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  1. Preordering once had a purpose because the games were physical copies. Now that they are not, there's not much point in preordering anymore ( for the PC anyway ). I mean, look at Sacred 3. People paid 60 dollars for that game and, according to the reviews and TB's video about it, it sucked majorly. Why take the risk? Amen to that!
  2. This just boggles my mind. When you hear a song on somebody's live stream, you hear it once, and probably only once, unless there is a rhythm game involved. If you like that song, you're more than likely going to look up the song on youtube/spotify/soundcloud/etc. . I mean, how is that bad? If anything, you give the producer MORE money and MORE publicity instead of less. Muting VoDs/live streams ( thank god it's only VoDs for now ) pretty much means the viewers won't know and subsequently will not look up the songs being played. It means that the artist actually remains unknown, unless we're talking major, MAJOR artists, in which case the song in question is probably known to death anyway. This hurts small time artists and people that want to get their music out there. I read about someone that bought most of the songs he liked while listening to a random streamer. He would not have given any money for these songs if there was such an ID system in place. No money to the creators. Besides, you don't hear a song on stream all the time - people aren't streaming 1 hour loops of a song, they're playing a damn game. Someone hears it, likes it and looks it up, giving the music artist money and himself enjoyment. Who really loses? Record companies? On that topic, it's hilarious how Twitch has muted it's own official VoDs - what a reliable system, apparently even Twitch is using songs ilegally! Also, muting game sounds? Really? That's sort of the point of some games, and taking that away from them is ridiculous. Music builds tons of atmosphere in most game genres, especially in horror games. I myself am more creeped out by a horror game's sounds rather than visuals. Take those away and... yeah, no more 10spooky20me. I didn't get the youtube ID system, I don't get it here either. It's unnecessary and hurts everyone - including those that it's supposed to protect from copyright infringment. Perhaps I'm just missing something here.
  3. The Path of Exile event was great! Too bad I died to desync. Still salty about that one. Congrats to the survivors by the way!
  4. Sorry for being late, but I'ma join I think. Excellent event idea MoVe!
  5. I put in as many uniques as I can in the Ambush league. I have so far put 2 axes a bow and a claw. I'm trying to put in as many as possible for everyone to use ^^
  6. God, that match was extremely close ( Fraex here ). And yeah, that Isis wrecked face, can confirm.
  7. Fraex is the IGN, though I am in a clan right now ( some friends ). Still not that great at the game I believe.
  8. AJSALordVety on Ambush League, just started playing! Hope to see ya all!
  9. When it comes down to it, Draven is mostly about practice. Being able to click around quickly also helps. I've played too much osu and now I have great success at Draven ( even greater than before, that is )
  10. Ashe is a utility ADC. For anyone that has followed the LCS season 3, they'll know that Cloud 9 used Ashe a lot in order to have a ridiculous amount of engage and CC - her above average range also allows her to be fairly safe in teamfights, and she can kite reasonably well, as long as there are no 20 dashes in 1 champion. She's not Jinx or Lucian or Draven, she's not the greatest duelist until late, late game. She's meant to be a fairly passive ADC that just crushes everything late game. And her level 6 kill potential is still awesome. And no, she's not pathetic. The reason Ashe works as an ADC is because she does actually have steroids in the name of her E and passive. Admittedly, they aren't very strong steroids compared to, say, 90% AS bonus from Tristana's Q, but they are there, and they work excellently. Also, her slow + volley + ultimate + 600 range allow her to immobilize enemies for an engage, which, as I said time and time again, is one of her main purposes. Not even a flash Tibbers is that good, and let's not forget that you need to get yourself in a pretty bad spot in order to do that. And Annie doesn't have AD ratios, Ashe at least has her W ( and low cooldowns on that ). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On an unrelated note, I know that pain about posts. Made a 3000 word or so Draven guide ( he's the boss ). Without pictures. When I tried to add anything ( even a single word ) it deleted the whole post. Quite annoying but there's probably some sort of limit. I will shamelessly just post it here, even though it doesn't have every sort of explanation I could put - tons of typing is hard >.> http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/8369-welcome-to-the-league-of-draven-guide-because-i-feel-like-it/#entry86011 Sorry for the shameless advertisement . Anyway, that's about it for now.
