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  1. Ancient liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Evolve is going F2P   
    Well that's what they said they would do in the trailer.
  2. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR Special   
    Its a fun and educative video
  3. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR Special   
    Its a fun and educative video
  4. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Titanfall 2 - Will use the source engine?   
    I am sorry if this was mentioned before, or common knowledge, but, i just must express my feelings about this.
    I was scrolling trough the source engine games list on wikipedia, and i found this:

    I am simply baffled at how the hell this is possible! I know most of the source engine in and out, seen what it can, and cannot do, and here it is Titanfall, 1 & 2 somehow use it and accomplished what they did.
    I must say i am really surprised. I thought originally it was build on Unreal or something. But by seeing Titanfall 2`s trailer, i wonder why other studios don`t use the engine as well, sure it is dated, but its pretty easy to use by my knowledge. And i must say, it looks incredibly sweet by the looks of it.
  5. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Plz help me choose a controller.   
    Better than yellow at least
    If you where able to customize the triggers, bumbers and sticks to be black that'd be alot better. Especially the sticks.
    Totally lol i definitely would use it more.
  6. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Plz help me choose a controller.   
    I mean, the darker the better, if you ever get any stains on them or cuts they'll just make your controller look cooler. Why i went with the witcher & NYY controller instead of spyro is because the spyro controller has yellow and orange, and apparently a light-ish purple. And you don't want this all over your controller because you play too much or let it fall a couple times on the ground i presume.
    Now if the witcher controller is red and black even on the triggers and bumbers (black) i would suggest getting that instead, black doesn't get dirty, as far as i can notice atleast! So that's the only reason why i'd choose witcher over spyro. And if it gets any stains like my controller over there, it'd look cool.
  7. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Please stop playing PC games with a controller.   
    Look bad to who exactly?  Keyboard and Mouse Fanboys? 
    Seriously,  that is the most pointless complaint I've ever heard, he and by extension anybody can use whatever the hell they want.
    I know that some will argue that keyboard and mouse offer better control but the truth is the only circumstances where that's consistently the case is with First Person Shooters and RTS.  Most of the time when I've seen Joe use a controller on PC is for 3rd person action/stealth games like Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Assassins Creed, Batman,  Shadow of Mordor and so on.  For those types of games a controller is far easier to use since it gives more sensitive control over the characters lateral movement.  
  8. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Plz help me choose a controller.   
    Red or darkblue, the others will get dirty too fast And if yo u get any stains on them they just look cool unlike the others.
  9. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in What triggers your nostalgic trips in gaming?   
    Empire earth, age of empires 1&2, diablo 2, Halo 2, stronghold, original half-life always gets me goosebumbs whenever i play them, and once i start i cannot stop. World war 2 games get me excited aswell, Elderscrolls games get me excited too, all but morrowind, too much reading for my toasts.
    These games where part of my childhood, and i remember playing them over and over again whenever i was bored, and i was never bored with these games, ever. Songs, well, name any games from the classic halo trillogy and pick a song!
  10. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Overwatch Angry Review [RF]   
    Microtransactions in an online multilayer only FPS game for full price. Every time EA, Activision or any other publisher/developer does this people break out the pitch forks and start shouting, but now these same people reckon this game should get away with it?
    This means one thing. Corporate has won. The defiance and demand from the gaming for games worth the price launch is lost. This is a sad day.
  11. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Dark Souls Easter Egg   
    I haven't played the Expansion yet, but I remember I found Tyrion Lannister's body in a prison on an Island, as well as Ctulhu Easter Egg .
    Also I recently started playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines ( Awesome game ) and found a Easter Egg about a song, Rock me Amadeus.  
