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  1. Halo for sure. Boring characters and tired cookie cutter plot.
  2. Can't wait. Hope they make it a true RPG and not limit the dialogue choices a la fallout 4
  3. Yeah they screwd the pooch with battlefront. I still play it as I am a starwars fan and its my first online fps. I know it lacks content but I keep coming back. I love mass effect and will lose it if they screw it up
  4. I'm looking forward to mass effect Andromeda
  5. Looks great from afar but when it takes its makeup off it loses your interest
  6. Thanks for the help and prompt responses everybody!
  7. Welcome! Just joined myself last week. Ps4 user as well. EmmaFett1030417 gamer tag and b_rad10304 psn
  8. Do the krakens offer surround?
  9. One issue though is while it is compatible with ps4 it is only sterio and not surround from what I read
  10. Forgot about skullcandy. I like the price for sure and having a built in mic is nice
  11. Had a few recommendations for this style. How do they sound with music?
  12. Is the music quality on a phone or iPod up to par in you're opinion?