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    Student, aspiring journalist and young entrepreneur.

    I occasionally have the delight of smoking a well-made cigar. My interests are ever shifting, but my heart is right at home. Oh, I do love video games, but more than that, I love living. Of course, hard work, fun and just casual conversation are daily pleasures.

    I believe that serenity, honesty and camaraderie are crucial, do you?

    I go by the pseudonym: The Colonel.

    I'm a gamer, period.

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  1. = THE AJSA'S UNOFFICIAL MOTIVATIONAL RAP = A little motivational rap, designed to cheer up all the boys and girls over at the AJSA. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Angry, that we are. Joe, that’s our leader. Show, which he’s running. Army, because we’re brethren. And this is, the AJSA’s, unofficial rap! You must remember who you’re speaking to, Tons! That’s a council member, along with Doctor Evil! But why are you trying to topple the masters, pupil? Didn’t nobody tell you what our motto is? Never give up, never surrender, victory or death! Fighting for better gaming, by gamers, for gamers, Zero bull, not null, that’s who, all action and reaction! Watch us take the show floor to another level, We’re inbound hot, like a boiling kettle! Reckle-essness, na na, we’re not about that, In shooters we’re all about the tactical domination, shooting ‘pop ‘pop! Welcome to the AJSA, proudly born in the US of A! With members from all shapes and sizes, Strong and united, determined to leave the opposition in shambles! That’s right, that’s right, One thing about us that you should know is, That we’re as tough as Other Joe’s biceps! But don’t worry, I’ll lead you up the steps to meet our commanders, Or our officers, all capable of leading us forward into battle, Angry Army! That’s our title! Cheering you up from the front-lines, not a poser from the sidelines, Your one and only comrade, the Colonel. =AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA AJSA=
  2. Lets bring it back!
  3. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY *** To: AJSA High Command From: UNDISCLOSED Ladies and gentlemen, I write this letter to you in hopes that my petition will get through. It's been a rough week on the front-lines. I've seen my fellow countrymen die for a cause, even my faith is wavering. The enemies of SUPER EARTH have thinned our numbers, but the recent strike we did to one of their major capitals has crippled them in return. I am not one to accept defeat that easily; call me stubborn. Nonetheless, I must insist you allow me this one wish. I require reinforcements at location UNDISCLOSED, at UNDISCLOSED hours. For all intents and purposes, I plead that you permit HELLDIVERS for PC to be granted unofficial-grade access. I overheard another soldier the other day talking about an event taking place for the PS4, but I'm stationed on PC... and you know I'm not heading back to the console war. I have my scars. Without anything else to say, I'll cut it short. Thanks for listening to this old war dog. Signed, The Colonel POST-LETTER DOCUMENT Points in favor: Will boost the morale of our troops. Also, motivation towards finding better, or simply, just enjoyable games to play.More rations of LiberTEA.Dynamic game mechanics can keep the AJSA HELLDIVERS community engaged thanks to its cooperative multiplayer.I volunteer to spearhead the assault. No need to wait until someone raises their hand. I'm here until you find someone better.HELLDIVERS has a discount of 30% on Steam as of date. Even without a discount, it's an arcade-priced game, accessible to anyone. This makes up for the low AJSA player count, so instead of scaring others with a large price tag, it encourages gamers to try it out.​Points against: Small number of players (most seem to be lurking).It seems people know its available for PS4, but not PC (it is available for PC through Steam).Lobbies are restricted to 4 players. Might have to create squad-sized subgroup chats in TeamSpeak. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY ***
  4. I dunno, but I got a free copy of Star Citizen when I purchased my good ol' R9 270X graphics card. It'd be great if we had custom armor or insignia's for our ships.
  5. You are? Wow.
  6. Don't be shy, Mandy! We don't bite. Get started by checking out our PC section, and even make a thread, just click here!
  7. Is this a welcome thread? Anyhow, welcome (again) to the AJSA, Emma!
  8. Salutations, brother in arms! There's plenty of space in the barracks for ya. Psst! If you're looking to make a thread, say, in our PC subsection, click here!
  9. Welcome to the Angry Army, Jani! Glad to see a Finnish comrade! If you're looking to make a thread, say, in our PC subsection, click here!
  10. Welcome, welcome lad! Glad to see a Greek recruit among our ranks!
  11. Where's the love for the PC version of HELLDIVERS?
  12. Glad to see you join the ranks, Alex! If you're interested in getting involved with the PC community, click here!
  13. *** INCOMING MESSAGE FROM SUPER EARTH'S HIGH COMMAND *** To: Other HELLDIVERS stationed at SUPER EARTH. Fellow HELLDIVERS! I write to you during these desperate times, to rally any forces that we possess in order to organize a major counter-offensive. As you may know, we're currently fighting the Bugs, Cyborgs and Illuminates. We're assaulting the Illuminate homeworld, although the siege hasn't fared well. Nevertheless, the Federation is offering hefty promotions to whomever fights for the freedom of SUPER EARTH! I'm expecting to see you all on the PC front, starting today. Reply if you're willing to fight for SUPER EARTH, and of course, to drink a good cup of LiberTEA! Signed, The Colonel *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY ***
  14. *IMPORTANT CHANGE! I changed the date. I moved it to Sunday, since I'll be going on a trip on Saturday. A little late for that, but I apologize. For those looking forward to it, expect me to be ready on Sunday - no excuses!
  15. Howdy, Jenson! Hopefully you'll find us friendly enough. We don't bite, I promise. In the meantime (since I don't know what platform you game on), check out these subsections so that you can start getting involved with the community! Xbox OnePS4 & VitaPCLast Generation ConsolesHave a great day, you.