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  1. In light of Youtube's recent self-destructive policies and features, I propose to you a new game. Let us all come up with a short story, sentence and or a picture that best describe's Youtube as a whole, in its current state! I think Youtube is just like.... That random christian church you all know about that wants to relate to all the kids by portraying Jesus as "the cool Rebel in town" and that it is "totally rad" to worship him even though neither the kids nor the people in charge of these promotions have ever even read the bible for more than 12 minutes and the adults have never even babysat children before.
  2. For me, Ghost Master is one of the most fantastic obscure games from the early 2000s that virtually no one knows about or cares about. It had an amazing OST, imo that ranged from incredibly spiritual to what I like to call "the spoopy sparry speleton spar" EDIT: Also, who could forget WORMS???
  3. I don't really wanna be "that guy", but honestly I'm not too sad to see Chris fade away into the void - even as early as this is. I mean he was a really talented man and I agree, he had great influence on both the art design and the lore of all Blizzard titles, but he's also very egotistical and quite frankly he's been very rude to his own fanbase. He used to directly insult people at Blizzcon - hell even Jontron hates the guy. Either way, I'm sure Blizzard will move on, for better or worse. I'm curious to see what the future of this company's gonna be. I'm also curious though what's made Chris decide to stop his legacy though. Maybe he's unhappy with the reputation he has in his own company's fanbase? It's a touchy subject by default - there's either absolute fanboys who worship the ground he walks on, or more often than not, there's a bunch of people who absolutely hate his guts. I'm kind of in between but I lean more towards the later. He and a couple of others have been very hostile towards ideas before that I really thought would have been good for World of Warcraft.
  4. Ride to Hell Retribution for the Xbox 360. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. So after a long wait of Bethesda reporting a few years back that "Quake will come back" and it'll "go back to its roots", we finally have a better idea of what they're doing with this whole Quake Champions thing. It looks great to me, and I know why people consider the multipalyer of Quake so important - it's essentially the grandfather of all mutliplayer shooter modes after all. I'm pretty sure it invented the idea of CTF and King of the Hill, and the game itself spawned many other projects from game devs who are very powerful now - Half Life and TF2 being examples of games made using Quake's engine. Buuuut after all that's said and done, to me, even though I approve of what's going on now, I can't help but feel frustrated that both ID and Bethesda appear to be throwing away their old Strogg lore introduced loosely with Quake II. It's gotten to the point I'm not even sure how many people out there know what I'm talking about. But I was there - Quake and Quake II I know now are two completely different games, set in completely different universes. The original in 1996 was much more liken to Serious Sam in the sense it involved a lot more puzzles and seemed like gladiatorial in nature. The game felt like you were exploring ancient temples from the Predators or something. Meanwhile, I started off playing Quake II first as a kid, and I loved every second of it. In Quake II, they went in an completely different direction with the singleplayer and invented an entirely different world - a sci fi world, with an alien invasion story and the theme of cyborg monsters using fallen humans as husks for their equipment. They were basically the Borg. Now back then, the way games told stories was still mostly through text between loading screens that no one bothered to read, but still, once you get an idea of what was going on, it was a brilliant universe the likes of which I haven't truly felt ever since. The problem is, the story of the Strogg was completely ignored for Quake 3 - which was literally called Quake 3 Arena, because that's what it was. It was the next "unreal tournament" of quake's multiplayer modes taken to what was then the next generation of gaming. It did pretty well for what it was as far as I can tell, but there was no story at all. Then later, after Doom 3, they released Quake 4, which awkwardly tried to bring back the story of the strogg as it left off from Quake II, with much less emphasis on multiplayer. It used Doom 3's engine, and in many ways felt like the same game. This was both its strength and its downfall, and in general the game itself wasn't held with much regard. Mediocre writing and unenthusiastic voice acting made it feel like little more than an average game to most. The story had some interesting turns, my favorite of which occurring about halfway through the game but in the end most people forgot about the game. Then later, after the success of Enemy Territory - Wolfenstein, a class-based strategic FPS, ID Software tried to make the Strogg relevant once more with Enemy Territory - Quake Wars. Today, the game has a serious lack in a player base - you can only find less than about 20 people playing it at a time on an