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  1. mean I am down to try and play this game again. I haven't played it in so long I don't even remember what the game looks like. If your planning to jump back on I will as well and maybe you can help me out.
  2. Join us in the PS4 community. The more the merrier. Oh and WELCOME BACK
  3. I have always been interested in playing Eve but the game is hardcore and there is a steep learning curve.
  4. I bought my 3DS a few months ago. so far the games I got for it are Zelda Oot, Super Smash. Fire Emblem, and pokemon Y. I am thinking about buying mario 64 for it as well as MGS 3 for it.
  5. Welcome to AJSA, If you play any video games on console or PC, let us know. We would love to to play some games with you
  6. I played it. The game is interesting to say the least. I recommend it.
  7. I just bought it last night. Im down to play. Add me on PSN.
  8. Welcome to AJSA, If you have any questions please ask and we shall provide you with answers. I hop to see you in and around the Discord Server.
  9. I am so down to join a clan for this game. Add me. Lets make this happen. I personally think we should have like a AJSA site specifically for this game since it has no clan system within the game. That means that we will have to set up raids, farming, etc. outside of game. I welcome all invites and adds from here. add meh PSN: LaSomBrAX25
  10. Okay I understand now. He works a lot. The panel was entertaining. I sat and watched the whole thing. I never really do but I did this time. Other Joe had me laughing at my job and I got in trouble for it. Thanks Other Joe ( It was worth it lol) On another note, I wonder if Joe even reads this lol. He probably does but does not post because then people will bombard him with questions I am assuming.
  11. I personally he should focus a bit more on reviews. I still think he should do what he is doing but he should take a day or two out of the week and focus on making the reviews. Then he can leave the rest of the days to do the other funny and interesting content. Do not get me wrong, I like most of his content but the thing that made me a fan was the honesty of his reviews
  12. Is there a PS4 Branch for this guild?
  13. Right now I am Vampire level 4 i think. If any of you play on the PS4 I dont mind biting once I get the skill for it.
  14. The game does not look to bad at all actually. Im looking forward to playing the game. Hopefully it is as fun as it looks. Now I am aware that at E3 they promised a whole bunch of stuff that is currently not in this preview but the game still looks good nonetheless. Unfortunately I have to play it on my PS4 because my PC died. I know that my experience is going to be far less on the PS4 then on the PC but hopefully its not to bad.
  15. I have noticed that Joe hasn't out up a game review in a while. Hopefully he starts doing them again. Watching his reviews is what made me a fan of his channel.