    But by far the coolest Easter Eggs I've seen are in DOOM 2016: 
  12. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Fallout 4 - Sarcastic Jerk   
    The character that does the sarcastic lines in this video is just perfect love it
  13. Ranisel liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Adding DDR2 RAM memory   
    Check if the ram you want to buy entrenches anywhere inside this catagory just incase i am wrong:
    MEMORY YOUR MOTHERBOARD SUPPORTS: 4 x 240-pin DIMM, Max. 8 GB, DDR2 1066/800/667/533 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory
    Dual Channel memory architecture
    * DDR2 1066 is supported by AM2+ ,
    So you can only have up to 8GB Memory ram on your pc. What i would recommend is; http://www.amazon.com/Memory-M3A76-CM-PC2-4200-Black-Diamond/dp/B00BF58O8Y To fill up your slots incase you want to keep the old ram. But according to this: "1066/800/667/533" Mhz, i believe the product you want to buy will do just fine.
  14. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Confused About Fallout 4 Image   
    Hey, im sorry, but, i thought you where confused about Bethesda using the same type of scene they used in F3, to F4. Because, i personally haven't seen that image being used anywhere to promote F4 honestly!
    You could've linked us a video, or something more clear, to get your topic across as to why this image might have appeared so much to supposedly, promote F4. I mean, what are we supposed to make of this? You said at the start of the topic:
    " I was just reading the back of the Fallout 3 case and saw they have the exact same image as what was used to promote Fallout 4, why did they do this? " I simply thought you where referring to the image i linked above with the lone survivor and dogmeat going into a similar position as the F3 image. Or that the F4 game case uses a similar position as well.
    But to answer your question the best i can; The Fallout 3 image might have been used in early video's and articles as to when Fallout 4 was first announced, lots of content creators use old images that are Photoshopped to make hype or something. For example, Everyone wants a new Fable right? (No) So the fans then use old images, make them shiney or put them on the web with "FABLE 4" Photoshopped onto the image to make there video or article better in a way. Speculation videos on youtube use this method sometimes. In your case when you looked up fallout 4 promo, it could be very likely your search results came up with images or old articles with the F3 promo image slapped and shopped with the "F4" slapped onto it, or perhaps it may even have been used raw. The image you put above from F3, where it says in big "FALLOUT 4" can't possibly be made by the devs or anyone in charge, just look at the "4". But that is just one example.
    But i personally have never seen Bethesda use that exact same image of (F3) to promote Fallout 4, unless of-course, you can prove me otherwise. But i can perfectly understand why other media outlets would use an old image. especially during announcement time, to promote there content on the matter.
    This is all just a guess though, or at-least, the most probable one for me. Is this the kind of answer you where expecting Lhouraii???  I wouldn't want to damage this lovely site
  15. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Overwatch: Get more FPS for lower-end RIGs   
    Wauw, how similar can one's rig get, even the gpu haha
    thanks for the little fps guide!
  16. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Ancient in (F4)Thomas the Trai.... ROBOT   
    Glorious modding community!
  17. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Stellaris - anyone else super excited?   
  18. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    The song of progress right here folks
  19. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Civilization 6 announced.   
  20. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Worst Gaming Community?   
    This is so true Apex. I agree completely.
  21. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Worst Gaming Community?   
    I made this thread 2 years ago, when I was only 1 month into the League of Legends. Now it's been 2 years and I'm still playing it and I have to admit, my post back then was over exaggerated. The League community and I'm sure other MOBAs is not really different from any other competitive game. LOL was my true competitive game experience in years so I thought it was just LoL but after LOL I tried DOTA 2, I played CS:GO and those 2 communites have shit communities just as LoL, IMO CS:GO is even worse because of it's voice comms.
    People who say it is the most toxic community are generalizing and don't know what are talking about, either never played the game or played it, got flamed one game and then they judge the whole game off of one game. In my 2 years, I've never met so many good and fun people to play with like I did in League. I got so many friends there in these 2 years that it's just insane. It's currently the biggest E-Sports and also one of the biggest competitive games in the world when it comes to ranked and new players are the worse. They come with some shitty mindset that they are the next star and they flame people and shit like that but once you get to higher elo, people are a lot more chill.
    Anyway, my first post was just me overgeneralizing everything and judging the game too quick. There is many more toxic communities I can talk about, but LoL is as toxic as any other...
