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  1. Hey guys, made a video review for the new DOOM game that came out last week. I put a ton of work into it, and I want to know your honest opinions of it. Thanks guys!!
  2. On one hand I'm disappointed because it was supposed to release this year.. but as time goes on I am OK with devs pushing back release dates now as long as it is for good reason. If it is to pull a 'Witcher 3' and push back the game to scale it down for console ports then that is lame. If its to polish and perfect it then all the power to em. I feel like every other game is releasing unfinished and rushed. I mean look at Street Fighter or Battlefront.
  3. The witcher 3 all the way. I will never forget the first time I stepped foot on skellige and was just blown away.
  4. They never said this. They said that this is the end of Geralt's journey, not that this is his last game. There still is the possibility of covering the material between the Witcher 2 and Witcher 3. There is a big time gap there where we don't really know what happened. Also there is the possibility of there being a prequel to the series.
  5. I was thinking it was like an online version of mass effect with a little destiny in it. Definitely brought me back to the mass effect series with the 3rd person cover based shooting and different abilities you can set on the bumpers. Hell, even the music i think sounded like mass effect. I would say that the game also borrows some of destiny's loot grinding elements, but it does it way better.
  6. I disagree completely. It is a BETA. It is just a small taste of what the game is like. Of course you'll get bored after a few hours of playing it!
  7. I am so excited! A little revision to your post. Its not 75% of novigrad. The post says its 75% the size of novigrad AND velen! That's massive!!
  8. HOLY SHIT! $800 bucks! That's as much as the PC its running off of lol
  9. Listen, when you do this you are just enabling the trolls. This is exactly the type of response the people who do this are looking for.
  10. Hey guys, My name is Mitchel, also known by my YouTube channel name SteamStax. Brand new here on the forums and am excited to be apart of a tight-knit community such as yourselves. Some PC games (steam name mitchav66) I currently play right now are: WoW (just started - username mitchav66) Swtor (like 8 or 9 max levels) Torchlight 2 ESO (@mitchav66) Also a HUGE Witcher fan I also play some console games as well (look me up on Xbox One - TriggerHappy819): Battlefront CoD Black Ops 3 Dying Light Dark Souls Any of the Metal Gears Feel free to add me on any of these platforms. I look forward to gaming (and maybe making videos) with you guys!