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  1. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by francisbaud in Awesome new MMO   
    It's been some time...
    Art+Craft is now working on the final major milestone for the game, which includes:
    the Frostweaver (final class) caravans mounts refineries remaining promotion classes, skill trees, and multi-classing disciplines the Dregs (GvG campaign) ability to dynamically add, move and destroy buildings a host of other features
  2. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by franciscourant in Awesome new MMO   
    That's a really nice album. I'm a big fan of Camelot Unchained artworks. The drawing style of Michelle is lovely.
    My favorite pulled from your album:





    Oh well I'm getting pretty much off-topic now. =P Crowfall art is really sweet too. Two different genres that I appreciate a lot.
  3. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by franciscourant in Awesome new MMO   
    The things I'm most excited about Crowfall:
    The mix between a strategy game and a MMORPG The temporary "servers": the campaign worlds only last for a few months and then get destroyed. Players have to "win" the servers Player-driven economy: every item will be crafted, traded and transported physically in the world by the players PvP-focused: no boring mobs grind, no repetitive quests, the PvP "end-game" is available day 1 Skill-based: characters don't have "levels" and the difference of power between a newbie and a veteran isn't huge A combat that should strike a balance between traditional MMORPG and the new generation of fast-paced action MMO The emphasis put on territory control, politics and strategy (alliances, spies, points of interest, caravans,  Physics and destruction of structures: walls collapsing on players, mass impacting on players' interactions, object collisions, etc.) Most MMORPGs I know, I've to grind days and days before being any useful for PvP or do boring quests to farm EXP.
    Camelot Unchained is another PvP-oriented MMORPG that's coming... in the future... idk when but looks really promising too.
    Battlerite (the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions) should start its Beta soonish, if it's as good as BLC it should be awesome.
    Other than that, Gloria Victis is another PvP MMORPG, but with a lower budget (still lot of fun testing though).
    Btw hey JamesGoblin! 
  4. franciscourant liked a post in a topic by JamesGoblin in Awesome new MMO   
    I agree about IGN, in fact there is nothing to agree on - it's obvious (just by the way, that list has EQ:Next and half of it are not even MMOs IIRC!?).
    Speaking of game features, if frequent sex/class/race changes (i.e. identity tied to the spirit and not the body) combined with Voxel building/destruction and procedural generation of unique worlds - even with players building their own ones via already demonstrated tool - together with rulesets varying in dozens of combos (and growing) from FFA FL to carebearland with PvP off (and with players being able to set their own rules, besides personal world building), and worlds with winning conditions and each one to be wiped (with quite fancy changes to it's creatures and appearance over 4 seasons) after couple months, all that happening on series of servers with full destruction sieges with hundreds of players...if aiming to build medieval EVE and finally having money and expertise and manpower for that... if all that is overly generic and plain, then yes - I agree with you =)
    Howdy!  Speaking of Camelot Unchained - frankly, number one on my hypeMeter, but they are in pre-beta crunch and not much is happening that can be shown - there is this lovely album I made (yes I know, I'm shameless!) on Worlize - no matter what will be the fate of that game, the images are lovely.
    And if you don't stop and click to zoom in each one, and enjoy in it's beauty for couple seconds, know that you did a little crime against humanity
  5. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Santaclawz in Games That F*cked You!   
    I feel the need to say that i really love your signature lol
  6. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Renerade in Games That F*cked You!   
    A certain event take took place in a game that led me to discontinue my forward progress for good? There's only one game that has given me such an experience...

    She never did.
  7. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Solder in Games That F*cked You!   
    I had this experience with Aquanox 2 not once, but many times. I love the original game to death, the whole underwater, dystopian, sci-fi submarine combat thing really got me, and while the sequel looks cool, it has some missions that are just painfully and unfairly hard.