average day - but the game itself was pretty well received, even if it never became a smash hit. Personally, it's one of my favorites. It's basically TF2, with an alien invasion semi-story, which "mission objectives" of such invasion are played through the eyes of either the GDF (Global Defense Force) humans or the alien Strogg. I use the word "story" very loosely, as it was less of a story than even Left 4 Dead, but still the game managed to have a lot of life in its overworld despite not actually having a story mode. You really felt like you were a part of this invasion, whichever side you played. And its actual gameplay, in my opinion, is very fun and addictive. My favorite part about this overworld though is I think it is the moment in which ID really did a great job at bringing the Strogg to life once more, borrowing heavily from the art designs of different technology and units from Quake II and 4 while also showing a lot of inovation and new ideas as to how they looked and felt. You could see a lot of "culture" put into them, if that makes any sense, and they were believable. They could have very easily made a future game that used the assets of this one for a singleplayer story. But alas, they never did, and now it seems the Strogg, in their fullest and most promising form as seen in Quake Wars, are gone now. To me, it's a damn shame. I think we really could do well with another go at the Strogg in a more story-based environment rather than just letting the idea fade away. Quake 4 was the last time anyone actually tried to have a singeplayer story revolve around these creatures, and that was in 2005. So in wrapping up, I've got to pose the question... How many of you actually remember the Strogg, or care about them? Are you happy with what they're trying to do with the Quake license by "returning to its roots", or are you disappointed by the apparent drop of this idea that barely ever got fleshed out in the first place? Do you think there may still be a chance the next Quake will actually have a story still, or would you buy a "spin off" quake game in the future if it uses the theme of an alien invasion again as the story? I'd like to hear from others. One argument I do understand from others is that when ID originally made Doom their ideas were original enough with having weird cyborg technology, while the alien Strogg were simply placeholders for making a world that was basically the spiritual successor to Doom, just instead taking a step further into the cyberpunk theme. I see the similarities, but I personally still like both universes. PS: To anyone wondering, the console versions are typically thought of as inferior to the PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars because of clunky controls, lower quality sound and shaders as well as motion blur which, while some argue makes the game appear smoother, others argue that the distortion isn't worth the tradeoff.
  6. FNAF is really more of my guilty pleasure to be honest. I like the idea more than I do the actual games themselves and I don't really like associating myself with the fanbase only because all the annoying kids born in 2008 are overpopulating it. Same thing with the dying Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase - probably moreso on Sonic in that regard because at least Scott didn't make Sonic 006. I don't really have high expectations with the upcoming movie but I honestly think, if done right, it could be decent. The basic /idea/ and theme is brilliant - an evil version of Chuckie Cheese's with a Chucky the murder doll twist, with the souls of several murdered children haunting the equipment of a pizzeria. Scott's idea of storytelling is as annoyingly cryptic as you can get, as well as very inconsistent - it barely exists at all. But I'd like to see how someone else could handle it. Just imagine if it had the production quality of Nightmare on Elm Street. (EDIT: Not literally in proportion to modern times, dear god. I'm happy for the use of practical effects and real animatronics though.) As for the new game, I'll give it this... I'm glad that they're going forward with the 3D gameplay element introduced in FNAF 4. Or at least it seems like that. So long as there are people like Pewdiepie or Markiplier who's entire career depends on playing these games in-demand, games like this will always stay alive. For better or for worse. FNAF 4 was supposed to be the last FNAF game, but I think even Scott at the time knew that was a lie. He'll keep doing this until he actually starts losing money instead of making at least 10 dollars of profit.
  7. World of Warcraft, and I'm not entirely proud of that or the kind of person I am.
  8. Well Assassin's Creed has kind of been going down a bad slope for a while now, but actually I have seen people still obsess over all those sport sims. I've never cared about sports, both IRL and in games, but I don't really judge that fanbase, or look into it much at all for that matter. With the kind of track record EA has though I do know it's a real shot in the dark if you're into that sort of thing, people gravitate towards a certain game that came out a certain year and get fed up with a few releases that take two steps back instead of one step forward. I suppose you could say the same for COD's track record. There are still people who play COD4.
