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  1. Shill all you want, you are defending and making excuses for Devs censoring reviews. They ARE removed from all view and statistics calculated, for everyone, unless you happen to find out what they are doing, dig into the settings, and opt out. It should be obt in if anything, at the very least. It's censorship, plain and simple, and exactly what the devs of some games wanted when review bombed for horrible game releases. And again, not one negative review Angry Joe has made would not be removed if texted to a Steam forum now. This is indeed the Eloi generation.
  2. I can not believe this is actually a comment on the ANGRY JOE forums. Most of AJ's reviews would be deleted according to the new censorship implementation. If you don't like another person's review, that's YOUR problem, not your right to delete it. What Steam is doing is not a slippery slope, it's a greased fire pole by developers wanting control over the only voice game consumers have left. Review bombs are this generations only form of protest against the insane near constant releases of "You done fucked it up!" games.
  3. I thought for sure this would be all over the gamer YouTube videos. Most Especially the Angry Joe Show. If some have not heard, Steam now allows Devs to censor or even delete reviews from the review ratings if they consider them "off topic" in any way. Off topic seems to boil down to anything that upsets the devs. You are able to opt out, IF you find out about it, and IF you can find the option (which is buried deep in the menus). Otherwise, the slightest wrong word; wrong description; or even if you happen to put your negative review up at the same time others do (which is considered review bombing, and can be deleted). Of course, positive reviews of all kinds are not affected. . .
  4. Except for the AJ army, of course.
  5. I want to make it clear, I wrote "Pre-planned, Pre-orderable DLC is like a cancer on gaming". If that's banable, I guess I'll have to change it to a more corporately approved malady. But I'm also talking about being banned for asking why someone was banned. Or pretty much any reason they can think of. While people that attack you or call you FAR worse names than you ever thought about using (they defend the corp), are still posting away without a problem. In fact, after seeing people being attacked, name called, and told over and over "That's just the way things are" when they were trying to communicate their frustration (or anger) about the DLC situation, I wrote the below in support of them (and was banned): "There are 3 myths that some corporations and corporate toady's want you believe: The first: Tell the customer it's his computer's fault, or his fault, for the games failings/bugs. Second: It's just the way things are. You have no right to complain. You just have to give up and accept that you have to put up with bad corporate tactics. Third: Name calling; insults; anything to make the customers with legitimate complaints feel uncomfortable by pointing out facts and failings. This can even be organized from the corporate end (shills). Always remember, you have every right to complain or call out a company that continues to use greed or shady tactics, instead of just releasing a stable, complete game for one price. Don't let them bully you into silence or acceptance, or it will only get worse (for certain)."
  6. Anyone see the pre-orderable DLC for this game? They even call it DLC. Even describe specifically what's in it already (which, of course, could just be put into the game instead of selling separately).
  7. I'm in my 50s, and way back when, there were "BBS's" instead of forums and the internet. Been online since back then, all the way till now and the Twitter generation. In all those decades, I've never been banned. Ever. Not even close. Until lately. I noticed on a Steam forum posts disappearing, and people being banned. When I ask why certain people were being banned, "I" was banned. Although I usually only read the forums once or twice a week, I started to read them a couple times a day, to see if I could catch some of the posts being banned. Sure enough, many of the posts I read, that disappeared, were from people complaining about a game which we released buggy and unfinished. When I (foolishly) pointed out what I noticed, I was banned again (for a long time). I wanted to fight back somehow, but how can you when anything you say is deleted, and your just banned again. So although I wanted to find some way to counter the censorship, I finally gave up. Until: I was on the XCOM 2 forums, and made comments about how the pre-purchasable DLC was yet another cancer on gaming. Banned again. Meanwhile people attacking anyone who mentioned the DLC, even those cussing and name calling, still have their posts up, and are not banned. I decided the only way to have any chance to stop this, or at least talk to others about it, was the AJ forums. At least here I don't have to worry about being banned for bringing up the subject.