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    Passions are the drive of life. Formalities are for tools. Professionalism is counterproductive. Long live the attacker.

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  1. Any chance we could have one for pc in the future?
  2. Ok but to be fair he is
  3. I'm not really sure what this game is trying to be in all honesty. Is it a shitty rpg? A spooky sequel? A dance in candyland? The world may never know.
  4. First off: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Doxxing Secondly, (mostly to @Legolas_Katarn ) ignoring all the hate/death threats etc that she gets on a daily basis. The problem with Anita is that she takes herself way too seriously, she basically takes the few idiots who also take themselves too seriously and send her a threat of somekind to say "SEE?!? This is proof that im doing the right thing here by saying video games represent misogyny because only people who game are saying these things!". Though tbh I think if she had paid this type of attention to any group/hobby she would've gotten the same response. I personally just don't care for her and her antics because she tries to tell me/anyone what I/we can/cannot laugh at or enjoy without feeling guilty. Which is boring.
  5. Someone with a beast of a computer needs to push the graphics as high as they can go and give a report
  6. If I'm being completely honest.............I didn't expect this shit to be fucking mindblowing. Thank you game industry for proving me wrong.
  7. Or everyone got scared and lashed out over something that had the potential to be good or bad and the fine bros stopped to cut off the bad press But whatever floats your boat
  8. That's like what? 1-2% of their overall subs? really doin some srs damage
  9. can you show a few examples?
  10. So have they actually done anything bad with the trademark yet or is everyone just screaming due to the fear of being taken down? Cause if it's the later then this could just be some positive thing that lets smaller youtube channels get some extra money and attention from the network. Or not. But still, we don't actually know how they're going to go about all this so I don't understand all the hate from it. Also as far as their "career suicide" they've only lost 300k+ subscribers out of their 14Million.
  11. Thanks to everyone for giving your thoughts, I cant wait to try this game
  12. Is the exploration at least viable? were there any interesting locations? Also is the loot addicting to get in terms of the mods n things like that? or is it just basic stat bonuses with no touches to gameplay? (like a longer scope giving you more accuracy but taking away from the attack)
  13. I'm actually worried it wont be dark and serious enough, but yea it does need to retain that crazy/sarcastic/badass vibe too