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  1. I don't watch much of tb im more of a Jim Sterling kind of guy but i still respect the shit out of him cause he's honest with his thoughts unlike some of the more major "Games journalists".
  2. and yet people are so nostalgia blind they will defend these guys to the death. nintendo sucks, always have, always will. also its for children.
  3. is this for something else or the clan itself?
  4. god i watched that video, my new goal is to acquire table top and the physical version
  5. what do you recommend for low end but still good performance pc gaming as I've grown weary of the lack of mac supported games i don't care if its desktop or laptop (I've been thinking of razer on that end)
  6. yeah it pays to study (its almost like your actuallyy in there world) even for monsters I've killed a million times i still need to check every now and again, also oils, and even the weakest enemies like drowners are very dangerous also the first boss is kind of a challenge. but if your like me and you get good enough you'll be able to recognize monsters using your witcher senses just by the sounds they make.
  7. i wouldn't trust any link that someone spams especially a link to a Chinese website, you may have already fucked up by visiting
  8. Hi!

    welcome friend
  9. dude i am all for that, i think im a pretty decent goalie
  10. welcome to the madness Dr.
  11. There was this really creepy rape whistle commercial from canada.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A5plrk3eeY This is a clip of it from Nostalgia Critics "Dawn of the commercials" video.
  12. this was a very nice review. If I may expand I do see what you mean by the glaring similarities in the plot and to paraphrase Nostalgia Critic, they relied on the original trilogy enough that they won't be able to do the same for the next movies. He then goes on to mention that it was most likely to make people feel at ease about as well as apologize for the prequels. Regardless I still had fun and it made me feel like a kid again, it even had some good twists that i didn't see coming. Regardless of the fact and its couple flaws I believe it was a good beginning to a trilogy that has nowhere to go but up from here and I look forward to the next installments as well as the dvd release.
  13. oh nvm im going to wait until the spoiler free version but he had me going in the beginning, i thought he was going to say "ya done fucked it up"
  14. i used to be a mod on a ttt server so i did the banning