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    mid-western canada
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    40k, planetside2, swtor, star citizen. mostly space stuff
  1. forgot something, MAXes are weak they are more of a terrible weapons platform then a mechanized assault exo-suit if you use one do not expect to do well. the archer exists its an anti tank gun and it will kill you in 2 to 3 shots. the archer is more of an anti max rife then anything else, but when used on mass as a squad or platoon you can kill everything with it i mean every thing!! so long as you focus fire that is. if you do this squad leads should call out and mark their target "green camo MBT north 200m fire after me!!" or "fire on my target" something like that. on the topic of squad leading there is now a way for you to draw on the map screen for you and your Squad/Platoon to see. it will only show up on the map screen not the mini map. there is also a way for squad leads to make fire teams based on the suits in a deck of cards that being Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds. applications for this are many but I'll list off some here: 1st it can be use to determent fire teams lead by sergeant it can also be used to designate other roles or players to certain roles for easier leading such as AA,AV spawn logistic or rear guard groups. example if one person volunteers to be the transport diver you can designate them as such with a Heart or if you need someone or multiple people to always be AA you can assign them to clubs
  2. so i see that you guys at the AJSA are planing to do a planetside 2 operation give them hell boys and girls! but some of you're intelligence/info on the game may be out of date so i will try to get everyone up to speed on major changes and other things of that nature. major updates and changes: - the 1st major change is the revamp to indar though not as staggering of a revamp as the one done to amerish, but its still a big change. many bases like the gate houses have been removed also major bases have had some tweaks or revamps done to them. -construction has been added with this comes the new vehicle the ANT it will be your resource gatherer, players may now build and defend their own bases however in order to make a Victory Point generator active you will need 12 friendly's in the hex to turn it on. also VP gens are the main point of player made base other then building a staging point [no one really does that though] VP gens are more efficient the closer they are lattice wise to the enemy Warpgate. the base also needs a stead supply of cortium to run the bases turrets, VP gen and shields. if you ever decide to build a base here are some things to keep in mind how will my ants get in and out to drop off resources where is my VP gen, do all of the walls have both a shield and repair module on it and does the sky shield cover all of the base with no holes in it. tips on construction: when putting down a VP gen place it into a sundy garage for added protection, when building in general its a good idea to lock your silo and ANT so they no one pulls all of your resources from it you can do this by holding down Q or your spot key to pull up the spot menu and then lock it. for building if you hold left and right mouse buttons while holding a structure you can zoom the object in and out by simply moving your moving your mouse forward and back or up and down. cortium spawns as large black and orange crystals on the ground you can harvest them with an ANT buy "attacking" it with your mining laser. -light assaults have a new utility item the rocklet rifle yes rocklet, it has 3 ammo types and 2 fire modes. primary fire mode is to fire off a single round where as the secondary fire mode fires all rounds in a volley but as its an NS explosive ordinates launcher it fires like a wet noodle right into the ground. the default rocklets do mediocre damage to everything, even less then your default pistol, however unlike your pistol it can damage armor and does splash damage to air its more like a poor mans flack gun and it does nothing to infantry, maxes beware though as it will hurt them more then standard infantry. the 2nd ammo type is the locklets they aren't very good as the lock on time is slow and can only fire after its locked on to an air target, no dumb fire! the last ammo type is the typhoon rounds they pack one hell of a punch when compared to the mediocre damage of what this thing fires over all that is, it can finish off any tank that is smoking or on fire with ease and is very good a harming maxes. the rocklet rifle is also free be sure to equip it on your light assault before you deploy minor changes and updates: -med guns left click to heal right click to revive also has its max range at all ranks now -for those who play heavy assaults as your main may have a slightly harder time then before as the LMGs have been nerfed -shotguns got something done to them they still seem the same to me -the NSX line of weapons are being added currently we have access to purchase the LMG, rocket launcher, knife, auto scout rifle, and carbine. -the NSX Naginata is a high capacity suppression based LMG which gains a bonus from standing still. it like many others in the NSX line its recommended to aim for head shots as this will reduce frustration and increase its lower Time-To-Kill -the NSX Masamune is a rocket launcher that can fire all 4 rockets at once when fired from the hip and fired when aiming down sight it launches the rockets in sequence which can be guided. -the NSX Amaterasu is a knife that does 150 less damage then every other knife but when wielded you can fire a light wave based projectile this can be done by equipping the knife and aiming down sights and then using your normal fire button -the NSX Tomoe is a auto scout rife it has some unique attachments like a 6x HS/NV scope as far as weapon is concerned its just like any other auto scout rifle not very good at close or long range due to the need to get head shots -the NSX Tanto is a very unique carbine as it has the smallest cone of fire in the game but its cone will bloom quickly after the 1st shot recommended for engineers that are looking to do some long range plinking or as defensive weapon if there is anything i missed please post it here and have fun with the operation!!!!
