expertise and familiarity with the video game industry to identify smaller queer titles. However, if the Outstanding Video Game Award is meant to highlight authentic and impactful LGBTQ characters and storylines, how does one single quest NPC compare to games like Robert Yang’s Dream Hard, a beat ‘em up game centered on the late 1990s queer politics of resistance within New York City performance spaces?


    Amy Hennig, Hideaki Itsuno, and Other Developers Share Their Favorite Dreamcast Games, 20 Years Later



    For the Dreamcast's 20th anniversary in North America, we asked game developers about their favorite games from Sega's short-lived console.


    Video Games Face Mass Extinction. For Some, It’s Already Too Late.



    Eno had a magically eclectic catalogue as a game designer, from the horror series D and the interactive audio drama Real Sound to Panic Restaurant, an NES platformer about a chef who has to fight his own food after being cursed by a rival. In 2009 he released You, Me, and the Cubes for Nintendo. It was a tricky, surrealist game that you could play with friends about lobbing tiny people onto—and hopefully balancing them upon—floating cubes. The development cycle coincided with the debut of WiiWare, Nintendo’s first digital distribution service, so the game released exclusively on that platform. An idiosyncratic gem that mixed a frustrating objective with the calming backdrop of a day spa, it was one of the more unique titles on the overlooked service.

    Eno passed away in 2013 due to complications from hypertension. He was 43. You, Me, and the Cubes was his final work as a game designer. As of January 2019, it no longer exists.


    EVE Online will one day be sentient, its developers told me during a nude hot tub session


    You don't really know EVE Online until you're crammed into a hot tub full of drunk, naked Finnish players and two developers chatting excitedly about chaos and wormholes. I've traveled thousands of miles to end up here, in a stranger's house on an island called Kemiönsaari in mid-August, the boondocks of Finland. My journey to this county of some 6,000 Swedes and Finns isn't just for pleasure. I'm here to cover a historic event: EVE Online's first-ever Fanfest held inside a player's house.


    Catherine: Full Body’s Successes Make Its Reductive Gender Tropes Sting So Much More



    Catherine presents ideas about men and women and dating through the lens of a bunch of hapless adults trying to figure their shit out. The game is full of stories that delve into the complexities of adulthood and gender, and its moments of cleverness in this area make its missteps feel all the more frustrating. While there are some pretty ridiculous views about gender in the game, many of them are very clearly framed as the asinine ramblings of men navigating a sexist society. There are worthwhile conversations to find in the game, and the general interrogation of monogamy was refreshing. Full Body more prominently introduces the idea of love transcending societal boundaries like gender, which was also pretty cool at first. Ultimately, though, Full Body failed to do these topics justice.


    “A Loose Grip on Reality,” by Reid McCarter



    Remedy Entertainment’s games have always shown a love for the strange. In Max Payne, the main character, haunted by his wife and daughter’s murders, descends into surreal nightmares and drug-induced hallucinations that blur the line between Payne’s role as videogame character and in-fiction human being. He comes across TV sets that play episodes of Address Unknown—a Twin Peaks homage with a talking flamingo and backward-talking killer. The studio’s other games, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, take these same concepts further. In both, the fabric of reality shifts (and sometimes rips open) to reveal alternate dimensions and undermine their characters’ sense that the world is a logical place. Wake, which riffs in part on Stephen King novels and The Twilight Zone, even includes otherworldly shadow beings and a malicious doppelgänger.





    It’s not surprise now that the emergent ghost stories in video games are about offices. From the ubiquity of indie games, of which every week it seems like there is a new You Are In An Office Late at Night, to Control or even back to F.E.A.R. The office building has started to steal ground from the popularity of the haunted house.

    Are they really any different though? If we’re lucky, we’re able to bring a little bit of ourselves to every office we’re stuck living in. These spaces can become the new idea of the home. With access to an internet


    Control, Anatomy, and the Legacy of the Haunted House


    A world of made is not a world of born

    Support me: https://www.patreon.com/JacobGeller


    Space Invaders | Design Icons


    Design Icons is a new series from Game Maker's Toolkit, charting the history of game design through influential and important games. Starting with an invasion from space...


    The Story of Celeste's Development


    Become a PATRON to unlock more videos https://www.patreon.com/noclip

    We chat to Noel Berry about Celeste's design journey and how a Pico-8 side-project evolved into a multi-award-winning indie darling.


    The Animation of Metal Slug


    This time we attempt to cover the animation in the Metal Slug series.

    Consider donating $1 a month to my Patreon to help support the channel in getting better equipment, better games to talk about, better software, better research, better quality editing and seeing your name in the credits: www.patreon.com/DanRoot


    Outer Wilds Part 2: Being There (Spoilers)


    This episode was made possible by generous support through Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/errantsignal

    Let's talk about The Outer Wilds in detail!


    Towards an Aesthetic of Latin American Videogames


    What does it mean for a videogame to have a Latin American identity? Does it have to be set in the Caribbean? Is it enough if you put Mexican sombreros in a level somewhere? Shouldn’t we be making “universal” games (like they do in the US)? In this video, we explore some of the common confusions in the search for a Latinx videogame identity, and we point out what videogames can learn from magical realism and other art movements.


    How Dead Cells Exploits Your Indecision | Psych of Play


    Have you ever found yourself torn on a decision? If so it’s entirely possible that the reason for that was loss aversion, the human tendency to value avoiding a loss much higher than acquiring a gain. And dead cells is a game full of decisions that really exploit that desire to “play it safe” by teasing you with opportunity. But there is more to the story than that, which is what we’ll be exploring on this episode of Psych of Play!


    When a 9-Year-Old Sued Nintendo | Gaming Historian


    In 1989, Clark Thiemann was excited to play his brand new NES game, LJN's Major League Baseball. But when he started playing, his favorite MLB superstars weren't in the game. So what did he do? He sued Nintendo, LJN, & Major League Baseball.

    Support the show on Patreonhttps://goo.gl/pQaU9N


    We Visited Belgium, a Country that Banned Lootboxes - Fast Travel


    How is life in Belgium after a government ban on lootboxes? We traveled to Brussels to take a look for ourselves and checked out some cool gaming and comic book shops during our visit. Oh, and there's Belgian Waffles. Can't forget about those.

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