  9. I like the style they went for with the new game and I see no real problem with it; it makes sense, but I just wish they stuck to their guns and decided to focus on more oldschool elements instead of throwing in some of that dubstep stuff into the mix - because that's basically what they've done. They wanted it to appeal to the new kiddies. Personally I like this theme the best. It's slower paced than the one by Andrew that they used for Brutal Doom, but this one has more unf to it imo. Delicious, delicious unf.
  10. To be fair, Call of Duty has like three individual development teams all working independently. I know the usual complaint is that they tend to all feel the same, especially now that they're all moving towards the space age, but still. They usually have stable launches, at least on consoles. Although I'm still mad that Advanced Warfare won't work on PC unless I tweak the broken shadows in some config file somewhere. Or at least that's what people tell me. COD doesn't have a good track record on PC in general.
  11. Is it sexist to think that this game's premise is a direct response to all the FNAF rule 63 porn out there? >.>;
  12. To be honest I think all of the dislikes are somewhat hypocritical, because I feel most of the people who saw that video are still gonna buy the game, just maybe not at full retail $60 dollars. And people will probably wait on reviewers like Joe to be the whistleblower if there's any major problems, like say it has a launch as unstable as Battlefield 4 or as little content as Star Wars Battlefront. That's what I'm gonna do at least.... I don't consider myself a COD faithful or a hater, personally. What I do know though is that in short bursts the games can be a great source of entertainment if you're into the twitch-shooter style, it's all really just a preference and a mood thing. I like slower-paced combat like what you usually see in Halo but still I've found myself spending 186 hours in COD Black Ops II's multiplayer, with 27 hours just this past week, and there are people who stick with "last year's model" a lot longer than I - the longest amount of recorded time I've ever seen on someone's account was nearly 5k hours. I don't usually buy the newest of the new on Steam mainly because I think digital games shouldn't cost as much as a physical copy; the industry is just keeping that tradition up as long as they can get away with. I'm actually kind of sick of the sci-fi shooter craze we've had for like the past 8 years or more with everyone following in Halo's footsteps, and I think that's why so many are downvoting COD Infinite Warfare. But to be perfectly honest, putting the actual theme aside, the new trailer makes the game look really promising. It looks like they're taking the ideas of Advanced Warfare and BLOPS3 and going all out instead of holding back out of fear of being "too different" - I don't think anyone was expecting space battles. A giant F-U to Battlefront. I'm looking forward more to Battlefield 1 because I LOVE historical shooters, but I'm definitely giving the newest COD a chance at least. It looks good for what it's trying to be, at least so far.
  13. From what I understand, the Battlefield series rarely has any branching story archs, and each one is kind of does its own thing. You could parrelel that even with COD. Despite the fact that some of their games like Black Ops or MW have sequels, it's essentially a name they slap on a bunch of games that kind of do their own thing in different eras. I don't think I'd even really mind if Call of Doody later tries to copy this game's idea because I'd really like to see more historical shooters in this day and age. I'm sick of the generic space marine robot soldier shit that everyone's been doing for who knows how many years now. They're all starting to feel the same.
  14. Personally I love the idea of seeing any game at all tackle the first world war. Everyone knows it happened of course, but it's the one of two major world wars that everyone forgets about all the time mainly because it was so overshadowed by the sheer size and tragedy of the second war. WW2 basically happened because of issues caused and left unresolved from the first war after all, it fueled much of the prejudices from all sides. Most shooters that go to that era focus on WW2 because it's more "memorable" and people had cooler weapons, I don't think I've ever actually played a single game that ever revolved around the great war. It could be a wonderful change of pace if they choose to actually tell a story, while also staying historically accurate. When it comes to real wars, I love games that feel almost like documentaries at the right times. Actually I miss when games like COD focused on that era in general. Now everyone's gone all modern-warfare halo future robocop soldier.
  15. Finally! A way to accidentally delete something I'll regret later so then I could buy the same game again! It's just like the old days when your CD could get scratched or lost and you'd have to go to gamestop to get another one!