  3. how to

    Vehicles!! Planetside has many vehicles that you can pilot or gun for some of which are a poor choice for new players. I may not cover most utility options on vehicles as many are self explanatory Flash, the flash ATV is only good for cheap transportation as a new player later on however it may be equipped with a weapon and the ever important cloaking ability which requires a infiltrator to use. when using the Fury grenade launcher or Renegade shotgun mounted weapons with a cloaked flash may be used to get many kills at a high risk but low cost as the shimmer is still visible. but this is an advanced tactic that may take some practice to do. the flash has one major flaw besides the vehicles low amount of heath, this flaw is that you the player can be killed while driving or as a passenger and the Flash would remain unharmed. but the up side its it is very cheap . Harassers, the Harasser buggy is a slightly more expensive low level transport that lacks the major flaw that the flash has, well at least for the gunner and driver the passenger may still be shot off. when properly equipped with the empire specific weapons it can be a good tank and infantry harassment unit provided the gunner and driver are coordinated . i say to use the empire weapons as they are very specialized and are proficient at their specialization. for TR i recommend the Vulcan mini-gun as it can kill tanks with ease and can deter if not kill any infantry who dare to try killing you. its main faults is that i can be taken out by small arms fire and has been known to flip very easily the up side is that you can have your buddy hop in the back passengers seat look to the far left or right to where the wheal is and repair while on the move, the other up is that it's cheap. Lightning, the lighting light tank is a good start for new players who wish to engage in tank combat. the tank can be upgraded to have a AP cannon turret and the SKYGUARD turret these being the better upgrades for the tank. the viper turret that it starts with is good at killing infantry and harassing tanks but not proficient enough to kill tanks, for that you will need the AP turret but this limits your infantry killing potential until you have learned to snipe with it then you can deal with both just not a horde of infantry i recommend maxing your ammo and reload pool for it. next we have the skyguard this makes the area you're in a no fly zone, it will however take time to learn how to lead and at what distance to lead but once you've got that down the air will stay away for the most part, i recommend upgrading either your ammo mag capacity and ammo capacity but reload speed is also a good option if you hate long down time, but for the most part go with bigger mags as the down time may be long but the fire you can lay down with a bigger mag will have a better chance to kill then just deter. you can take on vehicles and infantry with this but its not recommended. down side its armor isn't the best and it's still C4 bate but what isn't it also has a low selection when it comes to weapons and the play stiles associated with them. up side its fast, has a low cost and only needs you to pilot. Sunderer, or sundy for short is an APC and mobile Spawn point i comes with only NS weapons and is your best friend when attacking. it has a the option of becoming a battle bus but that is very niche option as you need 3 people to effectively use it . for the most part stick to the support options as they are the best for new players and vets alike. if you want to be a spawn point get rank 2 of the deploy shield, if you want to help out in a armor push get a proximity repair or ammo dispenser upgrade if you want to be sneaky and can drop 2330 certs then consider max vehicle stealth with creates a stealth field when deployed. dont wory about weapons the twin basilisks are good for all around use but if you do replace or plan on replacing the guns replace both of them as 2 basilisks are better than any one of the other weapons. down side you need them up side you need them! MBT, or main battle tanks these should be avoided until you have a grasp of basic shooting and or leading of targets unless a experienced buddy you know says "hey hop in and be my gunner" just pass on it ok, that isn't to say avoid it entirely its just to say its not for new players. ESF, or empire specific fighters is planetsides answer to one man air support as all are VTOLs or vertical take-off and landing craft they can act like helicopters more than fighters, for new players I would avoid in the field in the beginning but play around with it in the VR until you get a handle on it. air to ground is easy! air to air is way harder if you do pick this up and want to be a pilot keep in mind what pilot you want to be if its AA then you can go hunting anywhere if its AG then stick to your areas and support, the faction specific nose gun will help if you want to kill infantry. down side they have low heath and have a high skill floor up side they can get you lots of certs if used correctly and proficiently . Liberator, the gun ship this is an AVOID at all cost vehicle