  11. Nobody tends to respect supports, but they are very important for the team, and are not easy to play at all. Not only do they hold a hefty amount of the bot lane control early game, they are often strong initiatiors and/or peelers for their whole team, as well. They also control vision quite a bit, even though now they can only place 4 wards ( Christmas tree map from support wards R.I.P ). In the lower brackets, they practically carry the ADCs through the early game, as well - although to be honest, bot lane is more about how well the duo works together rather than "support carries the whole lane" or "ADC carries everything". Oh, and supports carry all the support items, as well - you know, whenever somebody has Talisman of Ascencion, Mikael's, Sightstone, etc, it's usually the support and not somebody else, just so that player can focus on tankiness/damage/what have you. A good support will have all those items, peel for his carries and generally keep people alive, and we all know that death is the strongest CC. As an ADC player myself, I have great respect for all my supports. Besides, I play support myself when ADC is taken - I believe that all ADC players need to have at least some experience supporting and vice versa. It's good for positioning, different role thought processes, and gives you an appreciation of the support/ADC you're with. Respect the other person who you're sharing the lane with - that way, you both play better and have a better time!
  12. Oh man, that happens, way, WAY too often nowadays. Annie basically one shots you at level 6, still... the horror!
  13. Ashe is a great overall ADC and has a lot ( and I mean A LOT ) of things which can help the team. The ultimate alone is probably worth picking her up - it's pretty much the only ADC intitiation skill, along with Varus' ult, which is also great but far, FAR easier to whiff. I can understand why she's not viable in the current meta, however. Nowadays, ADCs are used for their pushing power simply because until the late stages of the game all they do is scratch tanks. This is because tank stats are far, FAR cheaper than damage stats and thus ADCs aren't really contributing much until the later stages of the game. Nowadays, it's all about the turret pressure, and Ashe simply doesn't have as much pressure as, say, Lucian, who builds a trinity ( sheen proc shreds turrets quite quickly ) and has a second auto with his passive. Also, if the skill levels are fairly equal, the current ADC FotMs will push out Ashe most of the time, at least until level 6, and even then, it's all about who initiates first. Ashe is incredibly OP in soloq though, simply because those initiations can win games. And they do. Often. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, onto the guide itself. It is pretty well written, but I feel like it lacks some things. One very key that I feel like needs mentioning is that Ashe has a range of 600, which is actually quite high. Very few other ADCs have the range to match without some sort of skill ( Kog W, Trist passive, Jinx Q, Caitlyn, and that's about it ). In addition, Ashe's W is insanely long ranged and that warrants a mention. It also has a laughable cooldown ( 4s I believe ). Also, you forgot to mention that her E actually gives her extra gold per CS - I think it got changed recently, but it used to be +1/2/3/4/5 gold/creep and it is incredibly useful for those heavy farming games. It also allows her to snowball faster from farm. It is not inconsequencial. I feel like the item build lacks any sort of real explanation as to why it is that way. Granted, almost every ADC builds a cookie cutter build nowadays, but try to explain your choices at least a little bit. The Doran's blade explanation is fine, but try to explain every pick up, and try to explain when you need to build another item than the one listed ( Guardian Angel for example - there are a ton of items you can substitute that with, and every item depends on the situation at hand - Warmog, Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage, Mercurial Scimitar are all viable defensive item picks. Explain as to when to use them on that particular champion and which ones are more effective. ) Also, I'd really like certain match ups and support synergy explanations, but that's just me wanting a lot of stuff. It's still great to explain in a couple of sentences as to what to expect from a particular lane, I feel. Just nitpicking here though. Bottom line, well written, but could use a bit more explanation with those item builds. Also, if you have any, give us your Ashe tricks! For example, I learned from Reddit that Ashe's ult animation makes it visible a split second before it is fired: Ashe raises her bow vertically just before firing, and with good reflexes you can flash out of the arrow. You know, if you had neat things like that, it'd be great ^^. Oh, and a video of Genja flashing because of such prediction: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, that Heartseeker skin is what I'd get if I wasn't such a poor bastard. Will make me play Ashe a lot more than I do now, and that's a great skin. Skin + splash = I'm sold. Well played Riot, well played.
  14. Yeah, that video is awesome! All members on TSM are so likeable. The cupcakes though... They scream " Kill Eat me"
  15. I'm guilty of not using the AJSA teamspeak and being fairly inactive nowadays. I'm distracting myself with osu a bit too much, and that really doesn't allow me to use teamspeak ( music ). I don't even enter the teamspeak much when I'm on League, but then again, I mostly play it with a team anyway. I sincerely apologize for the inactivity if I'm missed anywhere ( doubt it though )