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  1. Is there anybody in the PS4 division that still has or even plays Modern Warfare Remastered? If so please msg me on the ps4 PSN: Ranting_Muppets
  2. Greetings, Me and two other AJSA members are gonna try and run the Leviathan Raid on the 26th of this month up till the 28th. If you need a raid done and are looking for other Angry Army members to run it with please leave a reply to this thread or message me. All I ask is you bring a fun attitude and alot of free time. PSN: Ranting_Muppets
  3. PSN: Ranting_Muppets Right now I am playibg Overwatch, Doom, Smite and Diablo. I get on Trove and Killing Floor every so often.
  4. Watch as pvp servers fall into chaos. We shall ride onto the hills on that day friends
  5. Oh... My... Gawd guys this is dare I say a great game. This game blows your mind with almost every aspect, minus the small bugs in free play. I don't know if this has happened to anybody else but if you stay in free play for more than 45min the game breaks. Have fun with this guys, can't wait to see a huge community pressence.
  6. Im surprised that Angry Joe ain't talked about this is yet.
  7. Getting together for Destiny... count me in Angry Army guardians.
  8. Aye sir, will keep that in mind
  9. I have been playing Ark for the past two days and it is well worth the $30+ price tag. As its still a game preview you can tell that it still needs work, more so with the more populated servers. The game crashes from time to time but the game play is worth it. Starting out dare I say, as a caveman. You are thrust into this huge island with dinos and other players. (Avoid pvp if you dont like being killed by other players.) You can tell this game is very PC. Just the graphics and the interface alone gives it away. This game is perfect for Turtle Beaches, Tritons, and other headsets that allow you to hear the game without having to turn up your tv. Oh and make sure to never eat your own poo, it does nothing but poison you. Just don't do it.
  10. I have been around a few days and im just looking to play some video games. My gamertag is the same as my screen name
  11. So I just got done reading the ranks and it seems you have to be active on the forums as well as on the feild of battle. If there is a officer on the xbox one that can help me with this that would be great.
  12. RantingMuppets is both forum and XBL
  13. Its my Xbox One gt, my bad
  14. Hey Angry Army I am RantingMuppets with a huge tip, Dont buy Destiny TTK. Sure we got more content and a new voice for ghost. But TTK replaced all the content from vanilla and just re-skined it with a sheild rotation on the "new" taken race. Sorry for the rant, anyway hope to play with the army soon
  15. My IGN is RantingMuppets