as it you need a competent gunner and will require significant upgrades in order to have any gain with it. as much as they can be the one thing that will be unstoppable on the battlefield they take very long to master and do need that gunner all in all new players should avoid this. down side all of them up side ... Valkyrie, the cheap 6 man air transport that's really all its good for as its killing potential is far too low unless you have a fully manned craft of striker rocket heavies and that's TR only, id say take a pass on it, oh and all the other gun turrets are useless and far worse then the starting gun turret just food for thought. up side low cost down side slow and a everything bate even C4 galaxy, the galaxy drop ship is your large scale fast deployment option for you and your squad to hot drop and save the day. it can carry a full squad of 12 and has 4 gun turrets, the defaults will make do until the upgraded turrets are applied unless you plan on squad leading or being a drop ship pilot for your squad or drop ship taxi for your faction its not worth certing, but hey give it a try it. down side logistical only, upside can take a ton of damage ANT, the construction harvester and builder vehicle, not much to be said about it, it can be turned into a combat vehicle and a good one, that is way tankyer then a well tank but that does take a lot of certs its. down side weak armor and heath up side can build bases now with all of these the shop has bundles that are good for some vehicles like the flash, liberator, galaxy and MBT these bundles provide the recommended essentials for these vehicles but the other vehicle bundles are bad DO NOT BUY THE ESF, VALKYRIE, LIGHNIGHT, SUNDY OR HARASSER BUNDLES!!!! the good bundles are 1500 Daybreak Cash for the flash and 2000 Daybreak cash each for the MBT liberator and galaxy
  4. here is a quick vid i made on how to catapult yourself in planetside 2
  5. how to

    Good tip sticking to good cert gain and the like, there are some classes to stay away from until you know what you are doing and how to aim and shoot properly. Sniper infills are one such class to avoid as it may take some time to figure out how to lead your target and calculate drop plus with the game doing some strange things with other player noddles at long range its best to avoid until you have a grasp as basic shooting even then, i would focus on stalker infill or close range smg infill if wanting a good cert gain, spamming recon darts will proved more certs then the motion spotter as you can only have one spotter down at a time unlike darts which you can have deployed as many as you can hold. Light assaults are another class to avoid right at the start as their cert gain is very low until they have max rank jump jets and C-4 but this class wont take you too long to figure out how to use after you have a very basic understanding now this class doesn't have any support options unless you have a crossbow with darts, not to say that this class is a do not touch as its one of my favorite classes to play and can gain you much certs in a very doge amount of time. Heavies while not bat at cert gain can make for some nasty habits in game such as tossing ammo at your foe when trying to fight them, this class offers no support to teammates in any way unless you have a crossbow with sensor darts on it. for me it serves only to take out tanks and air when i cant afford my MAX. Now on to MAX tho it can go on large rampages killing everything in sight they are much to week to start off with as they only have one AP gun on one arm and a AT and AA gun on the other MAX's are a big investment with little pay out especially in those moments when you pull one expecting to kill anything and everything only to have some C-4 ruin your day. i would not recommend anyone playing MAX as their main class as they need resources to pull, cant cap points or support the team and are very specialized. I will make a post on vehicles later on if any one wants it
  6. how to

    Sadly there is no way to transfer your PC account characters and items or for that matter change faction other then by making a new character.
  7. now as some of you know the construction system is out, and with that comes new players or people who are just coming back to planetside 2, for this reason alone I'm making a quick do's and don'ts. do spend your starting certs on suit ability, tool and vehicle upgrade slots. don't spend your certs on infantry weapons. why? weapons are a SIDE grade not an upgrade, plus most starting guns are easy to use and well rounded that can fill many roles the only bad starting gun for new players is NC LMG the gauss saw. do join a squad or platoon, dont lone wolf. why? this is a team based game with hundreds of players and team work can win the base, but some of us dont like other people irl or in game so you can lone wolf if you want but i don't advice it. do spend some money at least 20 US dollars, don't spend your life savings. why? its a good game the least you could do is support it! again this was to be a quick do and don't have any other quick do's and don'ts add them here!
