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Everything posted by Ancient

  1. Only things u gotta search for in google is how to turn off all the underlying (useless) applications and the forced updates this OS likes to do. Recommend you go and find a actual nerdy site and not one of those blogs for this. Its a lighter OS, it runs smooth, its less ugly for sure. Annnnd DX12 support if your gpu handles it. Only these underlying things and the privacy invasion u gotta deal with and turn em off.
  2. All this game needed, was better maps to play on, they are terrible. Perhaps they will introduce some when its f2p??
  3. I am sorry if this was mentioned before, or common knowledge, but, i just must express my feelings about this. I was scrolling trough the source engine games list on wikipedia, and i found this: http://imgur.com/a/9nO37 I am simply baffled at how the hell this is possible! I know most of the source engine in and out, seen what it can, and cannot do, and here it is Titanfall, 1 & 2 somehow use it and accomplished what they did. I must say i am really surprised. I thought originally it was build on Unreal or something. But by seeing Titanfall 2`s trailer, i wonder why other studios don`t use the engine as well, sure it is dated, but its pretty easy to use by my knowledge. And i must say, it looks incredibly sweet by the looks of it.
  4. I bought like 11 under 1$ games in bundles , solely for them trading cards, resell them and get more money. When you have around 10 bucks you can buy what you want and have a little over to farm some more! Just bought Rise of nations extended edition! looking to play that later.
  5. Better than yellow at least If you where able to customize the triggers, bumbers and sticks to be black that'd be alot better. Especially the sticks. Totally lol i definitely would use it more.
  6. Woops, double post. Stupid mouse.
  7. Been wasting time building a level for csgo, for quite some time now actually. What i need need some folks to give me there point of view on it because i am completely without creativity at the moment to replace those pesky placeholders which are quite obvious. Would somebody like to help out? You can download the map via the workshop, includes a minimap so that you won't get completely lost. Feedback in the comments over here please. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705488032
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/291010/ Hatman?
  9. I mean, the darker the better, if you ever get any stains on them or cuts they'll just make your controller look cooler. Why i went with the witcher & NYY controller instead of spyro is because the spyro controller has yellow and orange, and apparently a light-ish purple. And you don't want this all over your controller because you play too much or let it fall a couple times on the ground i presume. Now if the witcher controller is red and black even on the triggers and bumbers (black) i would suggest getting that instead, black doesn't get dirty, as far as i can notice atleast! So that's the only reason why i'd choose witcher over spyro. And if it gets any stains like my controller over there, it'd look cool.
  10. Red or darkblue, the others will get dirty too fast And if yo u get any stains on them they just look cool unlike the others.
  11. The tutorial bot learns you the fundamental basics. once your out of you solar system, there isn't really anything beyond comprehension. There are Six things you need to worry about. Stellaris is not a very complicated game in my opinion, these are the basic things you should know and do to succeed. 1. Economy. Build mining stations with your construction vessel and, gather energy/credits, research labs... tho, mining stations are more important in my opinion. Energy you can easily come by, either by spamming reactors on your planets, or having found a lucky system with lots of energy. (You can build mining stations and alike, in systems that are within your empire's borders! even without colonizing a planet.) Minerals and credits are all you got to worry about. Influence points you just stockpile. 2. Military. Without a proper navy, your economy is prone attacks, and you will not have any means to defend yourself. This is where minerals come in handy! usually when you are done building mining stations or silos on planets early game, what you want to do is build around 20 corvettes with your existing fleet, just to make sure you can repel enemies and pirates. (Rush shields) (Avoid building defense stations or "military outposts" , these impact your economy, only do it when needed to net those few special systems) 3. Explore & Expand. (or E&E) If you do not research colony ships, and build one with 325 minerals early in the game, (Preferably as fast as possible, the faster the better) you will pretty much, be limited to your solar system. (Again this is why minerals are more important, early game is all about minerals) You need to expand, if you do not expand, you will have very little income, and late game, energy credits gets a bigger role, and if you don't have a means to get credits, your economy and your military will collapse eventually. So keep expanding at all costs! Other nations usually get the territory around them first, if you expand fast enough, you might be able to snatch some of those worlds which can be pretty valuable. Leaving the AI resource-less, making it so they are less of a threat to you, but, if in the future they enter alliances, they might try to take those world from you. You can stop expanding middle to late game, since then most systems will be owned. 4. Balance. couple hours in you probably went on a E&E spree, your economy barely is on the line, due to the lack of credits, and you got tons of fleets (I assume, most likely). This is when you will micromanage your planets as much as possible, put them sub-worlds into sectors and keep around 5 strategic capital worlds for yourself. Once you form sectors, you will get less resources from those planets, due to the sector needing to sustain and develop itself, you can change this limit however, and you can command them to focus on various things, as well as pay more resources, at the cost of the sector pretty much staying as it is, which can cause trouble at wartime due to them not being able to produce anything to assist you. So keeping it at 50 or 25 % can improve that situation. Avoid war until you raise the economy bar a bit to safe levels. 5. War & diplo. Diplomacy is very limited and simple, some AI races will be hostile the moment they figure you out, some start out disliking you from the start, and others love you. Neighboring nations will most likely be hostile, and will probably try and take your territory early on. So building embassy's in the diplomacy tab early on can net you an ally, just don't fly into there system without border access, or you'll loose A LOT of influence, this also counts for research vessels and such alike. Mid to late game, Nations will usually have made alliances and have huge fleets! (1k - 4k in numbers, not counting allies) For you to reach this number alone will require a vast empire, and lots of credits to pay them. So if you had a bad start, you will be forced to make allies and maybe join a faction! This is very important, as they usually will back you up in everything in fleets. (0.5k - 2k in numbers depending on size of faction) If you had a good start and your neighbor is small and weak, try and conquer him if he has good planets, or vassilize him if he does not, this will net you an ally. (Keep vassals happy tho, you should have around 4 or 5 'small' vassals late game to support you.) 6. Avoid fallen empires! Fallen empires are VERY strong, and you will not be able to kill them without a very huge and good fleet, and allies far into the late game phase. They "out tech" you considerably, and would it be so they start hating you early or middle game, do EVERYTHING in your power to keep friendly, they will obliterate you. and do not try to gain there attention or whatnot, you will fail. This is all really, diplomacy is pretty normal, and similar to other games like total war.
  12. Empire earth, age of empires 1&2, diablo 2, Halo 2, stronghold, original half-life always gets me goosebumbs whenever i play them, and once i start i cannot stop. World war 2 games get me excited aswell, Elderscrolls games get me excited too, all but morrowind, too much reading for my toasts. These games where part of my childhood, and i remember playing them over and over again whenever i was bored, and i was never bored with these games, ever. Songs, well, name any games from the classic halo trillogy and pick a song!
  13. Damn R9 380 is already considered old, call me nuts! Wouldn't go much with leaks or anything, I am just waiting for a official graph.
  14. Either a Grand strategy game, or a huge mmo game, like, Europa universalis, or World of Warcraft. Much gameplay value.
  15. I love the first two games, the first one felt unique, tho the elevator rides where a bit boring hahaha. The second one improved everything, tho i would have loved more enemy varieties in mass effect 2, The only thing mass effect 3 excels at is just that, but not much the rest, since, it did improve on almost everything, the story was lacking in ME3, no exiting boss battles, and a rather disappointing ending, tho, when you play all the games in a row, you will get a tear drop in your eyes when playing mass effect 3 and, nearing its ending, because it is very atmospheric, and you will get even more engaged into it due to the previous games. But ME2 had the best graphics, and most newly introduced characters, which are quite good and charismatic, and a big plot twist from the first game that just shakes you up, and engages you into the story. So ME2 is definitely the best one in my opinion.
  16. league of legends