    It's competitive.
    It has real people playing behind screens
    It's online.
    And when you connect those 3, you know there are bound to be assholes.
    Anyway, it's a great game and has mute feature which helps you easily block and mute people ingame so that is that. People who think LoL is too toxic pretty much just can't handle being flamed in general and are too soft or aren't trully into online games.
  22. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in Good single player RPG   
    I cannot disagree with any of the above mentioned, but if you want something with dark humor and where you play the bad guy I recommend Overlord 2.
  23. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Battlefield 1 set in World War 1 - Official Trailer   
    Judging by the trailer, you can see at 0:47 that guy reaction probably to the noise of the guns and whatnot, so, based on this little thing, DICE NEEDS to make the story count, the story needs characters and those wtf moments, it just needs it. ww1 was very limited, Planes could barely drop any bombs at all! Most of it they dropped was gas sacks anyway! Tanks where limited to 1 or 2 prototypes per faction that they used during the END of the war. And not much else really, you got your battleships, and infantry, limited artillery and possibly submarines, and that's that. No super fast bomb dropping planes, no big ass tanks other than those slow prototypes.
    What they need to do is get horses in there, bicycles for faster transportation, trains in the story mode, and they need to expand heavily on infantry options to make this game successful multiplayer and single-player wise. And possibly even mix naval warfare somehow in there (on the eastern European front?)
    In my opinion, the trailer i assume showed some game-play moments, e.g when the guy puts on the gas mask on, it looks pretty nice. But dice really has to be careful not to make game-play too static, because then you get the shooter dilemma other games suffer from, especially yearly games... *couch * couch*
    Unless ofcourse theyre going apeshit and decide to do like outofera stuff like that huge as moving blimp moving thorwards the battlefield??????????
    Gonna wanna try this out though ^^ maybe even gets better than verdun?
    Also hope it'll have nice soundtracks in the game that fit the era, or something.
    Also apparently the germans also had a similiar tank to the british one:
  24. Ancient liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in DOOM launch trailer, system requirement revealed.   
    Games nowadays minimimum requirement: 8GIGs
    And here I'm sitting with 4GIG for like 5 years now

    Keep telling myself I'll upgrade soon and I never do. Feelsbad
  25. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Paid mods v2   
    Just to add my opinion on this paid mods thing.
    "Mods are free" Mods should be free, this is how it has been, and must be, or it wouldn't be a "Mod" it would become a "addon" (Which is known to be sold sometimes)
    Modder's can get money by being donated money by the downloader's. Modders havn't been modding and releasing there content for free for years to see a paycheck in there faces afterall. But this can go south if people know they instead can get paid for it. We got a good thing going here, best keep it this way.
    If these company's where smart, they would simply hire entire underlying mod teams for cheap, make them all work in sync for a couple months on 1000$ payroll. (To start anew or finish current already undergoing projects) And bam, you got DLC for you to sell for your game. I am willing to bet these content creators would gladly spent 4-5 hours a day for a normal paycheck at the end of the month. ( Ofcourse, not let the public know about it neither lol )
    Hell, they could even say, "if you guys finish this mod of yours that no one knows about, let us sell it exclusively as official DLC, you'll all get the cuts from each buy, ofcourse well get some % aswell due to it being our tools u used.", the evil secret here is not telling the media about it. (Thus avoiding pesky criticizem and perhaps mass disagreement)  But then again i guess it would'nt be that evil if the content creators agreed with it, and i bet this has been done before countless times, judging by quality differences from certain DLC's compared to another. But we wouldn't know if it is really like that now would we.
    So i find it quite silly company's wanna introduce possibly low quality content on whatever platform,"made by """modders"""" that you need to waste money on to get, for all you know its a tiny small arsed fishing mod! 5$, and people will actually buy these things. From what instead we could and should be getting free mods, or even new, fleshed out and proper dlc. which is not always proper but sounds much better than the fishing mod for example. (get the point?)
    That's my two cents on this paid mods thing.