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    Motocross/racing games, MMORPG, and most FPS.
    Just here to have fun playing games
  1. First off I am a big fan of the communities supported games, such as battlefield 4, Destiny, GTA, SMITE and other titles I really enjoy playing. its really nice to see events being set up and an active community. But lets get to it I couldn't help but notice a lack of supported racing games. I am a HUGE.... huge fan of racing games! That's what I grew up on and while I like the other genres racing is in my roots. I'm not the only one. With titles like Forza, MX vs ATV, Need For Speed, Grand Turismo, NASCAR, Dirt ... and even more titles that are coming up and the racing community is growing. So here's a list of the games I feel like should be considered with a few of their reasons: Forza - One of the best Xbox exclusive games. Can host multiple online community events where people can show their skills, Show off their cool cars. Create a car club and share cars with each other and much more.MXGP- One of my personal favorite motocross games besides MX SIMULATOR. With MXGP for XB1 and PS4 online tournaments are made easy and can vary from a one day points race or into a race season with certain race days during the week. Physics in this game are amazing for a console and know to be the OFFICAL MOTOCROSS GAME​MX vs ATV - ​this game I'm skeptical about its an amazing motocross series but after their game ALIVE the series was kind of replaced by MXGP, But still fairs a decent size community and maybe future games will be more online group friendly and is worth keeping an eye onGrand Turismo - Kind of a Forza for PlayStation, I don't know much about this game ​I've only played a couple of times but when I did there wasn't any shortage of players. The community is rather large and I'm pretty sure offers what Forza can offerNeed for Speed -​ The titles I grew up playing on. With their most recent addition of what they call their "remake" this title deserves a good shot, love the older series and it seems that's what's coming back. Just got my hands on a copy but loving it as it is and more free dlc content and PC access, expands this title for the futureThese are just a couple of suggestions, I really love the website and the angry army community. I feel these types of games would serve nice in the community, giving something different than RPG's and FPS's, While keeping the community together for a greater gaming experience. Thanks for reading
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