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    I moved my PS4 to my router to play Doc in Tekken.
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  1. I kinda like what the beta has so far. I know it's not overflowing with content, as it is a beta. But I'd like to ask, why all the destiny hate? I've seen lots of youtube videos and comments and other posts about how "destiny 2 sucks". Is it really as bad as they say? Am I just looking at it through rose colored glasses? Or is it just the popular thing to look down upon, like whenever call of duty releases a game? Not really complaining, but I am curious on everyone's thoughts on the subject.
  2. GNO cause it's High Nooooon.
  3. Thanks. What I'm doing is renting fallout 4 then looking at mgs v. So far, I like fallout
  4. I can't decide between getting msg or fallout. They're both good. I'd like some help. What do you like about each of the games, those who have played it. Maybe it can help. Also, sorry I haven't been on much. Just been kind of busy and I'll try and be on more.
  5. Great! I'd love to join this clan. I've got a Warlock with stormcaller and a hunter with nightstalker both at level 40. Would love to go on strikes and raids. I just sent a request. Hope it gets through.
  6. I was just thinking, is there any possible way the AJSA could have an Android/IPhone app in the future?
  7. Psn OdenShard. Currently playing Black ops 3. Destiny. Gta 5. Star Wars battlefront. MKX. Looking forward to Doom, killing floor 2, but I'm not sure when they're bringing that to ps4 and many others.
  8. Also, the games I have now are COD Black ops 3. Destiny, the taken king and all the dlc that comes with the legendary edition. Mortal Kombat X. Star Wars Battlefront EA. GTA V and Onechanbara Z2 Chaos.
  9. Psn Id OdenShard
  10. Name's OdenShard....ok, it's dominik, but that's my Psn Id. you can find me on PlayStation 4 shooting zombies in black ops 3 In battlefront....Destiny...GTA V...MKX You get the idea. Of you all wanna play, you now know where to find me
  11. Doom. Killing floor 2(i heard they were bringing it to PS4 just not sure when.) That game that looks like the witcher but with mechanized animals instead I know this isn't a game, but I'm looking forward to PlayStation VR and how that turns out.
  12. 1.Mad Max Fury Road. 2.Star wars TFA 3.Avengers Age of Ultron 4.Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F 5.is a tie between 007 spectre and mission impossible rogue nation