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  • World of Tanks Clan War and Training Sessions

    • Come and join us April 24th at 20:00 hours CST for some AJSA clan domination in World of Tanks. There will also be training and leveling events the rest of this week leading up to the clan war.

    Join us April 24th at 20:00 hours CST for a good time in World of Tanks with the AJSA. We will be hosting some clan wars. You will need to have at least a tier 3 tank and be in our TeamSpeak 3 channel to partake in this event. Please keep in mind that in the clan war our opponents will most likely be full teams of the maximum tier for which ever clan war bracket we have enough people for so whatever your highest tank tier is you will be facing tier 6, 8, or 10 tanks. This event is for fun and to raise awareness for the AJSA World of Tanks community.


    I will also be running some platoons on the 21st and 23rd from 20:30-22:00 hours CST to help our newer members or our members just looking to move up a tank tier or two leading up to the event. There will also be a training session on 22nd 20:30-22:00 hours CST to help all of our members get more familiar with the game mechanics as well as ask any questions about game play, tactics, and specific tank rolls.

    User Feedback

    Tier 6 is the cap for the first clan war bracket tier 8 for the second bracket and tier 10 for the third bracket. You can take out tier 8,9, and some 10's with a tier 6 tank or at the very least keep them tracked so your team can reck them. We would like for everyone to that plays to join us or at the very least hop on TeamSpeak and chat it up with us.

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    So, what client is the clan in? Is it on the NA or EU ??

    I ask because (i'm not a traitor, :P) i already have a clan on the NA servers and one of the top 100. If in NA then i'll just create a new account. If on EU then i already have a account with a few tanks there, hehehe.

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    I was not aware there was an AJSA presence in World of Tanks. You guys should drop by SIMP's TS sometime and hang out with me. Been following this show for a long time but this is the first time I've ever looked at the forums and the first thing I see is something about tanks XD

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    Yes we have a had a small presence but we are looking to grow larger and are striving to be a highly active and fun loving group. And yes there will always be a spot for you more serious and competitive players.

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