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About Tylmarande

  • Birthday 11/21/1993

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    varies on game type
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    Origin - SeeTheUnseen
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    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Interests
    Well, if by interests means games I currently play, it'll be the ff. (with what I have):

    Discord - Tyljayd#5440

    - Mass effect 3/Andromeda
    - Dragon Age Inquisition
    - Sword Coast Legends
    - Left4Dead 2
    - League of Legends
    - Heroes of the Storm
    - Planetside2 (Briggs - Au)

    - Resident Evil : Operation Racoon City (Ps3)

    I'll admit I've been outta the gaming scene for quite awhile and would want to add more to my list when I can and try to be abit more active but money constraints and other real life commitments also keep me with a busy schedule. But if anyone's interested in having a few games with me, just give me a holler and will try to see what I can do. Time-squeezing wise. :P
    Cheers. :)

    Ps, my ps3's very old and most of my games don't seem to load on it. That's one of the very few games I can actually load still. Haha. :P
  1. Hey guys, so yeah. pretty much the title speaks for itself. But wanted to know if there's an existence of an angry army crew on the Australian servers where I'm at? Or if there is none, which is the group to join for planetside2 in AU? Thanks.
  2. Been abit busy so wasn't able to pop up right away and respond. Hmm, I'm still abit on the getting-into-mods side of things. I mean, only L4D2 mod I have is the Shrek Tank cause it's funny, amusing and recommended by a friend. Do you have any mod recommendations Mainman? If you do, I'd definitely like to check it out. Hey there Scampygordon, thanks. Welcome to you too it seems. Yeah, I know what you mean. Not alot of Australians in here I think. Maybe there is but they're being ninjas.
  3. Hey there Shagger, I play the ff. games with the pool I have right now: PC: - Dragon Age Inquisition & Mass Effect 3 (Via Origin) - SWTOR - League of Legends - Heroes of the Storm - Left4Dead 2 { - Sword Coast Legends{ Via Steam } - Neverwinter Online{ Ps3: (Quite old and can barely play any games on it [having quite its issues] but this one still works so far.) - Resident Evil : Operation Racoon City Hopefully will be able to expand my pool of games when I'm able to do so.
  4. Been following the Angry Reviews on YouTube for quite awhile and decided that I would like to join the gaming community of the Angry Army. Though my pool of games right now are quite limited and abit more on the free-play side of things, I hope to get along with you all. Cheers.