    Its been a while now, but I recall that there were various missions that I would get to, fail miserably at, and just stop playing for a while and finally return to. I think the furthest I got to was the boss fight with a UFO looking enemy partway through the game. After slogging through various stealth, escort and defend missions, each with ridiculous insta-fail conditions,  I drove my now slightly upgraded submarine into the cave, got a face-full of blue energy nonsense and just finally went "nope."
    That game had an awesome story and great atmosphere though.
  8. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Games That F*cked You!   
    Hmm...If I have to choose one, it would be Lords of the Fallen. I had a solid grip in the game until I discovered a game breaking bug. Right after I killed Beast, I was suppose to go back into the demon realm for something and BOOM!!! The game crashed and my save file got corrupted the moment I took roughly 50 steps. I never got the chance to finish it, nor do I care due to that stupid bug.
  9. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Games That F*cked You!   
    I got to say that Hand of Fate really fucked me over
    The game was good up until the last boss fight where you have to fight the 12 past bosses in pairs of 3 (so that's 3 boss battles, containing 3 bosses in each of them)
    I don't know how many times i have tried to complete the game, but the last boss fight is damn near impossible. 
  10. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by SgtMerrick in Games That F*cked You!   
    The Blood Bowl video game.
    Never in my life have I had a game fall completely apart and get steamrolled so easily.
    The AI is stupid so to make up for it, they cheat. Fun times 
  11. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Platina32 in Games That F*cked You!   
    Two games: 
    - Metro 2033. This game was so frigging hard for me to play even on the easiest difficulty setting that I just had to give up. It's a shame, because it looks awesome, just like its sequel, especially since the enhanced editions are out, but I'm afraid I'll just not be able to finish them. I don't know why that game was so hard for me, it just was. 
    - The Banner Saga. This game I enjoyed immensely. Until I reached the final boss. The amount of sneaky code the developers put in there to make the battle unfair was just so infuriating to me, that I refused to finish it. I tried the battle I think about 5 times, before giving up. Such a shame, it's an awesome game otherwise. 
  12. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Thoranzalar S. Vhazen in Games That F*cked You!   
    I keep coming back to this game to screw around in its final form it's fine on its own for like 10-20 bucks if your expectations are low but I think we all know how disappointing it was. Yes I know this has nothing to do with difficulty, but we were all
  13. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Games That F*cked You!   
    Unrelated, but I love the fuck out of the gif in your sig. sauce?
  14. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in My name is Goblin. James Goblin.   
    Welcome Goblin James Goblin
  15. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    If you would read my comment right, then you would see, that I "HOPE it WOULD be" awesome. I´m old enough to know how the bunny runs. Most MMOs are Bullshit these days, but the only thing we got left is hope. I don´t say found this game and i didn´t say you should buy it. I said CHECK IT OUT! Nothing more nothing less. In this part of the forum, people speak about new games. If youre not mature enough to speak about the game itself, you should go to the hater part of the Forum. Thank You.
  16. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in Awesome new MMO   
    It's got cool features
  17. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    Hehe it´s not a Problem. If you know it´s existing, it´s enough for me. I hope this game will be as awesome as they told us. Almost every Game that came out this and last year sucks at least at one Point and if this Game does it too..... The Future will be dark and lonely. No Joke if I say that this is the last hope for 2015. Sad but true. Im in the Alpha of this Game, so if you wanna know if it´s worthy or not i can write it here again.
  18. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Awesome new MMO   
    in the future I recommend talking about the game much more. Many are quite wary of clicking on a link to a site they know nothing about. I looked up this game and right now I will watch it but until I see something substantial I don't invest into any new venture.
  19. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    Check out the new MMORPG from the maker of Ultima Online:
    Go to www.Crowfall.com and CHECK IT OUT!!!
  20. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    I didn´t post pictures or Information here cause I LINKED you to their Official Website. You will find the Information you need and more there. And this Forum is Called "KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNS", so you shouldn´t be surprised someone posted a Kickstarter campaign . If you are so afraid of waiting for a Kickstarter game to get ready you shouldn´t enter this forum. And yeah I would be happy too.