  8. the update has brought back many players to the game! which i"m happy about because planetside is playing like it should with big fights in fact for the past week the server of emerald has had all 4 continents unlocked during prime time and up to 3 instances of the new player (under battle rank 15) zone of koltyr. now the system has had minor effects on the flow on general base to base fights such as in the area of the assent or in areas where there is only one way to go with a ground vehicles such as a bridge or a mountain road. some player made bases are placed to block roads and other ways to said basses. (just fyi i did not watch the video above) its nice to give players options in planetside as some of us aren't very good at shooters so instead they can take the time to cert out an ant and build a base with friends. base building can be a fun thing to do on the side or it can be your main focus. player bases that are constructed properly by a squad or platoon will take a coordinated team or a large force to remove. you cant simply take them out with just one heavy assault even tho many "elite" outfits or "pro" players will complain that they should be able to.(i dont like heavy's at all) this is a game about combined arms and large fights, the construction system reinforces that with how challenging it is to remove a player base. you cant do it alone! this update also makes infiltrators very effective as many enemy players in there base are worrying about something else (like building or repairing) to be trying to find a infil with a knife or pistol killing them, and when they do start to look for you it may be already to late for their base. engineer's are also very effective with this update, but any class can build or remove a structure. if you don't want take part in the constructions system and just fight at an amp station or a normal base you can go do that but you may see some player made obstacles in the way such as walls blocking roads or turrets making a area of denial zone / air deterrent zone. the only draw back of the construction system is the cost for a Free To Play player, as some base structures such as AA and AV turrets cost 1500 certs just to unlock which is more then most guns. you do get free starting structures such as the wall, bunker, AP turret, silo and VP generator, now if you would like to support the game and don't want to cert grind it out you can pay for the construction bundle for 2,999 Daybreak cash which is equal to 30 US dollars. (shameful plug) i know that the AJSA and the so called partner outfit the TRAF are currently out of commission on the PC, i know they are out of commission cause i have not killed or been killed by them in a very long time. if you a willing to give NC a try and need a group of fun but rude guy my current outfit of Lux Eterna residing on NC Emerald is very active and runs ops regularly, just hop on and join one of our squads then have fun! (note im not recruiting for this outfit im just letting you guys know that if you want to hop on and play with us you can! also both the AJSA oufit and the TRAF outfit are nowhere to be seen whats up with that?)
  9. handle: shockysparks ships: cutlass red, avenger titan occupation: medic / search and rescue
  10. SC handle: shockysparks
  11. the medic brings a cutlass red and a avenger titan module
  12. hi my name is shockysparks, most call me shocky or sparky. I'm from Midwestern Canada and i joined the AJSA because i wanted to be apart of a larger community then I'm already in. but mostly i joined because of angry armada being apart of the AJSA, i consider my self more of a member of the armada than the AJSA but i will back both of them up. i not really good at introducing my self i prefer to get to know a person by playing games with them or just chatting with them. what i play the games I'm am interested in playing with the AJSA and the armada are: Mechwarrior online and star citizen. now i know that's not a lot of games but these are the games i want to play with this community and with the Angry armada, i do play more games. my list of other multiplayer games that i play just so you can get an understanding of what sort of gamer i am and if you ever want to play with me: Planetside 2, star wars the old republic, mass effect 3 multiplayer, Elder scrolls online, arma 3 and eternal crusade just to list a few. community experience i've been apart of many communities but non of them really stuck, the 1st was a planetside outfit that had a very negative atmosphere the 2nd was a swtor guild that got evaporated after some "guild drama" the 3rd was another swtor guild that went from RP to elitist group that only cared about stats and gear and nothing else which is fine but that is not what i signed on for. the 4th was a planetside 2 multi-gaming community which is good and all but they only play planetside and the new games we try to get into never take off, i am still a member of it but i wanted something more, the 5th was a RP guild in swtor again which has very low numbers any only does things on Saturday afternoons. and finally I'm here on the AJSA and the Angry armada. can i follow an order? yes i can! after playing 3 years of planetside 2 i can take an order and do what I'm told provided its my squad-lead/superior and not just another another player that's on my level, im not totally apposed to taking orders from others members on who are of my rank but so long as it doesn't conflict with my superior. I'm not totally obedient to bad orders if you ask me to and the rest of the squad to run into gunfire needlessly i will voice my opinion and advise against it, but i will still do it. i will respect all members of the AJSA and never talk down to them even if put into a leading position. give me an order and i will follow it. my preferred roles medic always medic, if medic is taken i will get the heavy lmg with the fastest rate of fire and the heaviest armor that or a jet-pack. i cant aim for shit but i will try. but in planetside i tend to stick to light assault or medic just FYI. i am also trying my hands at being a pilot in star citizen, hoping to learn how to fly as it looks to be a necessity in that. don't really know what else to say I hope to get to know some of the members of the AJSA real soon. sparky out