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  1. DEVPro is forcing us to play with pendulum summons and the first turn no draw. As far as i know is only OCG and has not said to be official for TCG yet. I stick to DN for now.
  2. Funny thing is after 5D's ended they made ZEXAL which is pretty much the GX but futurist like 5D's was and for in Japan right now there is another series called Arch-V. No idea what the theme is about but it introduces Pendulum Summons. Crazy stuff right there.
  3. Blackwings are getting better by every pack and list, with Beelze coming out soon they will be the #1 deck making him. Is simply such a good card. not to mention Icarus attack is a b*tch to deal with. Also hey people who play yugioh outside of yugioh forums
  4. You have my vote
  5. The show is different from the game, now if you say the new monsters is what makes you lose interest is like saying you don't like your vehicles going from 2013 to 2014. xD
  6. I still play Yu-Gi-Oh! at a high level, but I had a thought and wanted to ask if there was anyone who still plays Yu-Gi-Oh! I would love to get to know a fellow soldier to join me in duels
  7. Hey guys remember to feel free to add me or any member that has shown interest so far, is a good step to actually group up and have fun.
  8. Of course mate! I'm always playing, I tried getting to know a little bunch of people that play Awesomenauts within the community and I played with a few. I know for certain we can have a player based larger than 20 within AJSA. People just need ti show more love in the forums.
  9. So how many people have joined so far?
  10. Coming from AJSA, i expect groups to be fun, i mean what's the point if you can't have fun while playing. If the team is for the hopes of playing coordinated and stuff then count me in, I'm looking any groups that want to play correctly for once.
  11. Is this for the hopes of going Captain's Mode or simply a team for fun?
  12. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/9077-awesomenauts-channel/ This link leads to a post i made for a Teamspeak channel suggestion. AJSA doesn't have a Teamspeak channel for awesomenauts and if we really want to properly make something happen within AJSA and Awesomenauts then we need to communicate better. At least (in my opinion) with a TS channel Awesomenauts could grow in our community.
  13. I had made a post related to this but it appears to have been removed. Nonetheless, I am suggesting a channel in Teamspeak for Awesomenauts. It appears taht to play awesomenaust with others is rather difficult without the teamspeak as the game doesn't have a self-build in game voice chat. If this is impossible to do or for whatever reason it simply can't be done then simply tell me... removing my previous post didn't make any thoughts clear.
  14. Anyone else that plays Awesomenauts? I mean, don't be afraid, just hit me up with a PM or add me on steam, we can all play with each other.
  15. A good Laning combo for typical pub matches is Venomancer and Ursa for a firstblood attempt at lvl 2 For teamfight I love Magnus RP into Warlock Golems.