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Everything posted by iamtruth

  1. I've been on the open world part of the game for a bit and I love it if we could get something going like we all try to get on one server and just destroy pirates!
  2. I heard this community had planetside 2 on it and it was very active, but where is everyone?
  3. It's all dead sadly.
  4. Why do you need a Go Fund Me page?
  5. Well I mean you are technically putting out false information and your getting angry about it. So essentially you got caught with your pants down and now your just getting angry.
  6. Firstly, you need to wake up to see and praise him everyday. secondly, don't talk about my god like that. thirdly, the reason why it's called an ALPHA because they don't have all the content in so they could have open world with a million planets and no ships I mean is that a alpha or a beta? come on think.. If you don't care to debate then bye, I'm just taking this with a gran of salt while your going full keyboard warrior calling me names.. really?
  7. But you never saw in any of his games he created he never once chipped anyone out of a good game, if his resume isn't a gleaming hope that this game will be a great game, I mean has anyone actually played the Alpha? Its a damn better Alpha then what I've seen before. Chris Roberts is our lord and savior! http://images.eurogamer.net/2013/articles/1/5/7/4/1/8/5/13666836493.jpg/EG11/thumbnail/360x200/
  8. You forget its Chris Roberts. He missed out on all of the corruption that the gaming period went through he went off to make movies during those times and now he's back and I don't believe he will flip flop like that.
  9. Well if it's true as what you say then I'm fearful that it will die out after a couple of months from what I've seen from previous supported games.
  10. How can you promise that?
  11. Funny, I just joined that community that messaged me over steam. After nothing was going on in the outfit I joined them.. I had no idea that there was a connection lol.
  12. Ew please just kill it
  13. So, what the AJSA is no longer gonna be in star citizen? Wow I'm quickly running out of games to play with you guys..
  14. I've been hyped for banner lord for a while but I've gotta question, why do you need sargents in this early of the games life? There hasn't been much news on the multiplayer other than it being like the warband native and that's always a cluster so I don't see a reason for organization.
  15. Welcome to the AJSA
  16. Wait, is this a serious event? Lol
  17. Well I just got my computer updated to a to GTX 970 and some of the latest gear, I can play battlefront just fine but bf4 it kill my pc
  18. I would join but for some weird reason it can't run the game :/
  19. Welcome to the community
  20. Welcome to the community I'm thinking of getting an xbox one, I just can't make my mind up between ps4 and Xbox one.
  21. I was thinking about getting this game and I was curious if anyone still plays it, I mean the this forum from what I see isn't really active.
  22. Welcome to the AJSA m8
  23. Hello there!
  24. Will the game continue after this?