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  1. 714slone liked a post in a topic by Darkartsdoctor in Helping Late Players   
    I don't know if there are very many people who share this opinion.  Or any really, this is mostly to see if anyone does.  I joined the Guild Wars 2 scene about two or three months after Joe did the review on it due to a lack of money for the game.  By the time I showed up basically everyone in the game was max level and already onto the pvp and daily dungeon quests.  I (not knowing this) decided to join straight up with the angry army as soon as I got the game.  I somehow managed to get in but when I did I found there wasn't much point.  There was a serious lack of players willing to group for any reason with someone of a lower level.  And there was no one around my level to help me out.  So I wound up grinding my way up to level 40 something on my own before I just couldn't take it anymore.  This also happened with Planet Side 2 and Guns of Icarus.  I show up late to the party and everyone's either moved on to other games or just doesn't wanna bother with the noob.  It's feels like there is a serious lack of camaraderie for anybody that wasn't there day 1.  I had a few fun times and a few good experiences with all the games, but on the whole it felt like the big kids kicking me out of their club house.  There needs to be more support for people who can't show up on time because life gets in their way.  Jobs, family, budgets, all these things can delay people from joining the fun right away.  Maybe have separate guilds or groups in games specifically for the noobs.  Have players who are dedicated to helping people play catch up.  Cause I get that not everyone wants to go back and do things they already did just to make it easier on someone else.  But something would have been nice.  Again I dunno if anybody else feels this way but it was a serious problem for me.
  2. RuneX liked a post in a topic by 714slone in Xbox One AJSA Mailing List Sign Up Thread   
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