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  1. Hey guys if you guys wanna im part of a group on a GTA 5 RP server if you guys play gta 5 i would please reccomend hitting me up on joining our group. We could be a AJSA gang on this server. If you own a steam copy of gta 5 you can play just dm me on discord for the server info and group invite. My discord is Ddawk#7234
  2. I always liked playing coop with far cry games. I just got a copy of FarCry 5 and will be playing with lots of friends. But I would also like to play with some of mine AJSA members. If you want to play HMU and we could play
  3. Im getting rust and wondering if there is AJSA servers, events, and guilds i can join and be apart of?
  4. I saw the enlistment forum for guild wars 2 but thought since it was years old nobody would see it. I would like to join the guild name is Ddawk on the game.
  5. I have been playing counter strike and i have been wondering if you should start CSGO events or if there is were do i go?
  6. Yeah man welcome to the AJSA!
  7. So with the relese of battlefield 1 all of our battlefield events has been bf1. But are we still gonna do bf4 because even though bf1 is good bf4 is great and it has soo many maps and dlcs and such it is the best modern fps to me so far and it would be a shame to just stick to bf1 its good but to me not as good as bf4.
  8. Well if havent got it already, i would recomend on NOT GETTING the game for these reasons. COD is becoming way too repetive and we need to tell them to make better content Alot of people are tired of the futuristic fps we have titanfall 1 and 2, halo, planet side and many more. And also there are lazy with there pc port even though your prob were gonna get console it shows how lazy they are. But if you reaily want to then go ahead but dam am i tired of COD ps i know most people will get it because of MWR but you have to buy COD IW first so its kinda a ripoff and its prob gonna follow the same path of skyrim remastered not that special and a wast of money.
  9. Welcome have fun!
  10. Welcome hope you enjoy the AJSA
  11. Welcome to the AJSA hope you have fun.
  12. Ok im game lets do this!
  13. Me and my buddys will stream kinda regulury and i will notifiy it here as well here is the link to it https://www.twitch.tv/mr_mimic2112
  14. My buddys are screwing around in just cause 3 if you guys want to join here is the link https://www.twitch.tv/mr_mimic2112
  15. hello yeah that pic is kinda a fallout theme