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    Vidya games?
  1. DDOS mitigation is getting better and better every year with the use of tools such as Arbor by every major service provider in the U.S. DDOS mitigation no longer really black holes all traffic to a certain IP but rather identifies the type of traffic used for the attack and only drops those packets. This type of mitigation isn't automatic however, so the attack is still going to have a service impact and that impact is going to last for as long as it takes for traffic to be dumped. It's my guess that some of these groups are finding it a little harder to make a name for themselves when their attacks only last a couple of hours or so. Though this is all becomes a moot point if the victim hasn't engaged their multiple service providers to do this for them....
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! I received my first XBL message from Shagger with some events and I believe a new friend from the community as well. Totally stoked to show y'all just how bad I am at vidya games! - R0B
  3. Forum: R0BN4571C Gamertag: R0BN4571C
  4. ​Well uh, what's to say? The FNG likes vidya games...a like minded community seems like the place to be...I play mainly on a Xbox One...gamertag: R0BN4571C. - R0B