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  1. Does anyone here play worms either battlegrounds or w.m.d? I would love to have a game with someone on the community. I haven’t exactly checked in a long while high time that changes
  2. Wellcome. Shame I don’t do destiny 2 yet. I do warframe and worms if you’re game
  3. I’v kinda wanted to try shadowrun and dungeons and dragons. Shame never i can find someone to play with
  4. I could play for a bit i have to tune into dbs. Before it goes off due to one piece special.
  5. Psn Id: Darkfirewolf12 Consoles Ps4 and ps3 Games i play. Let it die, Warframe, Ultra street fighter 4, Final fantasy 15, (ps4) KIngdom hearts 1.5 2.5 on ps3 Games that i want to own this year Sonic mania and 17 Crash bandicoot hd Tekken 7 Mass effect Shemue 3.
  6. how about waiting till we see what the specs is like officially
  7. call of duty, skylanders, gears of war, halo (the true ending for halo 3 was the best send off)
  8. So i have to ask dose anyone also agrees that youtube has gone too far with the copyright strikes? I have heard that team fourstar behind dragon ball abridged fell victim of it. hell i have seen a channel i subed to years ago had some copyright from a some idiot dj
  9. personally i havent bothered with the rpg series since bowers inside story that was the best game in the series
  10. well i have a back up plan i can always use my ps3 contoller yes it can work all i need is a sixaxxis driver
  11. yea i tried it with many of my pc games sonic works perfectly
  12. i am having issues with my controller the odd thing is it somehow affects the source games but when i tried it with a game that isn't a valve game it works perfectly. i am not sure if its the source games or the controller. the odd thing is its being like this since last week
  13. has anyone got any of the dlc fighters i have the guest roster plus corran i have to say bayonetta is truly amazing since i enjoy spiking as her Corran is has some useful attacks makes greninja looks like yamcha Cloud i love how he is more if a close and personal alongside ryu
  14. True Johnster told me this before i made the account. for now i wont buy any tickets now since i am bleeding dry
  15. yea i was wanted to host an event about mvm but i dont have the rank