    And with reason lol tanky bastard
  17. Seen some tank gameplay too, Looks good. I have to agree with your opinion on the music.
  18. league of legends

    would play sum
  19. And here i am, just sitting here, with no cash at all.
  20. A simple way to check is just to open task manager, go to performance tab, and click memory, if it shows, your all good. Only like 35mb should be reserved
  21. The character that does the sarcastic lines in this video is just perfect love it
  22. So, due to the absence of players playing dominion, it got removed by riot. But now, they introduced a somewhat revamp't version of it as a weekend gamemode "definitely not dominion". Do you guys like this mode? or prefer the old one perhaps?
  23. My Radeon hd 5830 stays around that temperature, when i am playing one of the newer games, like fallout 4 or witcher 3. And stays around 60-70°c on lesser games, mainly because its old, and the fan broke, so i had to improvise and slap one on there. If yours on idle is 80°C then something might be wrong with it. Check if the fans on it are spinning correctly. Or if you got your gpu overclocked. But i believe the max heat tolerance is 90°c or somewhere around that number. So, if you are playing intense games i say no worries if its 80°c just do not let it hit higher than that! Now if your gpu hits 80°c on older games like csgo... then you may need to check on it. I think normal temps for newer gpu's are around 40-65°c nowadays? 25-40°c idle? (Anybody please correct me if i am wrong on this)
  24. I feel you. I heard that the main reason they stop cranking out game-modes and keep them, is due to they fearing that the player-base will divide itself. And therefor prolonging queue times even more. For example, up in the higher tiers, past diamond players occasionally need to wait 15 minutes to actually find a match, that is if no one decides to quite during champion select. But i strongly believe by removing these game-modes from the list they are actually kicking out there playerbase, hell, if they where to remove aram, my sister would give this game the boot, since she only plays aram. And does not by any means like the classic gamemode that is summoners rift. Sandbox would really give the game what it needs! It might actually benefit riot in the long term. I kind of like the dominion gamemode more now, but it just isn't objective based enough, player half the time don't know what to do, and will just like a chaos soldier run around and get themselves killed! I did however enjoy them bringing it into the weekend rotation atleast.