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    United States/Illinois
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    Name is Tyler.
    I like gaming communities and Joe he makes interesting reviews and shows content with the needed salt.

    WoT- The_Stealth
    WoW (World of Warships)- The_Stealth
    Battlestar Galactica Online- sharkbite344
  1. I like stopping in and reading these as much as I can. There is a lot of content for each 'article' better than IGN. xD
  2. I got a good one for you guys. It sums up the whole thing hahaha Tyler
  3. Alright. I will see when the release comes closer. If nobody has taken the position then I will take the position to get it started. Thanks
  4. I know the PC will probably have theirs day one but has anyone started thinking about making a clan on PS4????
  5. A terrible idea in my opinion. Just to have a class that will probably be better than the other classes is just a no for me. I hope it doesn't come with an overpowered amount of health and that its just bouncing bullets because it has a added "Armor" effect to it. If I take a sniper and dome him he should fall to the ground because I doubt for realism sake that a bullet like that will just take him out. -When you want Battlefront to be Battlefront but its not. Then you try to make battlefield become Battlefront :/
  6. introduction

    Welcome to the community!
  7. We should get a team together for Paragon. Joe just did a live stream yesterday (8/17/2016) and it shows you the basics and its a new game so lets get into it and start playing for the Angry Army. I don't want to really lead it but I would like someone to start a team so we can all play together. The game is fairly new and thats the time to start to get at it so we can become great at it and face other people. I hope to see you there Comment your PSN name down below or just your username if you are on the PC. Thanks Brisingr
  8. Sounds good will be making a topic about it I hope one of the Commanders pulls some people in.
  9. Best just to leave it alone. Now we have a resident evil. Left 4 Dead With a bit of Sci Fi Looks terrible and probably will be.
  10. Shame this didn't get answered
  11. Is this still a thing?
  12. I have looked around the internet a bit and I know there is a lot of comic books related to Star Wars. If anybody knows a good lineup that I could start from. I would like to start from the very beginning and until the present (Well the latest star wars books) These don't have to be just comic books I can read words rather than captions. Thanks for anyone and everyone. Brisingr
  13. If I am on I will join. I run T-150 here.
  14. I play a little bit on the PS3. But mostly only BF4 (Frostyshark_88).. I am just waiting for more games to come out on the PS4 so I don't play it a lot so you will find me.. I wonder if No Man's Sky will be any great doing the same old thing. Rainbow Six Siege is getting along doing the same thing.