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  1. I just recently watched the review of Metro: Last light original and i thought Joe's review for the most part was 100% accurate. I had played Last light on the 360, and for shits and giggles got the Redux, because i never played 2033 in my life. With the Gameplay improved in the redux 2033, i was honestly thinking that 2033 was far superior. In Joe's review he claims the Last light was a huge improvement over 2033, and for the two originals this is true. But what about taking a second look through the Redux edition? 2033 story was more compelling, and the gameplay seemed a lot more challenging than last light, which made the game feel a lot more rewarding.. Although the DLC in last light was great, 2033 was better over all. Thoughts/opinions?
  2. I have been watching the AngryJoeShow reviews for the past year, and i was so impressed with the accuracy and honesty of a majority of the reviews ( and comedy :")) that i felt compelled to make an account! I hope i can contribute to the website to the best of my ability! I mostly play Xbox One, although i do play steam/ps3 as well. Thanks for being awesome joe/joe !