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Everything posted by Solder

  1. I had this experience with Aquanox 2 not once, but many times. I love the original game to death, the whole underwater, dystopian, sci-fi submarine combat thing really got me, and while the sequel looks cool, it has some missions that are just painfully and unfairly hard. Its been a while now, but I recall that there were various missions that I would get to, fail miserably at, and just stop playing for a while and finally return to. I think the furthest I got to was the boss fight with a UFO looking enemy partway through the game. After slogging through various stealth, escort and defend missions, each with ridiculous insta-fail conditions, I drove my now slightly upgraded submarine into the cave, got a face-full of blue energy nonsense and just finally went "nope." That game had an awesome story and great atmosphere though.
  2. I'm really glad to be here. This is going to be quite a new experience for me, as I haven't been a part of many online communities, despite spending most of my free time gaming and wasting time on the internet. I'm a bit of a chronic lurker unfortunately. However, I recently opened my steam friends list and a tumbleweed rolled out. You see, very few of my RL friends are gamers. I decided that the time had come to do something about this, and of course, my thoughts instantly went to the angry army. I've been watching Joe's stuff since my university days from 2009 on, so this community has been at the back of my mind for quite a bit. So here I am. I'm going to give being social with other gamers my best shot and of course, I'll be happy to serve in the ranks of Joe's glorious forces. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  3. Thank you all for the welcome , I'll be sure to check out the sub-forums. I've been trying to get involved in the warframe group, but it seems a bit slow and quiet over there. Nevermind, I'll keep at it.
  4. My IGN is: Solder22 I'm new, but currently active in Warframe. I'd appreciate an invite into the clan.