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  1. Hey this is a blog im having a go at starting: http://thedota2metaupdate.wordpress.com/ Yes. Yes, this is blatant self advertising. But I would also like any feedback you could give
  2. You don't have to, but I believe there is one if you want to join. The emblem really is just to show your support.
  3. I think this is the best way. The training grounds was nice but bots would be better. But then again, maybe programming decent AI would take more time than making a SP campaign? Not sure.
  4. But about battlefield specifically? Yay or nay?
  5. Just wondering what you guys think, especialy with Titanfall coming out with no single player. and who knows, maybe someone from DICE might see this poll EDIT: Changed the wording of the poll to be more obvious, the votes still mean the same.
  6. Read the post? There's a full explanation.
  7. thx guys il keep looking for people
  8. Currently a team of four regular players, need another member and other people to play with in general. Living in UK would be ideal for server connection. We usually use Skype while we play. Leave a link to your steam profile below.
  9. Yeah BF4 does seem a bit TOO demanding
  10. There are people, like me, that cant quite run BF4 even on the lowest settings. This is not a fix but allot of people don't notice it. there is an option in the video settings of BF4 that is called "Resolution Scale". What this does is it extremely quickly sacrifices graphics for performance. Prepare for your game to look terrible, but if you can find a balance this will most likely make it at least playable.
  11. 100th reply already, thanks for all the great feedback!
  12. you can do what ever you want with it
  13. I have messaged him about this emblem but no response yet